Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 4, 2017

Arcade Stick for Switch

HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick Officially Licensed by Nintendo - Nintendo Switch;

Is it worth $150?

For me, the answer is no. I’m not *that* into fighting games. And I prefer shmups better with controller. However, the reader may love fighting games. Who am I to tell the reader what to buy?

What I really want is a good cheap D-Pad controller for Switch.

Someone make that, please.

Are Neo Geo games worth it?

I am all for buying physical over digital, but the Neo Geo games on Switch I will make an exception on. The reason being is the extreme costs for physical Neo Geo systems and games. Even an everdrive for Neo Geo is like $500. At this high price point, you might as well just buy the games you want digitally.



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