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Switch Review: Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What can be said that hasn’t been said?

Above: The awesome trailer

This game takes the freedom of the original Zelda and blows it up to a massive 3d world. You can go anywhere you choose. The game is non-linear. In many ways, it is like a computer RPG.

I have over 250 hours playing this game. I have played the game in regular mode and Master mode.


-The breaking weapon mechanic gets old.

-The dungeons are just multiple shrines stacked together.

-Several NPCs are just stupidly annoying. (I really, really despise Kass.)


-Freedom of how to play the game and where to go.

-Zelda is hot babe now.

-Master Mode makes you want to play the game again.

-It is fun getting all the armor and upgrading them.

-Obtaining things is fun in this game. The world is very well made and put together.

-Hyrule Castle is amazing as a final dungeon.

There is so much written on this game, I don’t think the reader needs to read more.

Above: You can go anywhere you can see.

When I played the game, the hours just flew by. I played Master Mode mostly through Hurricane Harvey. This isn’t a game you jump in and out of, though. The controls are rather complex. But once you immerse yourself into the Breath of the Wild waters, you find yourself wanting to stay in the water. There are too many ‘little achievements’ you want to do for yourself. The game has its faults, but they don’t block what is arguably the greatest Zelda game ever made.

This game gets an A+. Buy the console for this game. If you like RPGs or old school Zelda, this Zelda should satisfy you.

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