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Email: Pro is an Apple Term, not a Sony One

Hey Sean, hate to be a stickler here, but gotta point out a few things here in your recent blog post.

Yes, at one point in time, Sony was the company with the most powerful marketing brand; today, it’s Apple. To give you an example, Steve Jobs presented the president of the company at the time that most likely wasn’t Kaz Hirai of 599 US dollars fame a special version of Mac OSX running on their VAIO laptops (which, like a great artist that Apple is, stole the industrial design from and used it for their unibody Macbook line which hasn’t really changed for over a decade ever since it was introduced) well before they made it official that they were going to transition to using Intel processors for their own Macs, which happened on the same year the Xbox 360 was supposed to launch.

Now the tables have turned; the reason why Sony uses the word ‘Pro’ for their PlayStation systems is the same reason why Apple uses it for their Pro-branded machines: it’s only for the people who intend to use these things for professional use (ie- Playstation Pro users want to capture the best images that the hardware can push out to publish their content on the internet with, more consistent framerates due to more powerful hardware inside, etc.).

And your recommendation of calling the next under-the-hood hardware improvements to the switch the “Switch+” is still subconsciously channeling out Apple-styled marketing, since they used the word “Plus” for the largest iPhone size you could get prior to the introduction of the iPhone XS. Calling it a Switch + would not only confuse people into thinking they’re getting a bigger switch (which wouldn’t make sense since that’d break compatibility with the current joy cons unless “bigger” means “wider,” and I don’t think Japanese arms are that long to begin with lol), it’d make people think that there’s no major performance improvements under the hood of the system as well. That, and Sony also uses “Plus” on their platform as some sort of lame online service thing. I’m pretty sure Nintendo doesn’t want to confuse users all over again with incremental hardware updates to the switch like they did with the DS by calling them something like “NEW Nintendo 3DS/2DS” either.

A better Nintendeo-esque name of the first major switch revision would be called the “Super Switch.” Apple pulled a Nintendo by calling the iPhone X’s screen a “Super Retina” display, which they’ve stuck to calling every OLED iPhone screen to this day. And… that’s a surprisingly fitting name for that incremental improvement to that display. Super Retina XDR has an immediate impression similar to GameBoy Color too (both indicate you’re going to get a major improvement in the colors of what you’re looking at; at the former, it’s closer to the values high end professional video editors would use while the latter is literally being able to play your gameboy games with color, which was a crazy technical feat at the time since it had to retroactively apply those colors to games that were originally released on the game boy prior to this hardware revision).

If they wanted to make the new switch sound cooler, I’d go for something like “Switch Mk II.” That’s more Sega-esque though.

Anyway, enough about name semantics and marketing even though that’s actually pretty important given how badly the WiiU failed because of Nintendo’s carelessness in executing that side of the business for it. I do like your insight that the steroids from forcing people to stay indoors is starting to wear off as I’m seeing it myself where I currently live near a major metropolitan city. I’ve been working in retail since the lockdowns started last year, and the turnout of people entering the store has spiked dramatically in the last three weeks or so, which is actually making my job a lot more annoying because I’m getting stopped from my task in order to help customers with their problems along the way to my destination more often lol. Not only that, traffic’s been reaching close to normal levels now, which is also really annoying, and I’ve been seeing more crossing guards in the morning, which means that a lot of schools are starting to come back online as well. It’s a combination on the heavy emphasis on everyone being told to take the vaccine and feeling more confident in going outside after they take it that’s causing this huge surge of people to start wandering outside. So the switch is going to get competition from outside again real soon.

The other one with hyperinflation is something I haven’t personally seen yet, but I trust your instincts on this side of society, so if you’re saying that’s going to be playing a factor soon in everything, I’ll begin to take notice. I’m guessing that hyper-inflation will be a key factor in getting those switch lites to fly off the shelves, since it’s always the regular switch models that sell out right away in every store I’ve walked into. Video Game pricing hasn’t reflected this inflation yet, and my guess is that’s when the real cooling off begins.

If the prices stay the same while the inflation skyrockets for everything else, then we’ll see your prediction play out that video games will replace movies like in the century before it as the entertainment medium that all companies will capitalize on first before considering entering other entertainment markets. I can already see this happening since a lot of theaters remained closed for close to a year, forcing movie studios to either delay the theatrical release until they can safely guarantee that they can get the turnout numbers to get a decent ROI on the production of said movie, or they’re also simultaneously releasing those same movies through the streaming channels and hoping for the best from there.

But that’s enough of my rambling. Thanks for reading another crazy fan’s email and I’m looking forward to completion of the projects that you started on last year! They’ve been really fun to read!

Nintendo has used branding such as ‘DS Lite’ for DS or Gameboy Advance SP for that revision.

What I’m trying to say is that Nintendo isn’t going to brand similar to Sony. Ever. If Sony goes one way, Nintendo will go a different way. This is through products, branding, marketing, etc. There will not be a ‘Switch Pro’ because Sony calls their products ‘Pro’. It’ll be called something else, something ‘Nintendo-esque’.

My work has taken up more of my time so this blog has suffered due to it. That happens of course. You can only juggle so many balls and if I’m going to drop a ball, it’s going to be this one (as this one doesn’t give me any money haha).

Inflation is probably already here. Bank of America is warning of Hyper-Inflation. Michael Burry, of ‘The Big Short’ fame, was sounding the alarm on hyper inflation months ago and kept doing it until the SEC paid him a visit and shut him down.


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