Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 4, 2017

Question no one is asking…

We know NES Mini was always sold out. SNES Mini will sell very strongly too.

Now here is my question for the delightful reader. *Ahem*

Delightful reader!

“Yes?” yawns the reader.

If basic NES and SNES games constantly sell out today, can we correlate that such market hunger was a large part of why the Wii sold?

*The reader blinks.* “I never thought of that possibility.”

I bought the Wii mostly for the Virtual Console. I can’t be the only one.

“But I think you correlate things you wish to be true.”

Oh, what a saucy reader! Let us try this: the NES Classics line for GBA sparked strong software and hardware sales.

“It cannot be denied.”

Then we must assume that these classic digital re-releases ARE moving the hardware in significant volumes.



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