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Experts: Nintendo Switch won’t sell because it has no games

One year ago, the Switch was revealed to the world including the launch line-up. I was excited for it as was the incredible reader.

Unfortunately for us, the Switch had no games. How do I know this? The experts told us so.

Nintendo itself hasn’t yet provided a clear launch list. But unless it’s hiding some big surprise announcements, the Nintendo Switch’s launch will be the Legend of Zelda show, with a slow drip of games following deep into 2017. For fans, that may be enough. But for newcomers, it’s a confusing, unpromising strategy.

-The Verge

There are no games for the Switch, we were told, aside from Zelda (who only Nintendo fans like). Maybe Mario Odyssey and a game like Splatoon 2, but that is it. Since there was nothing mentioned about 2018 releases, this means that there would be no games released in 2018 whatsoever. The Switch would only have its launch line-up and that was that. The Switch apparently was too expensive and lacked games.

There’s only one more day until the full, worldwide release of the Nintendo Switch, and analyst firm SuperData has decided on a final prediction for how the console will perform in its first year. And it’s a bit…grim.

SuperData estimates that the Nintendo Switch will sell 5 million units in 2017, so effectively its first 10 months between March 3to Dec. 31. They cite that it may be difficult to penetrate a market as a “second console” for many players, given the combined ~79 million install base of the PS4 and Xbox One.

The report cites a “high starting price and lack of strong launch titles”…


Nintendo is doomed again and again…

During a recent investor Q&A, the question of third-party support for the Switch came up. Shinya Takahashi, a Nintendo director, offered an answer that doesn’t exactly instill confidence:

“Nintendo will keep on creating unique software. By doing so, I believe we will encourage third-party developers to create a number of quality software titles for Nintendo Switch.”


Nintendo’s argument largely boils down to “We’ll lead by example, and hopefully third-party developers will follow.” It’s a nice sentiment, but recent history indicates that’s unlikely — the laundry list of excellent games made by Nintendo on the Wii U didn’t spur third parties to make games for the Wii U.


No games! No games for the Switch!

Not even Michael Pachter thinks the Switch can be called a success…

Even with the Nintendo Switch moving 4.7 million units between March and July this year alone, Pachter still isn’t convinced that the Switch deserves to be called a “success”.

So when you watch the Nintendo Direct coming up, just remember that you were told that Switch had no games and will never have games.

“But Malstrom,” begs the reader, “tell us how all these experts could get the Switch so wrong……”

They do not analyze properly. Nintendo comes out with a new console. They automatically get tunnel visioned into whatever the last console sold and project similar results. These were the same people saying how great the Wii U would sell simply because Wii did.

Second, they ignore Nintendo handheld line. Apparently, Nintendo only makes home consoles and never handheld consoles. When you factor in handheld consoles, you see a dominant Nintendo flush with third party support and, also, divided first party support since Nintendo has to support their home console too. What if Nintendo only had one console?

Third, they ignore that Japanese only play on handhelds now which suggests a longterm gaming trend of migration to handhelds except for serious PC gamers. If we are transitioning to gaming handhelds, what does this signal for dedicated home consoles such as the PlayStation? Ominous tidings indeed.


Above: Start at 3:30 hahahaha. Remember that Malstrom is like Classic Coke, the substitutes, who aren’t that smart, try their best and fail…



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