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Email: Election

You don’t actually believe there’s something “real” going on with this Hilary Vs. Trump nonsense do you Malstrom?

You strike me as the kind of guy who should be fully red pilled on this subject already which is to say that US presidential elections at least are all WWE styled “play fighting” for the idiot public to get wound up over, to laugh and cheer, boo and cry about and THINK they actually have a genuine choice in the matter between candidate Feces Sandwhich A or candidate Feces Sandwhich B.

Meanwhile the fix is in.

No way in hell Trump is going to be president even though he just like Clinton are both hand selected puppets of the (((lobby))).

Well not unless this business about her “health problems” is legitimate and not just more high drama for the plebs to latch onto and go “Ooh and Ahh!” over and make their worthless comments back and forth to eachother buying into the whole spectacle.

I mean if she passes out while giving a speech on live TV then and only then will we likely be gearing up for 4 or 8 years of the puppet Trump but barring that highly unlikely possibility Hilary is pretty much a lock.

She’s been a loyal toadie for (((them))) all these years so now itz her time to be rewarded.

Anyway with you running a family blog and all (lol) I don’t expect this particular email to be put up on your site and thats fine but I just find it odd you’d waste your time on this utter predictable dog and pony show WWE staged theater garbage.

Maybe its fun for you to pretend its real? I dunno.


A family blog?

Image result for family night

Above: “Hey guys, it is family night! Let us gather around and read that Malstrom blog!”

Unfortunately, elections matter to financial investors since the legal landscape changes. Many companies are not hiring now and will wait until after the elections. I hate it. But it is what it is.

Here is another email:

Well, it is not like there is ton of NX news to talk about. Nintendo has kept a tight lid on this.

There are some assumptions that I find mystifying. 2016 will not be like 2012 since the candidates are all very different. Does anyone think Clinton will perform better than Obama anywhere? Does anyone think Trump will perform worse than Romney everywhere? Look at the 2012 election data:

Florida- Obama: 50.01%  Romney: 49.13%.   That is less than one percent!

Ohio- Obama won with less than 3%.

Virginia- 3.87% margin for Obama

Colorado- 5.37% margin for Obama

Pennsylvania- 5.39% margin for Obama

New Hampshire- 5.58% margin for Obama

Iowa- 5.81% margin for Obama

Nevada- 6.68% margin for Obama

Going the other way…

North Carolina – 2.04% for Romney

Georgia – 7.83% for Romney

And it just goes on up from there.

While the candidates are different, what I find curious is that the same states I am hearing about in the news today are those low Obama victory margin states. With a state like Florida, that seems like a lock for Trump. And even though Trump came second in the Ohio primary, he got more votes than Clinton there. One could consider Ohio almost safe for Trump too at this point. Throw in a combination of Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia, and it is all over.

Living in the south, one thing I know is that ‘southern candidates’ do not do so well in the North East. Clinton may have been senator of New York, but she is from Arkansas. There could be surprises in New England.

Anyway, maybe when this is all over we can talk about it more. Onto other things…



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Is Nintendo’s product Intellectual Property?

Nintendo of America has an opening for Nintendo Intellectual Property Enforcer. Oh boy!

I’ve owned dogs before, and one of the things is that they don’t just eat ‘dog food’, they eat ‘Lamb and Rice Formula’. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Of course not. They are dogs. That is what they eat.

Do you, the beautiful consumer, consume ‘Intellectual Property’? It sounds as delightful as my dog eating ‘lamb and rice formula’. And that is what we have in games today, formulas. We’re the dogs of today.

With the offering of products like the NES and Wii, did it ever seem like you were to devour ‘intellectual property’? Of course not.

What I find concerning is that Nintendo is getting drunk on the kool-aid narrative that their company revolves around intellectual property. Does it?

Emulators are legal as are the expiration of prior Nintendo copyrights concerning their old hardware. If it is true that Nintendo revolves around intellectual property, this should be a problem. Maybe Nintendo may even think so. But it isn’t.

Intellectual property is a legal term. It is not a consumer term. Gamers play games, not ‘intellectual property’. Generation or two ago, I made fun of companies saying they were offering new ‘franchises’. Franchise is a business term, not a consumer term. Consumers do not consume ‘franchises’.

When two people marry, there is a law license. But we do not think of marriage in such a legalese sense. We think of passion, love, family, and all that.

My point is that as the game developers age, they are allowing their bureaucratic-ese be a wet blanket to the passion that gaming needs to be. Gaming belongs to the young.

Aside from the base legal concerns, does the IP really matter? Children violate video game IP on the playground everyday. As they get older, they throw some of it in their youtube videos as good natured fun. Then the ‘Intellectual Property Enforcer’ comes along to shut them down. It is pretty absurd.

You know what Intellectual Property Enforcer SHOULD be? It should be someone who will stop games like Metroid Other M and Federation Force from being made. THAT is the enforcement we need. But the IP must always be forced on us and never on the developers who wish to ride the franchise.

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Emails: talking about election

Here is the first one.


Straight and to the point.

Here is another:

Here is an interesting post from Scott Adams, the Dilbert comic book writer. He mentions the humiliation Obama gave Trump at the Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011. In an earlier post, I suspect it was at that point that Trump decided to go for the office himself. Adams also mentions about the personality of winning. One of the more… unique… things about Trump is that he has written many business books. Many of these may have formed the foundation of other business books that people look today.

But about the personality of winning, it goes like this. People have four types of personalities.

Some people want to be COMFORTABLE.

Some people want to be LIKED.

Some people want to be RIGHT.

Some people simply want to WIN.

Everyone in your life can be placed into one of those personalities. Businessmen always reprogram their personality to be wanting to win.

I, myself, have a default tendency to want to be comfortable. I’d love to spend the day playing a turn based strategy game with a hot beverage. I would love to stay in bed for a few more hours. One way I’ve dealt with this was to true the ‘comfort times’ as rewards for winning. The more I win, the more I get to sleep or play turn based strategy games with a hot beverage. Everyone has their tricks.

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Should I talk about the election?

When we talk about business, what matters is seeing the future. Investors want to see the future.

There is much analysis of financial markets, demographics, and technological shifts. However, there is a big freaking wall that can change many things and is the ground underneath demographics, technological shifts, and financial markets: it is the legal landscape.

When the legal landscape changes, everything else changes. Taxes go up or down. Regulations get made or unmade. Special deals go one way or another way. The legal landscape of the world is very much why certain investments are made and why an unstable legal landscape (cannot be predicted over years) is stayed away from.

The United States is perhaps the most stable legal landscape in the world right now. This is why the US has the money reserve of the world.

The biggest change in the US legal landscapes are not just new presidential administrations (no matter who wins, we are guaranteed a new administration because Obama cannot run for a third term), but realignment elections.

For non-Americans, understand that the US Government has three branches of power that are designed to check and counter one or the other. You have the Executive branch (the Presidency including who runs the departments of government such as the EPA and how it is run), the Legislative branch (a bicameral Congress consisting of a House of Representatives (represents a district of people) and the Senate (100 members of two per each state. Senate represents the states, not the ‘masses’. Small states like Rhode Island get two senators just as big states like California get two members). Congress controls the money and the funding to all government, and Congress makes new laws and can investigate things), and the Judicial Branch (consisting of the Supreme Court who are members for life and the rest of the courts) interprets the law. They can rule against something and that is it. Normally, the Supreme Court doesn’t rule against the mass population most of the time.

Why is a new administration important for altering the legal landscape? The President can veto any bills from Congress it doesn’t like, and can suggest bills it does like. The President, alone, defines US foreign policy. The President also nominates Supreme Court justices which the Senate votes on. The President and his aides control the enforcement of all laws. For example, a new administration might have a very punishing EPA while another administration might have an EPA that is relaxed. Trillions of dollars are stake. This is why so much money, including foreign money, is aimed at pushing a certain candidate.

Every four years is a new presidential election, but unless a president is voted out of office, most new administrations go eight years.

Financial markets hate uncertainty. They hate the uncertainty of elections. They will pull back and reinvest after the election when the legal landscape remains clear. Many financial interests try to control both parties so they do not have this uncertainty and can direct the legal landscape to where they want.

What is more relevant and most uncertain are political re-alignments. Now, every election is said to be ‘realigning’ because political wonks want it to be so. I thought the last two ones were. The reason why I said this was because we are past due for a realignment.

A political realignment occurs once every thirty or forty years. The first realignment occurred after the War of 1812 and the Federalist Party was destroyed and the Democrat-Republican Party split into pro-Jackson (Democrats) and anti-Jackson forces (Whigs). The next realignment occurred during the Civil War where the Whig Party, who tried to compromise financial interests of slavery, by an American population who wanted an anti-slavery position party (Republican). Every thirty to forty years, there is a realignment.

The last realignment was likely the 1980-1994 type elections where Republican and Democrat, which are simply vessels, became CONSERVATIVE vs. LIBERAL. The realignment occurring today will turn the Democrat Party into the GLOBALIST group and the Republican Party into the NATIONALIST group.

A political realignment does odd things to the electoral map. A couple days ago, Trump was campaigning in Baltimore, Maryland. Obama, campaigning for Clinton, was in Pennsylvania. Trump is campaigning in Michigan, and polling from Maine shows the race tightening up there. What is going on?

We won’t know until election day. But my point is that the financial forces that be always pull back for a new presidential administration, and they will pull back further during a realignment election. They do not know what the future entails. With Clinton, they are more sure. With Trump, they are unsure.

I thought the realignment would occur last two elections, and I was wrong. I do not think I am wrong this time.

The Blue Ocean Strategy is not ‘non-competition’, but offering a different type of values than the typical product which attracts new consumers to the product. I think Trump is that Blue Ocean candidate. I think there will be people entering the political process just for him. For evidence, look at the uptick in registrations for the Republicans. In 2012, if you look at the state margins (which matter, as national percentage is worthless due to electoral votes), it was close in states such as Ohio and Florida. The registration upticks have already wiped that out.

There are two big assumptions we’re working with: Trump will outperform Romney and Clinton will underperform Obama. This can be seen in the enthusiasm gap as expressed in the primary votes.

I read Nate Silver with amusement. Some states simply are in the safe category for Trump. All the Romney states will be easily won by Trump. North Carolina is in the bag for Trump. Based on voter registration changes, one can say Florida, Ohio, and Iowa are as well. I think the more indicator states are Michigan, Colorado, Virginia, and, of course, Pennsylvania. Much of the polling data is trying to use 2012 as the template which isn’t going to work. Clinton is not Obama and Trump is not Romney. Nate Silver famously said, repeatedly, that there was zero chance for Trump to become the Republican nominee. Yet, here we are. He is Mr. Brexit.

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Is Blizzard dying?

After news of Metzen leaving Blizzard, here is news of Rob Pardo making a new game studio here.

To early Blizzard gamers, such as myself, we are suspecting something is very wrong with Blizzard lately. Blizzard currently has six games available.

World of Warcraft – Just released Legion. What are the subscription numbers? Blizzard doesn’t say. This game is on its way out.

Diablo 3 – Totally screwed up. Blizzard didn’t understand what Blizzard North did to make Diablo successful. This franchise is in danger.

Starcraft 2 – Starcraft’s franchise is finished after the disaster of Starcraft 2. No one plays Starcraft 2. The storyline of Starcraft 2 doesn’t go anywhere and certainly doesn’t open up the franchise to wonder like Brood War did.

Hearthstone – This very successful game depended on guys like Pardo. How long will this game last? We’ll see.

Overwatch – Perhaps the last good developer left at Blizzard is overseeing Overwatch.

Heroes of the Storm – Dead game. Just tried the Machines of War, and I am not impressed (first map in a YEAR). The MVP screen isn’t really accurate and shows that Blizzard doesn’t really know what to do with this game. All they are doing is getting focus group feedback and responding in a reactionary way.

With the exception of Overwatch, I see danger signs all over Blizzard. Like many other companies, Blizzard is doing the ‘all the above’ method of gaining revenue from DLC to endless expansions. Soon, Blizzard may even do Amibos or something similar.

We’ll find out more after Blizzcon. I’m expecting a Diablo 4 MMO because that franchise needs help. HOTS will have Arena.

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Sony made PS4 Pro as defense against PC Gaming

Here it is:

But in the wake of that event, Sony Interactive Entertainment chief Andrew House said something very interesting: He told the Guardian that it wasn’t competing consoles like the Xbox One S or looming Scorpio that drove the decision to release an upgraded version of the PS4. It was the PC.

“I saw some data that really influenced me,” House said. “It suggested that there’s a dip mid-console life cycle where the players who want the very best graphical experience will start to migrate to PC, because that’s obviously where it’s to be had. We wanted to keep those people within our ecosystem by giving them the very best and very highest [performance quality]. So the net result of those thoughts was PlayStation 4 Pro—and, by and large, a graphical approach to game improvement.”


This is creating a new type of ‘console war’.

What many people thought was PlayStation vs. Xbox vs. Nintendo System

What is actually going on is more complicated due to PC.

Who owns the PC, dear reader? What is the operating system for PCs?


No. Try again.

“Microsoft. It is Windows!”

Very good, reader. Microsoft is PC Gaming for better or worse.

“But Mac gaming! Linux Gaming!”

Yeah, right.



So instead of PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo, you have to throw PC in there. With PC, it all becomes more interesting and more relevant. Look at the Console Generations through PC Gaming’s eyes.

Generation One

Where is PC Gaming? Oh, that’s right. PC Gaming doesn’t exist because PCs do not exist. During Generation One, Steve Jobs was working for Atari. Atari is the Mother of All.

Above: Steve Jobs worked at Atari. The main investor for Atari met Jobs via Atari. Woz, a huge fan of video games, designed the Apple computer to play games.

Generation Two

This is when the Apple II comes out. Woz made the Apple computer be in color so he could play video games on it. There really isn’t much to say for PC Gaming during the 1970s or early 1980s.

Electronic Arts rose to be the great publisher of PC gaming. As the black hole of the console crash took out Atari and other consoles, PC Gaming saw itself as inheritors of The New World of digital entertainment.

Image result for trip hawkins electronic arts

Above: Trip Hawkins would found EA.

Above: Archon was the first game EA published. The Paul Reiche III in the credits is the eventual designer of Star Control series and creator of Skylanders.

Above: EA would also publish M.U.L.E.


Generation 3

The NES Revolution that swept through America, from Japan, chilled the PC Gaming market. The NES games were so much better done than most of the computer games. In large part, this has to do with the Japanese craftsmanship that Western developers would later adopt. PC game companies were porting their games to the NES and seeing big sales. EA held out until the board of directors gave Trip Hawkins an ultimatum: either port EA’s games or you are removed as president. Trip Hawkins famously removed his shoe and hit it on the desk when he announced EA would port its games on the NES.

Image result for nintendo yamauchi

Above: Yamauchi put Nintendo on the map with the Famicom/NES

Before, PC Gaming has ports of arcade games and console games on the PC. PC would be the inevitable future for all! But with the popularity of the NES, that future seemed clouded as PC games began to be ported to the NES.



Above: PC Gaming’s great hits were being ported to the home consoles.

Generation 4

With Nintendo’s licensing, Trip Hawkins wanted a better deal. So he had EA backwards engineer the Sega Genesis and told Sega that either EA gets a good deal or EA would make the games without Sega’s permission. Sega relented.

So what was going on in PC Gaming? These are the DOS days.


This was also when Microsoft’s Windows was becoming more and more popular.

The NES scared many companies including Apple. Nintendo was able to attach a computer to the television in a third of American homes. While Nintendo and Sega battled it out during the 16-bit generation, Kutaragi of Sony developed the music chip for the Super Nintendo, and saw a different future for the console. Kutaragi saw a console that would take over the living room and co-opt PC Gaming.

Image result for nintendo sony console

Sony developed a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo. Yamauchi, realizing Sony’s true intentions, torpedoed the deal.

Generation 5


Above: Windows 95 marketed itself as ‘multitasking is here! OMG!’

Microsoft would later make Direct X for Windows 95. Direct X is the APIs (application programming interfaces) for game programming. While Windows 95 was spreading through computers like wildfire and PC growth was unreal, something happened Microsoft didn’t anticipate. Neither did Sega or Nintendo.

Sony released the PlayStation. While Sega and Nintendo consoles were generally arcade games at home, the PlayStation was co-opting PC Gaming.

Image result for diablo playstation

Image result for wing commander playstation

As more developers were drawn to the PlayStation, this meant they were not using Direct X. Microsoft saw this as a big concern. Would the PlayStation completely co-opt PC gaming and hollow out the entertainment side of the PC?

Generation 6

Microsoft first tried teaming up with Sega for the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast didn’t last too long, and Sega was out of the console business.

As the PlayStation 2 was launching, Microsoft would launch its own game console called the X Box (i.e. Direct X box). This was a defensive strategy. X Box was to keep game developers using Microsoft’s tools. If anything, the Xbox hurt PC Gaming since so many games would be developed for the Xbox itself. Microsoft would engulf many game studios to do this.

Many began to make the mistake that the ‘Console War’ was about the boxes such as PS2 vs. Dreamcast vs. Xbox vs. Gamecube. The truth is that the war was over PC Gaming. PC Gaming was being absorbed by the PlayStation and Microsoft put out the Xbox in order to create a wall to stop it.


Above: If you watch any video, watch the above. Ed Fries reveals that the Xbox console was all about stopping Sony.

Generation 7

Kutaragi finally puts the pieces together to make the PlayStation 3 which would ‘take over the living room’. Microsoft makes the Xbox 360 to compete with the PlayStation 3 in every way possible. Of course, Nintendo makes the Wii which outsells both.

The Sony vs. Microsoft console war was never a war about console gaming but a war about PC gaming and PC entertainment.

Image result for steve jobs reveals iphone

Above: Jobs reveals iPhone.

The war to take over the living room was all about the TV. What no one expected was that the TV screen, itself, would be absorbed into the computer revolution. People didn’t change their TVs for HD TVs so much for the thin TVs that replaced the big bulky TVs as before. The technology that makes a TV was rapidly advancing and becoming cheaper.

Generation 8

As the screen became cheaper and was everywhere as represented by the smartphone, there was no more living room TV to ‘capture’. The Sony threat is largely removed. Kutaragi was gone. Games were becoming so expensive to make that they were ported everywhere anyway.

Microsoft is pulling the plug from its ‘defense strategy’ of the Xbox. Microsoft is currently trying to integrate the Xbox franchise into the PC. After all, if screens are everywhere, that means the PC is now more omnipresent than ever.

Sony is now on the defensive. The PS4 Pro, as you hear at the top, is a pure defense strategy against PC gaming. As the Xbox has shown, defense strategies tend to be very expensive and not worth it in the long run.

Sony being scared that the PlayStation 4 gamer will be absorbed into PC gaming and needs a PS4 Pro is extremely revealing. It tells us that Hardcore Gaming is nothing more than marketing a dumbed down PC gaming for consoles inside an envelope that they are ‘elite’.

This also might be one reason why the Game Industry wants PC Master Race term to be scrubbed from the Internet. PC Master Race infers that the console peasant is NOT elite and certainly not ‘hardcore gamer’. In real life, I taunt a twenty year old that he needs to give up his console toys and join the ‘master race’. “PC can play all the same games but much better. PC gaming has mods too!” And what can he say to that!? He just gets angry and jealous. The PS4 Pro is aimed at him to not buy a computer and to stay a console gamer.

Without the living room TV, what hope is there for the PlayStation franchise? PlayStation has no philosophy outside of the TV. I see Xbox being absorbed by PC Gaming, I see Nintendo doing its thing, and I see Sony confused and aimless. While Nintendo can go toys/arcadey, Microsoft can go PC, Sony has no space to play as the TV based console becomes extinct.




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Email: Nintendo’s recent actions demonstrate IP obsession

It’s quite apparent to me that Nintendo’s recent actions with unlicensed fanworks are demonstrating an IP obsession.
It wasn’t until a year or so ago that Nintendo started cracking down on youtube videos of Nintendo games and their game music

And just in the last month they’ve had the downloads taken down for something like 100+ freely-available Nintendo fangames and in at least some cases have specifically demanded for development to be stopped..
Both these are actions are strange because they’re actually quite “out of the blue”. 5+ years ago it was almost as if Nintendo didn’t even know that these things didn’t exist on the internet.

This is particularly apparent with the freely-available fan games Another Metroid 2 Remake and Pokemon Uranium – both of these games were in development for over 8 years and, at least for AM2R (as it’s what I’m familiar with), even had releases that literally covered like half of the game (and it was arguably already better than Zero Mission!)…yet it wasn’t until recently when both games had completed release that Nintendo suddenly shut them down.

The key thing though is that it was a DMCA takedown request that was ordered for AM2R, not for trademark or anything like that, but copyright – the very same thing they use for taking down YouTube content (which itself is strange given AM2R’s abundance of original graphics and audio).
To me, it seems like Nintendo is not only being very protectionist of anything related at all to their IPs but is now basically claiming copyright on the IPs themselves.

This goes perfectly in-hand with what you been saying recently in that appears Nintendo firmly believes that only they get to say what the IP is and what it means – almost like a “holier than thou” attitude.

Of course, as we all know it’s impossible to completely remove anything from the internet as I know for a fact that both Another Metroid 2 Remake and Pokemon Uranium are available on your local “el piracy lagoon” website…(as someone that refuses to touch Other M, I particularly recommend AM2R)

…it’s kind of funny that you seem to have a lower chance of being shut down by making a rom hack of all things than you are making a free fan game; I don’t see direct download links for rom patches being taken down!


If Nintendo doesn’t take legal action to protect its Intellectual Property, they will lack precedent to defend future actions. This is what I suspect is going on here.

What I refer to as IP obsession is outside any legal framework. IP is a legal word, not a consumer/market word. It is similar to when a company executive saying people want to buy skus. Sku is not a consumer based word. Console is. Game is. Sku is not.

Metroid Other M and Federation Force flopping may have Nintendo say, “Metroid IP doesn’t sell.”

The market, however, is saying, “Bad gameplay doesn’t sell. The IP is awesome.”

Image result for mario teaches typing

Mario used to be everywhere. Nintendo was putting Mario in places where he didn’t really belong.

“What is wrong with that, Malstrom? The early 90s were a good time for Nintendo.”

I’m not so sure. If you live by the IP, you die by the IP. A competitor, Sega, made Sonic as a type of Anti-Mario which neutralized the Mario IP entirely. Mario could not defeat Sega. The only solution was to build up another IP which did the trick: Donkey Kong Country.

The only reason why Nintendo is re-using all these IPs is because they lack the talent to create new ones. Competitors will create anti-Nintendo IPs which will neutralize Nintendo’s advantage entirely. What Nintendo must do is create new, fresh games with new, fresh characters and worlds.

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Super Mario Run

Mario is on Mobile.

Super Mario Run is to mobile as Super Mario Super Show was to TV. No one watches TV anymore. Smartphones have replaced TVs. Since there is some interactivity with a Smartphone (as opposed to none for a TV), Nintendo is putting in some interactivity.

Interesting to note that 3d Mario isn’t being used. Why is that Miyamoto?

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Virtual Reality sets stop selling



No VR Revolution here. All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.


As for me, I feel like celebrating. Celebrate with me, reader!

Naturally, Shigeru Miyamoto will say, “Virtual Reality failed because Nintendo didn’t do it,” and then he joins the other Nintendo Board Members as they dance around their giant Virtual Boy obelisk.

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How Nintendo innovates its IPs in past versus today

“But if Nintendo never made a Mother M or Federation Force, how would the franchises be innovated?”

Nintendo already has answered this. It is by putting out TWO games with innovations. Which innovation do you choose, market?


Innovation of Traditional Gameplay-

Donkey Kong

Innovation of New Gameplay-

Dkc snes boxart.jpg

Winner: New Gameplay. Donkey Kong Country was a smash hit and won the 16-bit console war for Super Nintendo.

Choose your innovation!


A woman in a powered exoskeleton kneels down and faces the viewer.

Innovation of 2d Metroid into Storytime

A person in a big, futuristic-looking powered suit with a helmet, a firearm on the right arm and large, bulky, and rounded shoulders, stands on an industrial-like corridor. Atop the image is the Nintendo GameCube logo, and the text "Only for" in the upper left corner. In the bottom of the image, the title "Metroid Prime" in front of an insignia with a stylized "S", the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality, Nintendo's logo, and ESRB's rating of "T".

Innovation of Metroid into 3d

Winner was Metroid Prime. Metroid Prime is the best selling Metroid game ever made and the most critically acclaimed Nintendo game aside from Ocarina of Time.

Nintendo has never been the one to FORCE innovation onto the poor Nintendo fan. If the fans stopped buying it, they stopped doing it.

The problem is that Nintendo wants to believe that fans love the games they want to make. 3d Mario is something Nintendo thinks fans LOVE. Then sales of NSMB DS and Wii came out. Iwata was so excited that Super Mario 3d World would make Wii U sales rise to heaven. He was very wrong. 3d Mario will never overtake 2d Mario. 2d Mario is also much cheaper to make and more accessible.

After the hit Ocarina of Time, Nintendo wanted to believe Aonuma-isms of ‘story’ and ‘puzzles’ was what Zelda was about. But Breath of the Wild is about an ‘open world’ where you ‘do what you want’ has already received much better reception than any Zelda in recent memory. (Twilight Princess was thought to be an Ocarina of Time redux. Fun game, but it was not Ocarina of Time levels of awesomeness).

I’m worried that Nintendo developers, who are getting old and gray haired, are getting stubborn and going to do whatever they want to do. This is why we are getting weird Metroid games. I want to visit the imagination of Sakamoto and Tanabe when they imagine the world market going crazy for Other M and Federation Force. Their powers of imagination are quite something! I also wonder of Miyamoto’s imagination when he thought putting DVD tutorials with Super Mario Galaxy 2 would cause it to be a huge hit. And what is with the ‘time for 3d’ 3ds and the crazy gamepad for Wii U?

Common Sense Nintendo is the BEST Nintendo.




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