Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 25, 2019

Everything is fake

The best advice I can give to a young man is to tell you that you have been deceived. Some of this deception is unintentional (e.g. bad advice from parents) or intentional (schools). But you HAVE been lied.

Everything is fake.

“Everything?” asks the reader.


The food you eat is fake. It is processed from soy, corn syrups, and other stuff to be put into a box and placed on the shelf. Not only does it take forever to spoil, it is HIGHLY profitable for food companies for you to buy this. There is a reason why obesity and diabetes has exploded in the general population.

The medical care you receive is fake. “Here’s some more pills for you to take.” Hospitals are not in the business of curing disease, they are in the business of managing disease. If you are cured, especially of symptoms caused by bad diet, they will not suggest ‘change your diet’. They will give you pills, surgery, or something else. All of this is more profitable than you changing your life style.

The gyms you exercise in are fake. Since everyone is fat and sick, certainly we need to ‘keep active’ and ‘do things’ with fitness in the gym, right? But your body is caused by biochemical reactions. You don’t run around and then feel ‘good’, you feel ‘good’ which causes you to run around. Children run around automatically. Gyms are preying off of the false belief that ‘exercise’ means weight loss. No.

The college degrees you get are fake. No one cares about your college degrees anymore… including STEM. What they care about is your experience. Colleges are places where no one truly works. The only valid part of the US college degree is that it is an unofficial IQ test. IQ tests are illegal for companies to administer… but not for colleges.

Most women you meet are fake. They draw someone else’s face on top of their own. They also draw on other people’s personalities onto their own. Men may conquer the world, but it is women who conquer men. Many marriages and ‘relationships’ are the woman using the man for a purpose… often this purpose is a monetary one.

Most men you meet are fake. Not to single out women, but most men hide behind ‘shiny cars’ and going in to debt to buy things they cannot afford. They talk in ways to make themselves seem smarter and better than they are. Most men lie to themselves.

The politics you embrace is fake. The reason why it is fake because no one can get elected by telling the truth: the only way your life can improve is if you change it yourself. Freedom is a hard sell. No one wants to be free. If you are free, then that means your living standard and bad decisions was caused by YOU. It is much easier to accept that the ‘Bad Party’ did this. While the ‘Good Party’, who are always tottering dolts, may be questionable, at least they are not the ‘Bad Party’! If people embraced freedom, meaning that instead of looking to governors for solutions that they look to govern themselves, then politics would cease to exist. Politics is a phantom of the minds who reject their freedom.

The news you watch is fake. No comment on this.

The games you play are fake. I remember the time when a new game came out, people demanded some sort of new gameplay. Now, all games borrow gameplay from about a dozen original games. There is nothing new despite all the ‘new releases’. Despite that, consider all the re-releases and ‘remasters’. Consider all the necessary ‘hype’ needed now to sell a game. The true classics didn’t have hype to sell them. The reason why you have such a huge backlog and go through game after game is because all those games feel hollow. They are fake games. What you wouldn’t give to find a true REAL game.

The youtubers you watch are fake. This will become more apparent in time. All these youtubers are putting on an act and even talk an act. Behind the scenes, they are getting games for free from the companies so they can advertise. Just as game magazines became known as ‘fake’, these youtubers are just as fake.

The money is fake. “Work a job for money.” But the money is fake! There is nothing to back this money, and governments keep printing it. Why work for something that is being mass produced elseware? What isn’t fake are assets. Focus on those.

If you do not commit suicide, drown out reality with video games and alcohol, then I welcome you to life in the reality of this world.


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