Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 1, 2018

Email: Sex Statues

Hey Malstrom,

The statues are for guys who like objectifying women. The anime waifu thing is a perfect object because they don’t age/are built to be attractive etc. They put them on display so they can look at them, much like an older man might put up a calendar depicting naked ladies. People who see it will think they’re a nerd, there’s a few things you’re missing about the modern nerd:

1) Nerds flock together. They’re not gonna let normies in to see their statues unless they want to troll them for reactions

2) Everyone is a nerd or uncool in some fashion these days. The cool kids will laugh at someone for their 2D anime waifu statue while unironically wearing skinny jeans, man-buns, and grooming themselves and taking vanity selfies as if they were women. The chest-beating manly tough-guy of yesteryear is just as likely to be in line to see the new Star Wars or to play the new Call of Duty as a slobby nerd is.

3) I know what you’re chiefly thinking of: What will the women think/why would they the statue knowing that it will turn women off? The modern nerd doesn’t care what women think, even dudebros will choose video games over them. If you find a woman who’s into anime and thinks it’s okay, cool, if not, doesn’t matter, you weren’t expecting to get women anyways so it’s no big loss if they react badly to an anime waifu statue, because you still have porn or anime waifus or whatever else you use and you still get to play the video games or do the things you want to instead of being like your dad’s generation, hen-pecked into being lucky to have one mainstream hobby while you’re stuck with children from a woman who turned into a relentless nag once she finally knew she had you and your money locked regardless.

I have honestly never met a woman who didn’t want to be sexually objectified. They simply didn’t want sexual attention from poor/unattractive men (editor: “remove the word poor, unattractive men encompasses poor men too”).

The problem with the statue, or a poster, or porn, or sex robot, is not the sexual objectification. The problem is that you are not sexually objectifying them.

Women want your attention on them, not a statue. The statue is a competitor to them. You are a ‘loser’ for having the statue for the same reason you are a ‘loser’ because you are dating a foreign girl…. competition.

Remember that movie Castaway with Tom Hanks and that volleyball he named Wilson? In times of lacking, men’s mind will create what we need in a poor substitute. Sex statues are like a ‘Wilson’ as a wife substitute.

It isn’t about the sexual objectification, it is about the control. A man who can sexually objectify statues cannot be controlled. Hence, he must be socially destroyed or convinced to destroy his statues. There is a reason why you see recently married men sell their motorcycles and video games on Ebay… they are competition for wifey and must be made gone.

“The way you talk, Malstrom,” a reader says, “is like some sci-fi dystopian novel.”

This is exactly what some sci-fi writers were trying to say. You’ll see it in all the old sci-fi TV shows too. It is a trope that frequently reappears in Star Trek episodes. Do you remember the Voyager episode: “Favorite Son”? Here is a refresher:

The episode is basically a dystopian world where a Matriarchy that sucks the life out of alien men. Sci-fi is filled with these stories. I wonder if the writers were trying to tell us something?



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