Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 21, 2018

Email: Nintendo adds the option to transfer and share your digital games

Dear Master Malstrom,

after the last Firmware update on the Switch to version 6.0.0 Nintendo changed some things.

One of them is removing your current switch system as a primary console when you no longer have access to it.

Now you know that there was a possibility since last year to move your data from one system to another.

But now you can actually move your account if your switch dies or is stolen.
If you answer “is the primary console available with “no” it will give you the instructions:

The only caveat you can do this apparently only once a year. So you might need to contact the support if you have to do it a second time shortly after.
But now your games are actually on your account instead of the console itself.

You can also now access your games from other switch consoles if you log on and redownload them without switching the primary system.
Though it requires an internet connection to play. You can also use it to share games

Just wanted to let you know, since those features seem to have been downplayed in favor of Switch Online.

Best regards,

The Reader

Why thank you, Reader.



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