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Above: Trailer for the show

With the success of Game of Thrones, certainly other shows similar to it would appear. Of course, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones. I am a huge fan of HBO’s “Rome” series. On a quirk, I decided to try this show out. I had no idea what I thought about it. So I watched another episode. Still had no idea. What a strange show! Then I watched some more episodes.

What is amazing about Britannia is that it pulls off what so many shows attempt to do: surprising the audience. I’ve never seen a show with as much trickster-isms and twists as this show. And it’s only nine episodes! (It has been renewed for a second season.)

I thought the actors were great. The make-up is wonderful. The scenery is as gorgeous as it gets.

The problem is the history. The show is purely made up stuff with no historical elements. This isn’t much of a problem as such history doesn’t exist. We know nothing about pre-historic Britannia. or the druids. What we think we know came from 19th century writers’ imagination.

This show certainly takes religion and superstition by the horns. I enjoy shows they interweave religion in its conflicts, and this is one of them.

Is this show unrealistic by showing black Roman prefects, female warrior princesses, and druids casting seemingly magic spells? Sure. But Britannia seems to be living within its own universe’s rules which is enough for me.

It’s greatest value is just how wild this show surprises me. You think it will go one way, then it tricks you. After the ninth and final episode, I’m like “WTF just happened? I can’t believe they did that!” hahaha. The best word to describe this show is ‘trickster’. The second best word would be ‘trippy’.

If you like fantasy shows and want to be surprised, give a try.


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