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Email: Response to what’s the point of consoles

Greetings Master Malstrom


It’s been a while since I’ve last wrote you and, to be fair, I’m not the avid reader I once was of your (still very insightful) blog.

I just check once in a while some of your posts.. but this one caught my attention.

Truth to be told, I haven’t watched the video on that.. but for what I’ve read I have to disagree on some points.

I’m 33 years old now and haven’t fall back in love with videogames since the Wii ended. That said, I did have a good time with some titles on the Wii U, like Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade X and at long last Zelda BotW (which is indeed an amazing game).

The Switch doesn’t pick my interest at all and I never cared for portable gaming anyway. Still, I believe that is the right course of action from Nintendo and overall a good idea. The Wii U was the worst.

Like you and many of your fellow readers I presume, I also never had any interest in the “PS360” and then their new incarnations.

I was gaming what I couldn’t on the Wii U on PC. And that was all good til now.
But more recently though I grew really tired of PC gaming and started to rethink it.
First and foremost I’m a console gamer, always have been. And like you, also an old-school gamer. For years now I haven’t see any of the new consoles spark my interest.

However PC gaming, although I do agree it’s more accessible now than before, is still a hassle.

First: it isn’t cheap and definitely not cheaper than a console, even the “upgraded ones” from Sony and Microsoft. Let’s be fair.

Second: any computer can have a number of issues to simply run a game. Some that many people can’t solve easily. For a computer is bound to be a multitask machine and not a dedicated one that only play games without much of a hassle (even for today’s consoles).

Third: it’s mostly-only digital and games are increasingly large nowadays. I downloaded Doom last night and took me 69 GB of space, yeah.. a shooter game!

Fourth: the so-called “PC gamers master race”, they are a joke and not funny.
The impression that I have is that many PC gamers today are children, who perhaps grew up with Minecraft and now play League of Legends and think they are hot shots, trash talking all day and infesting any games they can lay their hands on. Because, after all, it’s easier on PCs.

There are a bunch of free-to-play games these players infest like cancer and even venture to paid games like Overwatch. Which they also ended-up ruining.
Most of those gamers also think they can be “competitive”, like their e-sports “Pros” idols, and don’t you dare say otherwise to them! LOL
They will even put your mom into any discussion! Hahah..
I see that a lot, believe me. Even if I’m not like them and just wanting to have some fun with an online game.
“Fun” that which I think is kinda forgotten these days in games, specially on the PC gaming community. They all seem to take their games too seriously for my taste.

On consoles however, in my experience, it’s a bit different. A lot of people who I used to play with just plays and tries to have fun. No cursing, trash talking and “gotta be hardcore, you noob!” mentality.
Anyway.. my point about this is that if someone just want to play a game, relax and have fun, PC isn’t as welcome or friendly as consoles.

Fifth and last: many of the most popular so-called AAA games that you can play on PC are actually PS4 games. Made for the Playstation in first place, with it in mind through the development.

But of course, you can run it even better on PC… a high-end PC I mean. Which I don’t have nor can afford. It costs hundreds of dollars and even a few thousands to have a top-notch machine. You know that.
And that’s even truer here in Brazil.

And I can’t say I care to run my games the best way possible, but on a console I at least don’t have to worry about that. They will run. And without me having to make any upgrades for more RAM, new GPU, a better CPU… for at least 5 years.
In the same five years I had to upgrade my PC again.

In closing, I do have to say that I don’t really like the consoles nowadays, but I’m beginning to consider a PS4 for next year (not the Pro shit, mind you). I hope it meets some of my expectations, don’t know. But if nothing else, the new Monster Hunter World for it looks very cool, as does the new Spider-Man game and I would get to play the FFVII Remake on it first too!

I see no reason to buy a Xbox though.

And if both eventually disappear, I hope Nintendo can hold like the last bastion for console gaming with something else.

PC Gaming has the best backwards compatibility.



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