Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 16, 2017

Email: Surprised you took down the pedo article Malstrom

Guess you wanted to take “the high road” or something huh?

Anyway don’t feel bad for putting the truth up about that Neogaf pedo scumbag.

For whatever reason freaks/criminals like this predominate our beloved gaming community/hobby what have you, probably because gamers since our inception have been seen as the ultimate outcasts and thus these lowlives view us as their natural “kin” which is a disturbing thought.

Having posted on a bazillion gaming forums over the years, I’ve long suspected most if not all of them were ruled at the top by sick fucks just like “Amir0x” ranging from pedos to faggots to trannies to other highly strange mentally ill and deranged types but the GamerGate movement really blew the lid off of things and proved it beyond a shadow of all doubt.

I even personally knew a mod on IGN for years who seemed like a normal guy until he gushed to me in PM that he was a disgusting tranny and was going to go through with the surgery to become a woman and that his girlfriend fully supported it. {{{Gag!}}}

At the time I was a jovial friendlier sort of individual who outwardly acted accepting to all which is why this mod viewed me as its friend and “shared the good news” {{Barf!}}

I may of tentatively congratulated him at the time “just to be nice” but afterwards I’m quite certain I headed for the proverbial puke bucket to let my real feelings about this be known.

Anyway obviously this email isn’t intended for your main page, its just more rather a show of support for you if and ever more gaming pedos get caught with their fingers in the proverbial “cookie jar” and you’re left wondering whether gloating about their being caught is a good thing to celebrate or not on your main page?

Well I’m here to tell you it is.


Another email:


I was too busy to read it at the time, and now I come back to read it and it’s gone. Not even Wayback Machine has it (actually, Wayback doesn’t archive any of your articles, which is disturbing… guess I need to start saving some of my favorites for posterity).


I do not want this site to be involved with people’s personal destruction. The news said he was arrested for pedophilia. I believe the court will say whether he is guilty or what. Anyway, it is not a subject I really want to talk about. (Who does?)

But there is more here than just an individual getting arrested for pedophilia. NeoGaf was one of the top five referrers to Hillary Clinton’s website. After the 2016 election, I went back and read through the Neogaf election thread to see the transformation of the arrogant ‘how bad will trump lose’ to ‘omg, this can’t be happening!’ Now that I think of it, it was another thread. One about some poll that had Trump doing slightly better than the last poll and people freaking on it. Amir0x would come on and talk about how when he met this or that senator, how this was bad because ‘we all know trump isn’t going to win’, but just one point different from this poll meant that one or two less Democrat senators would be elected which meant Hillary Clinton’s agenda would not move forward. You see, amir0x was not just a former neogaf mod. He was a politico. He had political connections.

What I suspect is going on is that the new Trump administration is more vigilant on its law enforcement than the last administration or two hence why amir0x finally went to jail. Or was it a local police that got him? Whatever.

This site is about gaming, not about political or sexual deviancy.

The emailer brings up a good point with the IGN mod being a tranny. With specialized media, what should matter is the specialization. If you go to Cat Website, you would be expecting cats. We all leave the politics at the door and enjoy the cats. But no. You start seeing Cat Page Mod ban everyone who doesn’t believe in the same politics as he does. What is going on here? Neogaf will ban you if you express a non-liberal position or if you like Trump (in non-gaming political threads). But the politics spills over into the gaming section with the issue of Gamergate and the typical feminists and all. One big reason why the youtubers have exploded is because they are not typified in that viewpoint. There is variety. Currently, it seems like every gaming youtuber who doesn’t hail a certain political viewpoint is being called on to be banned or removed from the Internet. Why?

I kinda know the answers, and so does the brilliant reader. But I’d prefer to swim in the gaming ether and not the political one.

Neogaf was rife with ‘pedobear’ jokes and memes ten years ago. And amir0x did have connections to senators. I believe his job had him as an aide in the capital or something.

amir0x was removed from being a Neogaf mod because he was caught editing people’s posts so he could win arguments with them. I kid you not! First, it is pathetic to be arguing over the Internet. Then, you have to use your mod power to ‘win’ the argument by inserting words into your opponent’s mouth? Hilarious. It is as hilarious that Amir0x thought the law wouldn’t touch him because the naked children photos he had were not ‘sexual’ in nature.



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