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Guardian of the First Flame

Been playing non-stop Octopath until I passed out (oops), and now I am back at it again. I am going the Ophilia route.

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Above: That’s my girl!

After I beat the first boss, I looked up to see how it was ‘supposed to be done’ to make sure I am learning the game mechanics correctly. Imagine my surprise when our trusted esteemed ‘game journalists’ have no idea how to play this game!

Above: This boss is said to be the ‘toughest’ of the prologue bosses. It isn’t. People just don’t know how to play the game.

This game isn’t World of Warcraft. You need to upgrade your equipment! Then, you need to use Ophilia’s guide ability for the right NPC. The guy with the arrows is NOT the right NPC. You want the guy with the poison who is in the Tavern. Poison is weak on the boss.

When you (or your guided ally) break the boss (using staff or the poison), boost your Holy Power to the max. You should be pulling off around 750+ damage-on-break on the boss (his max hitpoints is around 4000).

Also, break him when he starts to power-up to attack. This battle is not hard.

“But Malstrom,” says the gentle reader, “what do our glorious game ‘experts’ have to say about this battle?”

Let’s find out!

If you are struggling with this Boss try venturing out to add Cyrus or Therion to your party as they specialize in some of its weaknesses.

-From IGN

Nooooo. That is not the right answer IGN.


For this boss fight, the best travelers for your party are Cyrus or Therion. Adding them to your party will make the boss fight much easier as they can exploit the boss’s weakness.

-From Segment Next

You guys have no idea how to play this game, do you? All you do is copy each other to put up shit on a deadline.

Image result for ymir final fantasy 6

Above: First boss of Final Fantasy 6

These are the same ‘game experts’ that said decades ago to diligently keep attacking the Ymir, snail extraordinaire, while he was still in his shell while you heal with other allies. Durrrr, do you guys play with the controllers in your mouth?

Worthless game media…



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