Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 10, 2018

Switch Hardware Review: The Pro Controller

Thank goodness for the pro-controller! It saves us from the terrible, terrible joycons!

The pro-controller is nicely designed with a good heft of mass to it. I wouldn’t say it looks ‘beautiful’, but it does look classy. It has all the buttons where you would need them. It retains its charge for quite a long time.

And the Pro-Controller has a D-pad.

But here lies the problem. The D-pad is very shitty. The reasons why I will not go into. Just try playing Puyo Puyo Tetris with this D pad. The D-pad registers incorrectly. Some people fix this problem with masking tape after taking apart the controller.

The pro controller is heartbreakingly disappointing with its D-pad. The D-pad is not precise enough to play games like Tetris or other 2d games. Miyamoto loves this because Miyamoto HATES 2d games (just like he HATES 2d Mario). Woe is us!

I give Pro-Controller a C due to terrible D-pad. The rest of the controller is solid.


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