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The Carnivore Diet

Mirror, mirror, on the blog…

Tell me… how did we become such hogs?

There have always been fat people… but they were always in a small number. Even those age 30-40 can remember their childhood of very few ‘fat kids’ in school.

But if you look back at photos of the past, you have to ask yourself: “Where did the fat people go? There are no fat people!” You might say, “They were smoking,” or “they were not watching as much TV,” and these would be true. But yet, the photos pop the quality of life we are missing.

Unfortunately, everyone today is ‘obese’. Woe is us, delightful reader! Woe! Woe! Woe!

Our burning eyes! But it is true that there is obesity epidemic which, of course, creates all other sorts of health issues.



Now, you may think this is an obesity post. It is not! I believe we have discovered the solution to much of the obesity epidemic… and the knowledge will transform our society and how we view the Human more than the computer and the Internet combined.

You are skeptical. Consider the below picture:

This woman is 44 (!). Her name is Charlene Anderson. How does a white American women still pull off wearing a bikini at the age of 44? Does she go to the gym? Not at all! The answer is in the link.

Consider this woman.


Her site: Zero Carb Life is a fascinating read.

Above: She went from being fat to now doing kickboxing.

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“Malstrom, don’t you think you should add before and after photos of men?”

I could do that. But do you think many people want to see half naked men on this site or half naked women?

“Ahh… I see. Good decision. Proceed.”

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Consider the dog and the human. While the dog eats water and food formulated for the dog, the human eats coffee and donuts. If you give donuts and other junk food to a dog, what happens? The dog starts farting, poops something weird, and is not a happy dog. Can the dog survive off junk food? Sure. But what quality of life is that for the dog?

So the question is why is the Human eating what the Human does?

“I do not understand where any of this is going,” cries the reader.

I have been body building for over a decade. The most important element of weight training is not the gym, or even the sleep/rest, it is the diet. You cannot build muscles through potato chips and candy.

“That cannot be denied,” the reader sniffs.

It is clear that diet is the NUMBER ONE element to changing your body. However, even I underestimated just how big the diet is.

The term ‘calorie’ was invented by burning food. The longer the food burns, the more ‘calories’ it has. But the Human is not a toaster oven. We are machines. We are genes. Our body not only chemically absorbs food, the food activates genes.

In other words, the ‘fat, obese, always tired’ dog is not so much ‘unhealthy’ as he is that his genes turned him that way. True! But those genes that create a ‘fat, obese, always tired’ dog got activated by such a diet. In other words, if you feed the dog the food we know activates the dog genes, we end up with a dog. “And what if we don’t give the dog any food?” Then you end up with no dog.

In the stories above with the links, you had extremely sick women who were trying to not be sick anymore. They experimented with their diet forever. Eventually, they found foods that made their new selves. They discovered that their genes activated the way they wanted by using red meat… and only red meat. And by red meat, we mean with all the animal fats. Charlene Anderson, pictured above, only has had ribeyes and water for twenty years now.

Everyone knows what sugar does to the body, and why it is bad. Everyone knows alcohol is bad. But that doesn’t explain the obesity epidemic.

There are two stacking problems. The first is processed foods. Take any container in a grocery store and look in the back. We’re not talking about the corn syrup here, we’re going beyond it. What is with all this soy? What is with all this vegetable oil?

It is body building literature that devouring unprocessed meat (steak, hamburgers, pork chop) is consumed by the body and builds muscle better than processed meat (deli meats, canned shit). So shouldn’t that be true with both carbs (vegetables) and fats (butter, oils)?

“I eat all my green vegetables,” says the reader in a snotty voice. I am sure you do, reader, and I am sure you think you are superior to everyone else. But is fiber being oversold?

Fiber doesn’t help us poop. Instead, it does the opposite. We cannot digest fiber. It rips our intestines, makes bloody anal fissures, and forms bloating. Depending on your genes, some people can tolerate it better than others. What does make us poop better, however, are fats. In the developed world, we are consuming way too little animal fats. Meat also is more consumed by the body meaning you do not have to poop as much as if you just ate fiber.

The standard American diet is plant based.  This should shock everyone since everyone is fat and getting diabetes. Around 85% of the American diet is based off of processed vegetable oils (more or less, just check the ingredients of your food to see it). Since I work in the process industry, I see how this shit gets made.

Many people have discovered the Ketogenic diet. It works, in large part, because it is a proxy for getting people off processed foods. But some people go further and then eliminate the vegetables. They discover great health effects. They then discover they are eating a full carnivore diet.

Above: Jillian Chacon shows off herself as proof to not eat the carbs.

I do not believe Jorge Peterson will be the Peterson people remember century from now. I’ve been wondering what is animating Dr. Peterson. For the longest, I thought it was the Political Science degree he first got before he went into psychology. What he says in his speeches isn’t anything really new. But he is passionate about self-improvement. Why? Well, he suffered from severe depression. So do many other people. There is something else going on. Then I discovered it: his daughter.

  Mikhaila Peterson

Like the other links I showed above, Mikhaila Peterson suffers from many diseases and sicknesses. She asked, “What do I have to do to get well?” She experimented and discovered her ‘cure’ was in her diet. She has a website about it, as well as testimonials from others, called “Don’t Eat That”.

Above: Dr. Ken Berry, who does videos on Ketogenic Diet, makes, in a video not a month old, the case for the Carnivore Diet.

What is so fascinating to me is the politics of all this. “What is political about food, Malstrom?” I keep asking myself this. The Vegans are going after these carnivores, such as Shawn Baker, with a vengeance that only matches liberals going after Trump (or conservatives going after Obama). However, it isn’t the ‘holier than thou’ vegans that intrigue me.

Let us, assume for the moment, the carnivore diet sticks. Let us assume, for a moment, that people do not go back to processed food or carbs. Let us also assume that they do not become obese and, therefore, have less health related problems. Who would be against this?

Four MASSIVE industries face being completely destroyed by this.

The first is the Agricultural Industry. The reason why the Food Pyramid has wheat and grains as the base on it is because America has a ton of cropland to use.This is an extremely powerful industry. It is how they got sugar into everything. They stand to lose HUGE if carnivores became mainstream.

The second is the Food industry. The cheap food they make is mostly science experiments of vegetable oils. The reason for the soy is that soy gives matter where they can add taste to it later in some form. Read the labels and look at the ingredients. Going carnivore means you are filled more and do not need to keep snacking and grazing on all this weird food.

The third is the Fitness Industry. The way how the Food and Agricultural Industries escaped blame for the Obesity Epidemic is by blaming.. YOU. You see, it is YOUR FAULT that you are fat and disgusting. Why, they had nothing to do with it! You need to exercise more. So the gyms and sidewalks are filled with fat people chugging along. Since our bodies are not toaster ovens, you cannot ‘burn’ off your fat without changing your diet. And heaven forbid all those supplements and shit the Fitness Industry keeps selling you for fat bucks. On a pure carnivore diet, you do not need to go to the gym as much… if at all.

The fourth is the Health Industry. Some people say health care needs to be subsidized because it is too expensive. You know what would be better? If people didn’t get sick at all. Certainly changing the diet wouldn’t solve all health problems, however, eliminating the obesity epidemic would. The Health Industry has no true interest in eliminating such an epidemic because they would not get money. It is like saying, “Are Dentists really against sugar?” If everyone’s teeth was wonderful, we wouldn’t need dentists. I am FOR the health industry going near extinct because I am FOR people not getting sick in the first place. Eliminating obesity would do WONDERS for this.

I am trying to imagine the fallout if carnivore went mainstream. It would be fantastic to watch.

President of Australian Medical Association want Netflix to remove Keto friendly film “Magic Pill”

It’s already beginning. Apparently, Netflix having videos about UFOs being real or government conspiracies is fine, but having videos about how your standard diet is wrong? Horrors!

Now, nowhere do I believe altering your diet will solve cancers and give you magical cures. However, the diet is the best and cheapest way to change your body and increase the quality of your health. I think people should start with eliminations and see how the change effects you. Start by removing the sugar. Then bread. Then processed vegetables. And then processed everything (such as fats). Then get rid of the vegetables. Viola, you are on a carnivore diet.

And this is why Mikhaila Peterson will become more famous than her father:

“It’s like I woke up. It was disturbing, realising I could have prevented all my horrible diseases with diet,” Mikhaila says. She credits her father with giving her the resilience needed to survive. In his book and public talks, he speaks philosophically of the common “burden of suffering” and taking responsibility for one’s life.

He taught her to accept the burden, take responsibility and not see herself as a victim.

Jordan no longer has digestive issues, mild psoriasis, mouth ulcers, fatigue, depression or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Both father and daughter are off all medication.

Despite this, many health experts still believe the pair are doing themselves more harm than good.

hahahahahaha. “Experts believe the pair are doing themselves more harm than good.” I can see how people a century from now will be reading this… and laughing their asses off.

The Association for Dietetics in SA leadership is critical of LCHF and carnivorous diets. On its website, the association says “especially in the extreme form”, LCHF diets “do not align” with SA’s official dietary guidelines for high-carb, low-fat diets.

Oh noes! If someone said, “To hell with it all…” and just ate sugar, drank, and smoke, that would be very extreme. But meat was always part of the ‘official healthy diet’. Why are they panicking? It isn’t about the meat; it is about what they ARE NOT eating such as all the vegetables. In other words, children were right. Their instincts say, “I hate these vegetables” was right on the money.

The association also says because LCHF diet are costly, most South Africans can’t afford them and this will “worsen food security, especially in resource-scarce settings”. It claims LCHF diets “pose a significant threat to environmental sustainability”.

Since many parts of the world cannot afford such meats or able to produce them, this ‘revolution’ could spark world wide riots and unrest. No wonder they are scared.

Teicholz presents a 1928 experiment that Icelandic explorer and ethnologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson and a fellow explorer conducted. They locked themselves up in a hospital for 12 months, subjected themselves to a carefully monitored laboratory environment and ate nothing but meat.

Much of what we are discovering with the carnivore and ketogenic diets are not new but nearly a century old!

Before I leave to eat another ribeye, let me say: To hell with these industries profiting off of sickness of bad diets. To hell with these industries profiting off of false ‘cures’ for sickness of bad diets. The only cure for the bad diet is a different diet. With everyone being obese and sick today, why should we listen to any ‘authority figure’ today? They are the reason why we are all sick.



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