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All about Boris Johnson

I don’t know much about UK politics, but this video was eye opening. Why did the party ascend this guy? All this information had to have been known.

As I understand it, the reason why politicians like this are propped up is because they are black mailable. They can be controlled and manipulated. A saint could not be controlled or manipulated.

Who impregnates other women while married to their wife… and does this multiple times? That, itself, suggests the character of the man. UK has some serious financial issues (many countries do, of course), but I still can’t believe this guy got to where he was with that track record assuming the goal was to have the ‘best person in office’.

So what I assume today is that most leaders in office are selected for that role because of all the skeletons in their closet. Other powers want leverage over the ‘rulers’. You see that in politics, you see that in the Vatican (i.e. deviant priests put into position because they can be black-mailed, it’s intentional).

The last thing certain powers would want is a virtuous leader. This would mean they would have no leverage over him or her.

With all our talk about ‘freedom’, it really is virtue that creates that freedom. This is true for personal life as well as public life.

The ‘pursuit of happiness’ meant, back in the 18th century, of the Aristotelian belief that genuine happiness is achieved when the activity of the soul is in perfect harmony with virtue. How do you do this? John Adams said a way was to literally imagine a noble character, such as in a play, and then strive to become that character.

“That sounds ridiculous,” spits a reader.

George Washington, at Valley Forge, had the play “Cato” performed. Cato is a play by Joseph Addison where Cato, a victorious Roman general, retires to become a farmer. Washington emulates Cato in real life by retiring to his farm after victory.

“That is ridiculous,” cries the reader.

Maybe. But it produced a George Washington. I’d prefer to have more George Washingtons than current day politicians.

“The preservation of liberty,” Adams wrote, “depends on the intellectual and moral character of the people. As long as knowledge and virtue are diffused generally among the body of a nation, it is impossible they should be enslaved.

In a monarchy, Adams noted, the people don’t need virtue. They can be “as vicious and foolish as they please because all political responsibility lies in the hands of the king and his retinue. In a republic, however, the people are the government. So, the virtue of the state is a reflection of the virtue of the people.

Note how everyone today who chants about ‘democracy’ never, ever mention virtue. They don’t understand what Adams is saying.

Given that human nature is deeply flawed, this created an obvious problem of which Adams was painfully aware. 

“I have seen all along my life,” he observed, “such selfishness and littleness… that I sometimes tremble to think that, although we are engaged in the best cause that ever employed the Human Heart… the Prospect of success is doubtful—not for Want of Power or of Wisdom but of Virtue.”

There are all these stupid sayings such as ‘politics is downstream of culture’, etc. which is declared to be ‘profound’, but the truth is that freedom and liberty are downstream of virtue. The modern myth is that virtue is the antithesis of freedom and liberty whereas it is actually a requirement. For example, being virtuous with my money allows me freedom with my money. I have no debt so I can spend money freely with liberty. Another example, being virtuous with my food allows me freedom with my food. Since I am not obese and very fit, I am free to eat an extra dessert. When you have health problems, you are NOT free to eat whatever you want. When you have finance problems, you are NOT free to buy whatever you want.

“This makes too much sense.”

I know. So choose to become more virtuous, reader, and you will find yourself having more freedom and liberty with your life. Freedom and liberty is not a political consequence, it is a human consequence.

“I am free!” cries a degenerate. “I will fornicate with all the women and make tons of out of wedlock babies, drink all day, do drugs at night, lie at and during jobs, and spend more money than I make.”

You have created a life of hell for yourself. Ironic that pursuing freedom and liberty leads to enslavement. People trapped by this then accuse society for being ‘broken’. It’s not broken. You are reaping what you sowed.

Of all the years I’ve had on this Earth, I always wondered if pursuing virtue was worth missing out on the ‘fun’ I missed. But then I encounter those who had the ‘fun’ and how their lives are a living hell.

Virtue, and even religion, is not really all about heaven and hell after life. It is also about during this life. People do not occupy the same ‘Earths’ as everyone else. Some people have made their lives a living hell.



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