Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 3, 2019

Email: Welcome back Master Malstrom

You’ve always had refreshing takes so I’ve been wondering what your thoughts are on some the most annoying viral marketing topics that have came up over the months:
Nintendo MUST put the creepy fetish character Bowsette in NSMBU!
Nintendo MUST remake Skyward Sword for Switch!
Nintendo MUST put out a Switch Pro instead of a Switch Mini!
Nintendo MUST stop giving us NES and instead give us N64 games!

The common theme in all of those is that they don’t do anything to help Switch, I constantly see people going on about how Switch Pro has to happen while ignoring that a Switch Mini would grow the Switch market considerably. I get the feeling devs would be more keen to target Switch Pro than they did DSi and New 3DS resulting in a worse experience for regular Switch owners.

The Bowsette meme was cringe inducing, it could have been just some fan nonsense but no people would shout how Nintendo are idiots if they don’t use it while 99% of art of this character is either porn of softcore porn.

It’s going to be a Switch Mini for the kids and for the Japanese. The retailers really seem to be clearing out the 3DS stuff. I’ve bought a ton of it (too much actually). Playing through NSMB 2 now (the only 3DS game that doesn’t go down in price, hahaha). I love the raccoon tail, but the game is so pedestrian. Why do the original classics pop with intensity and boldness each level while these new Mario games feel so plodded and stale?



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