Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 30, 2017

Email: Hardly a reason

“PC Gaming has the best backwards compatibility”

That’s right. But even so.. you said yourself, if I’m not mistaken, many times before, that it’s not quite the same playing an original console game on PC.

Sure there are emulators and stuff that does the job well, and you can simply plug a controller and play. But still, something won’t feel right.. it isn’t a proper console hardware, the feeling of.. say a SNES game, won’t be the same.

The Wii for instance had a marvelous VC library and although the games were emulated too, playing a SNES game on it did feel OK. It was in a Nintendo platform anyway.
It’s not like consoles will be obsolete or PC gaming > console gaming because of that.


The nature of PC gaming is that it is not written for specific hardware. There are exceptions. There is the Commodore 64 (but who wants to wait 30 minutes of a loading screen to get to it) and Amiga platforms. I think the best hardware specific gaming platform for PC gaming is around 1992 for DOS. It was then that DOS games needed specific hardware speed, specific sound blaster cards, and so on. Wing Commander 1, for example, was programmed to run as fast as possible. On modern machines, it is unplayable, and it is difficult to emulate Wing Commander 1 correctly. Games like Ultima VII cannot be emulated on modern hardware. Not even Exult can do it (Exult tries to backwards engineer it since the Ultima VII source code was lost). After that, Direct X came out.

I think the big problem is with multiplayer gaming. Some multiplayer games are still great and still have communities such as the classic Blizzard games. But the multiplayer lifestyle games are just dead and will never come back. It may be why I am sticking more and more to single player games lately.

Also, people who play online tend to have too much time on their hands and, because of that, are losers. I try not to associate with losers.



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