Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 1, 2018

Email: Octopath Traveler Demo

I just finished the demo for Octopath Traveler, and I can’t believe how
hooked I still am. This is a day one purchase for me. It’s so good that
I’m getting flashbacks to Diablo 3’s open beta.

I found the beginning to be pretty dull because it was just an
exposition dump for whatever character I picked. But once the game gave
me control and set me out into random encounters, I couldn’t stop
playing. I love how I started off weak, but got really strong after
gaining several levels and buying better gear. I’m baffled as to how
they implemented a satisfying growth curve in a demo that was that short.

I also couldn’t believe how the demo ends by giving you open exploration
of a section of map. Or how you can gain further levels by finding a
cave containing tougher monsters than anything else in the demo. Like
Botw, Octopath Traveler relies on the player’s curiosity rather than
explicit hand-holding, and I really dig this respect of the player’s

The combat is pretty fun too. The Boost and Break systems, when put
together, make for some satisfying battles. And the battle music kicks ass.

But there’s no official release date, so now I’m sad. :(

Every mention of Octopath Traveler on this website gets a free music/scene video on it! Isn’t it so much better than hardcore Game Industry AAA gaming?

I’m going to be buying it day one too, emailer. This is what gaming needs!



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