Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 10, 2017

Email: women, marriage…

Your last post about video games and woman is priceless. Hahahahahahahahah! Look, I am a married man, but I could not agree anymore with this post. I say this not because I am an unhappy bitter married man, it honestly has nothing to do with that. I say this because I was extremely picky when I chose my woman.

“Why is he saying my woman?” Because I made her my woman. My woman is 9 years younger than me (no, I am not a pedophile, hahahahahahahahah) and I got her straight out of her parents’ arms. She is a woman with strong religious ( christian) and family values and she was a virgin.

For anyone who is considering being part of such institution: be extremely picky!

Video games have been condemned for creating:

Violence (murder, shootings, etc.)

Sloth (laziness)




And so on. But now video games are causing men to not wed the women!!! Somehow, the woman has no fault! Explosion of fatness, single mummery, debt, androgyny, and mendacity have nothing to do with this. No. Video games came out and BAM! Women had no chance.

Of course, women make up the majority of gamers. How does this fit the narrative? “Malstrom, Malstrom,” says the Pajama Boy, “you must understand that women are superior in all things and can easily play video games all the time and not have it impact their life. Men, being weak and inferior in all things, cannot.” The women are just always magical, right?

There is so much anger about men being happy and content. Why? It implies someone else is NOT happy and is in discontent. If it is not men, who is it, dear reader?

Oh, but I only follow the laws of the 8-bit gamers: goombas will not stomp themselves and the vic-viper will not go on auto-pilot. Play away, boys, play away.

Image result for goomba

Above: It will not stomp itself.



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