Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 11, 2017

Email: Certain Switch physical games may require additional downloads

The lousy practice of 20GB day one patches on physical copies may be coming to Switch courtesy of the AAA gaming industry. This practice is very common on PS4 and Xbox One. My cousin bought Halo Collection so we could play multiplayer and we couldn’t even get into the game because there was a 50GB patch preventing us from playing. The constant push to destroy physical copies really bothers me. Physical games are sacred, they represent ownership of the games we buy.

Also, are you done with the Old Man Advice? I’m serious. One blog you did called ‘The best investment you can make’, got me in the right direction and I was able to lose about 100 pounds. I went from 250 to 150 cutting out all sugar, grains, alcohol, ect. The Old Man Advice is worth more than all the video game talk on the your blog combined. If you ever have any more tips for the young men out there I would certainly be grateful.

Stay safe in Houston.

You can tell how far behind I am on emails. Houston is currently dry, while Florida is underneath a hurricane as I type this.

Eventually, we’re going to get cartridges with zero data on them where it downloads everything. You laugh reader, but mark the words. It will come.

I think this bodes a bigger problem for gaming. It is taking gaming outside the ‘real world’ and making the game industry think it can do things it cannot. I am talking about being able to have multiple starts.

In the real world, you only get one start. Look at sports. Look at Track and Field. They start too early, they get a ‘false start’ and they are out! Video games are the same. They come out when they are not ready, when they have a ‘false start’, they are out! It doesn’t matter if the patches are wonderful, you do not get second or third chances with the paying customer. This online downloading is giving game makers the idea that they have more than one start, that they have multiple starts. Not true!

You want more Old Man Advice? OK. I will see what I can do.



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