Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 3, 2019

Email: You’re alive!!

I’m trying to catch up on email. Here we go!

Dear Master Malstrom,

You’re probably going to get tons of these e-mails, but I’m so, SO happy you’re okay! Checking your blog for new posts has been a daily routine of mine for over a decade, so when you went silent for four months I think a lot of us were fearing the worst. I had even made a post about it on GameFAQs the other week, ha.

When this blog finally runs its course, I pray that it will end with you riding off into the sunset. And I hope that if, God forbid, anything ever happens to you, that you have a colleague, friend, girlfriend, or whatever–someone who knows about your identity as THE Sean Malstrom, who can access the blog and keep us informed. Because whether you intended it or not, you’ve become a big part of our lives, an influencer in how we view the game industry, and it would really crush us readers to see you go without a goodbye.

So welcome back!

P.S. Re: those doors in Samus Returns; there are doors in the original Metroid II. It’s the homeworld of the Metroids, but the original manual explained that it was also home to a Chozo population. But yeah, the Sakamoto remake sucks. Should you choose to keep playing, the worst is yet to come.

There were doors to the Chozo statues, sure. But it seems like there is stuff in this game that is there ‘because it is Metroid’. It’d be as ridiculous as putting Ridley in the game because ‘people associate Ridley with Metroid’ even though he has no business being on SR388.

Reader: “Uhh… Malstrom…”

I know. I know.



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