Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 10, 2018

Switch Hardware Review: Joycons

The joycons are a hybrid of the Wii-mote and nunchuka whose purpose is to latch onto the sides of the Switch. In this role, they function just fine.

Taken off, the joycons act as wireless controllers. They can act as individual controllers. When turned sideways, they act like a really, really, really crappy SNES controller as two shoulder buttons emerge from the side.

The joycons have gyros in them so they can do motion controls as the Wii-motes did.

The most ‘hyped’ feature from Nintendo about the Joycons is the terribly named term ‘HD rumble’. Whatever new design thay have for rumble, it does more than just simply vibrating.

Joycons come with an accessory that allows them to be placed onto a controller, to act as a regular controller. This bridge (Joy Con Grip) that comes with the Switch is just cheap plastic. Nintendo sells another one that will allow you to charge up the Joycons on it.

One very nice plus with the Joycons is that they come in different colors. There is the standard gray, the red, the blue, pink, green, etc. It can be interesting to put other color joycons on your Switch and pretend you bought a new Switch!

Above: Joycon in SNES mode with the two shoulder buttons. There is also an included ‘strap’.

The cons against the joycons are extremely severe.

First, the joycons are tiny. Nintendo keeps designing everything for small Japanese hands. Holding one in your hand, it is clear this doesn’t fit.

Second, the joycons are very uncomfortable. This is probably why Nintendo bothered to make a ‘bridge’ to put the Joycons on to use as a normal controller.

Third, no one gives a shit about all the ‘joycon’ hardware such as HD rumble or motion controls. The gyro controls, maybe, but the Joycons are way too expensive because of all this tech. $90 for a pair of joycons!

Fourth, there is no D-pad.

Let me repeat that.

There is no D-pad on a Nintendo console.

For this sin alone, let alone all the other severe cons, the Joycons can get nothing but a big fat F. Joycons need to be re-designed with a D-pad ASAP.

Summary: Joycons are the worst controllers Nintendo has ever made.


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