Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 11, 2018

Email: The death of single player gamers

Dear Master Malstrom,

I urge you to read the following article:

What it says is that single player games are getting too expensive to make and thus they are not sustainable. It’s interesting because developer Amy Henig in the article mentions that she loves stories in games, but it doesn’t seem to occur to her that the mass market doesn’t like these story-driven cinematic games. If the games are so expensive to make, then part of the answer would be to use less expensive graphics, wouldn’t it? Also, to make games that people want to play over and over again as replayability adds a lot of value. But Henig doesn’t seem to realize this. She actually mentions subscription models and digital distribution as possible solutions to the problem! But the mass market doesn’t like subscription models or digital distribution, so again we see developers who want to try to force a business model on the consumer that the consumer does not want. Will these people ever learn?

No, they will not learn. Skyrim’s success was so ‘shocking’ because when it came out, GENERATIONS AGO, people said the single player game was ‘over’.





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