Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 17, 2017

Email: Gamers are asking: What’s the point of consoles?

You said it on your blog first, Master Malstrom. The HD Twins are just dumbed down PCs. Now the gaming community is becoming aware of this:

I see the point of consoles. The style of console that allows for arcadey action with dedicated hardware to support new playstyles. But then again, the recent innovations in such dedicated hardware have been deadends (motion, 3D, touch). Classic styled console controls are supported on the PC. So even that seems less of an appeal. Not to mention Nintendo’s dwindling list of genuinely good arcadey games.

The appeal of the HD Twins to me is only their exclusives. Microsoft has said their exclusives will also be on PC, so there is zero appeal to the XBox line anymore. Sony’s exclusives are such a small, unappealing list to me. I would love to own the Crash Bandicoot remake, but I am satisfied with the original versions and playing the remake at a friend’s house. Rumor has it that game might also make it to PC at somepoint too.

The other aspects of consoles are their accessibility, ease of use, and cheaper price. One of the main reasons people are abandoning consoles is that they are becoming unwieldy to use, constantly requiring long updates to software, and are more expensive to keep up to date than PCs that run better. PCs are far more user friendly than they once were, and they have the added benefit of being useful for a lot more than gaming.

Why should I spend $500 every 3-5 years when I could spend $1000 once for a PC with better graphics that’ll last me a few generations?

If Sony exits alongside Microsoft, Nintendo will become known as the portable console company, and PC will reign in its own share of the market. The competition would then be based entirely around game software, not console hardware.


The PC vs. Console ‘argument’ was ten years ago. It is obsolete today. It is as obsolete as arguing Sega vs. Nintendo in 2007 (and some people still were doing it).

What people should be focusing on is how the relationship between game and hardware has reversed. The hardware (console or PC) used to be the platform. Games would be designed to run on that hardware. Soon, it will be the game that is the platform and hardware will be designed to run on that game.

Game development is exceeding console development. The inevitable will occur.

“There are lots of last gen ports going on to these new consoles.” It is an indicator.

“Look at how Nintendo and Microsoft users can both play Rocket League and Minecraft with each other! The hardware both uses the same online servers!” This is the equivalent to PONG in what the new game platforms will be. You have no idea what has begun here. The game will be the platform.

We buy hardware to get to the games. Soon, we may very well buy games to get to the hardware. (ex: “I buy Star Citizen so I can buy a gigantic souped up PC that breathes fire!). Cross-platform will evolve to Game-As-Platform.



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