Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 10, 2018

Switch Hardware Review: Mayflash Adapter

This thing rocks. It costs about $20 to $30. It is the Mayflash Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch.

“Why does it rock, Master Malstrom?”

It rocks because you can connect different wireless controllers to it. The adapter sits in the USB spot on your Switch dock. This not only saves you from buying more controllers for party gaming, it allows you to use other console controllers for your Switch.

Console controllers that actually have D-pads.

There is a light on the adapter that can shift that will allow you to use a PS4 controller, or a Xbox controller, or a PC controller, etc. My favorite is to use the best wireless controller in the world: Wii U Classic Controller Pro. PERFECT D-pad. These controllers are now hard to get, I’m sad I just have one. Regardless, it performs perfectly.

The only issue is that your alternative controller does not have the button for the Switch home screen. But is that a problem?

I give the Mayflash Adapter an A+. It saved us from retard Nintendo’s lack of D-pad!


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