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Wii U Reviews


Above: Unique! Utopian!

“The Wii U library is incredible…” Is it? Then why did the console sell so poorly?

Reader, embark with me on a journey into the Land of Wii U. These reviews will be unlike anything you read on the Internet for these reasons…

One, I do subscribe to the ‘mob’ of ‘consensus’ of Internet Opinion. I have the courage to think for myself.

Two, I buy all my own games. No one sent them to me unlike every big youtube ‘star’ out there. Content value matters to me.

Three, I define quality by the game calling me back, i.e. replayability. To me, a quality game is replayable. If a game isn’t replayable, then it is a bad game no matter its graphics, charm, or ‘story’. I don’t want a movie or an ‘experience’. I want a *game*.

I am also not a ‘collector’. If someone wants to buy bad games that are rare because of small print runs, go for it. I don’t have time to play bad games. I want to play good games.

For me, good games are genuinely rare. Therefore, I will be more harsh than your run-of-the-mill Internet person. My views will likely intermesh more with the mainstream market.

Here is how I define the ratings…


This game is a ‘killer app’. You want to buy the hardware to get to this game. You’ll keep coming back to this game.


This is a game you want to buy once you already have the hardware. You want this game in the library. This game is really good, but it is not good enough to buy the hardware in order to get.


This game is OK, it may be worth getting if you are a fan of the genre or series, but you can skip it if you wish. This game doesn’t make you want to come back to it often. This game isn’t bad, but it doesn’t work hard enough to take you to the next level which you want games to do.


This game is mediocre, but there may be something about it worth playing. You won’t be replaying this game ever if at all.


This game is atrocious. Avoid. Avoid. Games that get my F do something that infuriates me and makes playing the game painful.

MUSIC- This symbol means this game has a beautiful or distinctive soundtrack.

GEM- This symbol means the game is a hidden gem that I don’t see anyone talk about (it is undervalued by the Internet).

OVERHYPED- This symbol means the value of this game is grossly overvalued by the Internet.

NOTE: Mario Kart 8, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Smash Brothers 4 are considered Switch games and will never be part of this list. As for the other ports? Consider the Wii U a cheaper way to play Switch games!

Bayonetta 1 and 2: D+

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: D

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: C- 

hyrule warriors      

Hyrule Warriors: A-

Legend of Kay Anniversary: D-

New Super Luigi Brothers U: C+


New Super Mario Brothers U: C-

Nintendo Land: F


NES Remix Pack: F


Steamworld Collection: B+


Yoshi’s Wooly World: B-

Coming Soon…



Xenoblade Chronicles X (OK, this one isn’t coming soon…)

Great Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Shantae: Half Sized Genie

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Zelda Twilight Princess

Rayman Legends

Pikmin 3

Wonderful 101

Darksiders Remastered

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE



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