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Why did Miyamoto change?

I’m realizing more and more that I am a time capsule. I appear on the Internet, say something such as “X!”, and then gamers run around and cry that I said “X!”.

“How dare you say, X, Malstrom,” they say. “Where on earth did you get the idea that X is X?” asks another.

What I want to know is why did gamers get these STUPID ideas of what genres like Zelda and Metroid are about? Good grief.

For the longest time, I kept hammering that Zelda is a hybrid genre of computer RPG elements and arcade/action gameplay. AND I think Zelda II was a fantastic Zelda!

Fast forward a couple of decades, people for some reason think Zelda II is ‘terrible black sheep’ and that Zelda is nothing more than ‘story’ and ‘puzzles’. I couldn’t believe that. Where’d they get these crazy ideas? What’s next, that Metroid is about Samus Aran’s character development and not about… Metroids?

Of course, they probably have thought the same for me. On my side, I have proof of prior Nintendo quotes. One example would be Nintendo Fun Club Newsletter describing what Legend of Zelda is with its ‘best of both worlds’ analogy.

Well, HERE IS ANOTHER. This one is from 1992 before Link to the Past came out.

Interviewer: How would you describe Zelda?

Miyamoto: A kind of adventure game that’s got an RPG feel to it or RPG with some action touches to it.

Guys, I can’t make up these quotes. It’s right there. This is as recent as 1992. True, thirty years ago, but it shows that the concept of Zelda as RPG plus action parts wasn’t just for 8-bit. That definition extended into 16-bit Zelda.

Some ideas Miyamoto wanted to put in Link to the Past include…

Miyamoto: When you use fire in the field, we could have made the fire spread on it’s own, etc.

That idea showed up in Breath of the Wild. But Miyamoto says another idea. Listen!

Miyamoto: Or where you use a shovel to dig a canal and then destroying the lake boundary so the water seeps into the canal.

Perhaps that will be in Breath of the Wild 2.

Oh, and you so-called Zelda fans, get a taste of THIS QUOTE:

Interviewer: Any games similar to Zelda to be released in the future?

Miyamoto: How about Link’s Adventure on the Super Famicom?

And there you have it. If Zelda II was so hated, why is Miyamoto talking about putting a sequel to it on the SNES? Because it wasn’t hated. Because it was never a black sheep. The black sheep is Aonuma. Baaaahhhhh.

The true reason is that Zelda II blows up the Aonuma paradigm of Zelda. Zelda II is blatantly an action/RPG hybrid game. Why? Because that is what Zelda is. An action/RPG hybrid.

Above: Imagine a sequel to the best Zelda ever on the SNES. It would’ve blown Link to the Past away!


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