Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 16, 2019

Email: About Battlefield 5 poor sales

Hi Master! I’m glad you’re back! You’re the only game news source that matters!

Just sharing: had you heard about the EA’s Battlefield 5 poor sales? Here are some highlights:

But, at the end of the day, it appears to be just a bad game.

If your game is creating political polarization, then it isn’t much of a game. Games are FUN. Even TALKING politics during gaming is like putting turds in the punch bowl. The reason why the game is ‘bad’ is because making the game ‘fun’ was not the focus. Something else was.

This goes with all games. Many times, a SERIOUS STORY is the focus. This is why the game isn’t fun because that wasn’t the focus. When Sakamoto said, “Other M was to explore Samus Aran’s maternal instincts,” I knew the game would flop. The FUN of Metroid should be the focus. ‘Maternal instincts’ does not sound fun to gamers, and it certainly is not why people buy Metroid games.

Why do people buy games? To have fun.

I think one reason why younger game developers do so well in game development is because they have not been corrupted yet by the politics, the bureaucracy, and so on. Innocently, they just make ‘what is fun’. They then make tons of money. Old developers marvel at their ‘genius’ and never consider that maybe it wasn’t genius that propelled the kids but anti-genius that stiffed them.

Instead of focusing on the ‘genius’ of gaming, why not focus on the ‘anti-genius’? How do you make a bad game? You don’t see too many videos on that! But I’d say the best way to make a bad game is to not focus on making a game. Make it a movie. Make it a novel. Make it a sermon.

It’s amazing that a massive company like Electronic Arts loses so much money off of not understanding basic fundamentals. I marvel at how these companies can just allow their franchises to go down the drain. Nintendo very nearly does it too.



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