Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 18, 2019

Email: Two questions

Greetings Master Malstrom

I wanted to read some of your old stuff and as luck would have it you are not dead. Most excellent.

Two questions

1: How much does the entire Switch and 3DS library cost?

2: Will your game you are making by physical? What tools are you using?

Good luck with your endeavours,


A Reader



1 = Not as much due to the Gamer’s Club Unlocked from Best Buy. Tee hee…

2 = I’ll worry about distribution once the game is actually made. As for kits, see below email. No kit ‘sucks’. It is that YOU suck. With talent and hard work, you can make Atari 2600 hardware make interesting games. THIS is what needs to be focused on, not the ‘kit’. The choice of kit should be tailored towards what game you are making.



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