Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 1, 2018

Email: Gaming media doesn’t know what classic Zelda is

Check out this article Master Malstrom. A new Zelda in development, but that’s not why I’m linking it to you. Oh no, I want you to have a look at the options available in the sites poll below the article:

“A 3D open-world outing, like Breath of the Wild”

I wouldn’t complain

“Same as above, but in 2D”

So Zelda 1? (Or maybe like that 2d demo they showed at the GDC)

“A 3D return to the classic roots, like Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker”

OoT is the only one of these that deserves the word “classic”

“A 2D return to the classic roots, like A Link to the Past or Minish Cap”

Well! There you have it. The gaming media again confirms it knows nothing about the Legend the Zelda. You saw it here first Malstrom, its now anything after A Link to the Past that is “classic”. The first Zelda game that harkens back to the open world feel of the NES game is some newfangled ground we’ve never experienced before.

Coming off reading about your Ultima/Open World articles I found the poll even more jarring than usual.

Why are you surprised the gaming media doesn’t know about the Legend of Zelda? Not even Nintendo developers seem to know about the Legend of Zelda. Aonuma’s recent quote: “Gee, I had no idea freedom was that important to the gamer…” hahahahaha. During the development of Skyward Sword, he removed Link’s sword and faced a massive backlash. “Gee, I had no idea how important the sword was in Zelda…” hahaha. This Aonuma guy is too funny. I have to choose to laugh at him or else I would cry.



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