Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 25, 2017

Email: Games of Another Shade


Because of the nature of this question, I understand if you do not wish to publish it on your page. (But if you do, that’s fine too.) However, my purpose in sending this email is to satisfy my own interest.

Having been a returning reader of your blog for the last couple of years, I have learned from (and been occasionally struck) by your dissertations on various topics. So I ask you this: what is your view on the gay guys who are into gaming, and gay guys in general?

I am referring to the guys, the men, that just so happen to be gay. I’m not referring to the often visible and often stereotyped androgynous, or effeminate gay male. There are a number of “gaymer” communities available online today, and I am leery of participating. Traditionally, I don’t participate in gaming forums, and I already know that you view it unfavorably.


If I ask you who are, and you answer, “I am a Pisces,” or “I am a Capricorn,” or “I am a Gemini,” I know you are a loser. It took you nothing to do to achieve that ‘sign’. You are saying, “I have no achievement” so you hide behind something else for your identity.

This also goes for those who hide themselves in a racial identity. “I am Vietnamese.” So what? You did nothing to achieve that. You were simply born.

People of our age keep accusing racism at different people. But why is racism wrong? It is never truly explained why. Here is why: your skin color is not an achievement. You were born with it. Anyone who wraps their identity with their skin color is a loser because it took nothing to achieve it.

If I ask who you are, and you say you are gay, I know you are a loser. It took you nothing to achieve that.

Those who add in a prefix to ‘gamer’ as in ‘girl gamer’ or ‘gay gamer’, I know they are truly losers. It took you nothing to achieve being a ‘girl’ or ‘gay’ or ‘tall’ or ‘wearing flannel’.

Now you might ask, “Malstrom, why do you say this? It has no connection to gaming.”

If that were true, then why are there ‘achievements’ in gaming? We used to keep score. We used to keep score!

When they removed the score, what’s the fucking point? So they added in ‘achievements’ to make losers not feel like losers. Those people who play video games ‘seriously’ as an achievement, who we call ‘the hardcore’, are losers.

I want to see gaming communities surrounding achievers. How about ‘game community for engineers’? Or ‘game communities for people who have jobs’? Or ‘game communities for parents’? Those have meaning.



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