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Promethium is the spiritual successor to Uridium

Take a look at Promethium, a new game coming to Switch.

Above: Ooohhhh. Aaaahhhhhhhh.

I immediately thought of Uridium on the Commodore 64. Seeing Braybook at the end confirmed it.

“But Malstrom,” cries the innocent, little reader, “What is going on here? What is with another 2d shooter? OMG.”

There is a profound difference between JRPGs and Western RPGS just as there are with Japanese Shmups and Western Shmups. Japanese shmups are like Gradius and R-type with you navigating a level. Western shmups are arena based. The most famous ones are Asteroids, Geometry Wars, Smash TV, Robotron, Uridium, Star Control, and the first commercial video game: Space War.

A very bad port of Uridium was released for the NES under the name The Last Starfighter. Mindscape was lazy so they bought the license to the movie and slapped it on a 1984 Commodore 64 game.

Andrew Braybrook was a genius. Commodore 64 games do not SCROLL especially with parallax scrolling. The sound effects are just awesome. Uridium has the intensity of Defender. People who hate Uridium, but say they like shooters, are people who actually suck. Uridium was hardcore back in the day as was Defender. The game flows much like Defender.

Uridium was a great game back in 1984. Will a Uridium successor be a great game in 2017? Probably not.

Andrew Braybrook was responsible for creating one of the five video games I keep going back to again and again: Paradroid.

Above: One of the top five games Malstrom cannot stop playing

What doesn’t get through the video is the sheer addictiveness of the gameplay and the immersion. The humming of the background and sound effects really bring you inside the ship. I also get scared to death going around 600+ robots as they dart around and start attacking! Paradroid would make a great rogue game with procedural levels today as it only had one life in the original. Too bad Braybrook is programming for an insurance company today. Not everyone becomes a Will Wright or Miyamoto.

“Fuck you,” says the reader. “Why am I looking at this shitty Commodore 64 game called Paradroid? Why you waste my time, Master Malstrom?”

It is because Paradroid has the transfer gameplay.

“So what?”

It is the basis of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay.


Good artists create. Great artists steal.



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