Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 20, 2018

Email: New Labo Vehicle Kit bombs in Japan; Nintendo Online frustration

Dear Master Malstrom,

I can’t help but take great pleasure in seeing Labo go bust. I’m just not in the mood to root for Nintendo right now.

What really galls me about the online service is that Nintendo made us wait a year and a half to get these NES games, and yet they’re going to trickle most of them out at 3 games a month! What is the point of doing this? You don’t see Amazon trickling out old books. You don’t see Apple doing this with old music on i-Tunes. And where are the SNES games? Where are the Gameboy games? Where are the N64 games? (Okay, N64 games I could do without) But as much as I’d love to own these games, if Nintendo were to offer several hundred of its classic games to play for just $20 a year, that would still be a pretty good deal.

In the meantime, I recently bought the NES and SNES classic minis. Although I already bought many of these games on the Wii U virtual console, I figured that this is the only way I can “back up” these games since there is no account system, and it’s hard to know how durable the Wii U will be over the years to come. But I love having these separate pieces of hardware. I love the having the retro controllers. If Nintendo releases a Game Boy mini, I’d be the first to buy it.

Labo needs to die.



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