Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 20, 2021

Email: Just a quick correction from your favorite reader Malstrom

Blazing Chrome is actually a near complete rip-off of the Sega Genesis game Contra Hard Corps although it feels somehow easier and more inviting to play than the Sega game ever was.

The closest thing we ever got to a Contra III the Alien Wars…well not rip off since Konami made this game too was the Wii Ware Contra Reborn I think it was called game. Sadly Konami stupidly gimped that game by removing all the controls that the superior Contra III SNES game had plus I think I’ve heard it be said the Wii Ware game was far shorter.

In anycase I truly wish some indie dev or Konami themselves would get a clue already and make some real 2D style successors/sequels to Alien Wars on the old SNES but streamlined so there’s precisely none of those garbage top down levels and just maximum gameplay fun and badassery with a bangin soundtrack.

I’d literally throw money at Konami or any indie dev for such a game but they keep insisting on putting all of their efforts into creating Metroidvanias.

Guys come on already…

The market is saturated with those.

Enough for now.

Plz make a badass side scrolling shooter that completely rips off Contra III the Alien Wars in its full SNES control scheme but with slightly better graphics and sound as befits the technology we have available to us in current year 2021.

But I’m too busy making the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy VI/ Octopath Traveler/ Ultima IV!

If I am able to make another game, I’m targeting this one…

Mario is seen flying using the "Raccoon Mario" power-up over a yellow/gold background. The Game's logo appears on the top and the game's tagline appears on the bottom.

Enough is enough. Since Nintendo refuses to make it, I’ll take their market. No longer am I going to sit here wasting words into the void about Nintendo making the next great Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games. They’re 75% there with Zelda but seem to be in complete shock and denial over the reasons for its success (Aonuma syndrome) so I expect Zelda to go backwards from here on. With Metroid, they have no clue (Sakamoto syndrome) so Metroid 4 is the last ditch effort of Retro to save the IP. And with Mario, they are hostile to the reasons for its success and longevity (Miyamoto syndrome) [ex: “They just like the character of Mario, they don’t care about the world!”].

If they won’t make the games I want, I’ll make them. But first, I’m targeting Squaresoft/Enix/Whatever-They-Want-To-Be-Named-Today. I love how games these days have teams of hundreds if not thousands yet no one is able to stop the mediocre high-graphical dreck that keeps coming out.

How can these companies be so out of touch from the market? I’ll tell you why. They’re drunk on the digital kool-aid. The more time you spend in the Analog World, the better game maker you become. In Digital World, you become crazy.


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