Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 25, 2017

Email: About 2d games on the Switch

Do you know a good game that Nintendo probably will never release on Switch? New Mario U. Considering that a new Mario 64 is coming, they will never release a superior game during Mario Odyssey release.

The game is a nice improvement over Mario Wii: better graphics, world map, new powers and, the mainly improvement, better levels. I’m sure, like you mentioned in the past, someone from Nintendo reads your blog, because they improved exactly what you mentioned: levels are more difficult than Mario Wii, and bosses are more easy. The only weak point is, in general, the same wah wah musics, but, you know, no budget for 2D Mario receive new and orchestra soundtrack.

About Mario Kart Deluxe: I loved Mario Kart Wii. While I don’t like bikes in the game, it was a good Mario Kart. Online worked flawless even in slow connections, the tracks really felt like Mario Kart World, the online room to select tracks was awesome (you were able to select any track), you still have to beat the difficult levels to open content, etc. Even my wife got addicted to it.

Deluxe, in the other side, is too focused on e-sports, tracks resemble too much to F-Zero, infinite combinations of player and vehicle decrease the game value (the choice paradox), and even in the online room, you’re forced to select between 3 previously selected tracks (which Nintendo always force to be the new F-Zero tracks) or random. I’m a Mario Kart addicted, but Mario Kart 8 I think is the version I played less.

I just can’t get into Mario Kart 8. So odd. I’ll keep it around for local multiplayer.

NSMB U is the next logical candidate for a Switch port. NSMB U is the best selling game on Wii U that is not Mario Kart 8. While there is no creative interest inside Nintendo for more 2d Mario, they have always loved porting 2d Mario to every platform in some way. How many times have we bought Super Mario Brothers by now?

Nintendo is asking the question: “How can we add more to the port to get people excited?”

I liked my suggestion of NSMB Collection of NSMB DS, NSMB 2 (3DS), NSMB Wii, and NSMB Wii U.

Look, NSMB DS and NSMB Wii were massive sellers. I think it isn’t impossible for them to get a port to Switch with NSMB Wii U.

Nintendo doesn’t like making 2d Mario, but they love porting the hell out of it!



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