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Email: Engadget impression

This is from an editor of Engadget that used to play games before the 3D generation came in. I honestly believe Nintendo is on to something and possibly learned a lot from the NES and Wii. Will this be the new Wii phenomenon? Probably not, but as long as they can attract older gamers and hopefully a unified account system that will play over 25 years of Nintendo games, this will be a seller.
James Trew
Deputy Managing Editor

There’s going to be lots of talk today about what the Switch means for Nintendo, what it means for consoles and what it means for the future of gaming. Or something. All I know is what it means for me: It’ll be the first home console I’ll buy in nearly 20 years. I mean it: I’ve not had a gaming console under my TV since the Super Nintendo. OK, I briefly owned a Wii (for a review) and lived in shared houses with Xbox/PlayStations, but nothing’s convinced me to part with my cash for a long while. Switch, on the other hand, pushes all of my buttons — in a good way.

I’ve not been abstaining from games since the SNES, obviously. I mostly play retro or handheld consoles (and retro handhelds, especially). So the idea that I could return to modern home gaming and get a new handheld makes Switch a no-brainer for me. The fact that it’s Nintendo just sweetens the deal. There’s something else I like about Switch too. The Wii and Wii U weren’t … terrible, but the smurfy design and the cutesy Mii characters, etc. didn’t resonate with me. Switch seems to shed some of that overt softness for a slightly more grown-up feel while still looking, somehow, “Nintendo.”


He is speaking too soon. We haven’t seen the OS. Amiibos are staying, so I assume Miis probably are as well (especially if they are present in games like Mario Kart 8). I do like his description of a ‘smurfy design’


Yes. Well. That does, indeed, capture the Wii and Wii U! “La la la la laaaaaa!”

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And Yet Even More Emails

Everyone wants to weigh in on the Switch!

My first impression of the Switch is cautious optimism. I though the concept was okay, as it is really the next iteration of the Wii U tablet. I think the naming is better but not as good as Wii. I like the fact cartridges are back. The games in the trailer seemed underwhelming, aside from Zelda which we already knew about. I thought the trailer would include more arcade/2d games if Nintendo is trying to get back the Wii lapsed gamers. I did not like the approach Nintendo took in revealing the system with trickle down information, unlike that of the Wii. I have several major concerns for the system. Firstly depending on how Nintendo prices it I think the switch will cannibalize handheld sales, as I don’t see more then one unit per family. Nintendo may have thought this was valid strategy given the failure of the 3ds and WiiU, however I think those two systems weren’t as successful as their predecessors due to the direction Nintendo took them. The key advantage the Switch has is the combined software development of handheld and home console, hopefully this will lead a flood of software at launch. I also worry about the portability of the system, as it is very large like the size of the Wii U tablet. Which would be hard to fit in my bag when I am traveling. The portable local multiplayer was interesting. I wonder if it will work with all games on the switch, given the simple controls of the detachable controllers. I am really hoping you can customize your controller layout on the tablet, as I don’t like the omission of the dpad. The account system for virtual console looks promising. I would like hear more details on how it works. I also hope Nintendo makes online gaming simple and non intrusive (ex miiware). The biggest questions for me are regarding the software lineup and price. This device seems expensive given the technology it’s using to make it portable. One last thought I hope the take their time making 2d Mario, as the modern versions have lost the charm and magic of the 8bit and 16bit versions.


Can’t add anything to that.

Hey, Malstrom

The simplest reason why I want the Switch is in the name, it gives you options for how you want to play.

I have handheld and console, but I mostly play handheld. A console tethers you to the TV, you are primarily committed to gaming, and a many console games are designed around keeping you seated for hours and hours. I have to be in a very specific mood with foreknowledge that I have tons of time available to me to really get into it. Handheld games let you sit anywhere, let you multitask, and tend to be split up in smaller chunks of playing time, so it’s easier to pause or save, put the handheld down, do something else, and then go back to it. And now it looks like I can plug a controller into my handheld, or prop it up like a TV to preserve my arms and neck (starting to get old now, y’know), so not only can I play where I want, but I can play how I want in that space too.

Now the only thing to wait for is where the Wii U library is going. I don’t have a Wii U yet, and the only reason I’m going to buy one is if the games I want don’t end up getting ported elsewhere (some of them have made their way to the 3DS already so I’m hoping).

I also love the name as a marketing brand. It’s not an exciting name like a Ninja or a Neo or whatever, but it tells you exactly what it’s about.

“What’s that?”

“The Switch.”


*plug it into the dock/pull it out of the dock*

People will understand it immediately. Whether they care about it, who knows, but simple concepts are always the best.

(Skyrim on a cartridge? WHAT? I see From Software on the list, DARK SOULS COULD BE ON A CARTRIDGE)


A big issue now is how long it takes games to be made. Skyrim may be a Generation 7 (!) game, but the sequel is in production so long that it will miss all of generation 8 so it SEEMS like Skyrim is current. Dark Souls, also, seems current even though it is old. They could bring over Fallout 3 and some other games too.

If the launch is in March, why isn’t Nintendo talking about software? When will Nintendo be talking about software? Most likely, January???

March also seems like a strange time to launch a console.

Here is the video

I’ll list out all my reasons why it will fail. I’ll keep it quick.

1) It is exclusive to young urbanites in their young teens to mid twenties. Hell, some of these guys are borderline hipsters. Young people tend to like novel and quirky things. Nintendo has made that clear with this device. I could never imagine my mother playing with this device.

2) It is no more than an android tablet with tactile feedback. All you need is a Nvidia shield tablet, telescopic bluetooth controller and some emulators. A young urbanite can easily figure this out. You can expect it to be in this above price range as well. The Nintendo Switch uses a Nvidia Tegra chip, just like Nvidia’s shield. Why would someone care about this device for gaming?

3) You know the locks on the controllers are going to eventually loosen up and the machine is going to be dropped get damaged.

4) Multiplayer is a clearly after thought. Even though half the advertisement emphasizes multiplayer and playing with groups of people, they’re trying to do it on a small 6″ screen and two little cramped mini controllers.

The only redeeming thing I can think about regarding this system.

1) It will allow them to reap the scales of economies on one system. If Nintendo could only sell 13 million Wii U systems, it means they only broke even at best. My guess is that this is a business strategy to have their portable systems effectively sell their home console.

2) It means that rather than have two teams for two different consoles, all the effort is focused on one console, leading to more choices. However, don’t expect large numbers of video games to be made for it. This is a High Definition console and production of such games are slow and drawn out. Keep in mind that the Wii U itself has less than 200 games in retail.

I expect the Switch to draw upon mobile gaming too. I don’t see why Hearthstone cannot come over. However, such games would likely only be in digital form. Hearthstone would never be on a cartridge. But I’d love to see Diablo 3 on a cartridge.

Now about third party support, with expenses the way they are I don’t see why any company would not port to a system. I don’t see Microsoft and Sony at each other’s throats since there is no living to take over. The Switch is not trying to take over a living room.

Master Malstrom

Long time follower, first time writer.

The Internet sees your kitten pictures and raises you a dog.

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this.

I admit for very simple reasons.

I can carry this thing anywhere and a cartridge based system means that all the games can be stored in one small box – meaning it all easily fits into a bag when travelling from place to place. That was always a hassle with previous consoles. Despite the Game Cube having the handle on the back it was not really portable, for instance. You still had to worry about the power pack and the controllers. It comes with two controllers and the base unit this is small.

The fact that I can play it with family on flights is also nifty, not that they’d really be interested in doing so but I like the fact you can.

As for everything else that could be an issue, I simply do not care yet. The fact we can play on the moves means at the very least we will get a longer battery, even if we have to replace the old ones and the button size is something I am used to from the 3DS. And any and all other things that I may want answered will undoubtedly be answered.

Clear Nintendo Is Best Nintendo.

Will I buy it? Yes. They had me at BOW. All the other games they have in the work for this console I for the most part want. Zelda alone means I will feel no regrets in buying this console Day 1.

Whether it keeps this up and gets close to Wii Nintendo remains to be seen. But I am incredibly optimistic. Although that might just be the puppy talking.


A Reader

Interesting how this reader is so excited.

This is a far cry different than when the Wii U was revealed. On that day I was Doctor Malstrom, and I had an inbox full of emails of people crying and distraught and miserable over it. My waiting room was full!

Here, people seem genuinely optimistic. No ‘OMG’ like with the Wii-mote reveal of course.

We really need a list of launch games and upcoming games. Where is it, Nintendo??? Talk about software!

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Why Nintendo will talk about Switch’s touch capacities later

Nintendo doesn’t want a repeat of the Wii U reveal disaster. Even now, the Nintendo operatives are quick to control the narrative. “No, the dock just recharges the system and outputs the video. It doesn’t do anything else.”

One of the fair criticisms against Nintendo’s marketing was spending time at E3 talking about games for the non-gamer crowd. Non-gamers are not at E3. Gamers do not care for the ‘beginning games’. I recall Nintendo reps looked like they had been punched.

This ‘preview’, while it gains mainstream attention, is for the experienced gamers. The touch screen and motion controls are going to be highlighted in other games and software in videos coming up.

One pattern Nintendo has is that they only talk about the hardware when they have games that can use it. Nintendo went a full year (!) after the DS was released before they talked about the online wi-fi functionality of the DS.

I expect this ‘non-gamer’ type video will highlight the Switch’s OS including other functionality such as going online, social media, and all that stuff. Perhaps even the Wii Balance Board can talk to it!

I know many people are coming to this page wanting a market verdict on it. “Malstrom! Malstrom! Is it going to be revolutionary like the Wii? Is it going to be a disaster like the Wii U?” Since I am not a ‘normal’ gamer, and I have history on this page of being on the right side of those systems, there is interest in where I think the Switch will go.

The issue is that there are more shoes that need to drop. I cannot determine whether or not non-gamers would want a Switch because Nintendo has not yet released any marketing or talked about software for those non-gamers. As the Switch is revealed now, the Wii audience would not go for it because Wii audience does not give a shit about Skyrim or 3d Mario. They would go for Mario Kart and the basketball game.

The Wii’s business success is the most misunderstood story in gaming history primarily because no one wants to understand it correctly. The Wii was designed by Nintendo to ‘grow’ the market because of Japan’s declining population trends. Nintendo had to grow the market because Japan wasn’t making babies. Japan was also in a recession type environment (now a depression). But the market environment in the US in 2006 was very different. The US population is growing, not shrinking. The US also had a very hot economy going. A ‘growth expanding console’ did good to OK in macro-economic negative or neutral places like Japan, but in a macro-economic positive place like the US it was sold out for three years. The Wii sales slowed down in 2008, right in line with the shift of the macro-economic current.

Will the Switch sell like the Wii? Unless the economy changes, this is unlikely even if the Switch does everything right. Most likely, I believe Generation Nine will be one of wartime (as wartime tends to follow periods of economic depression). Will the Switch sell during wartime? With its mobility, I’d imagine it should. The issue is that there is no data. Shigeru Miyamoto has the most experience out of anyone alive in launching game consoles, but none of that experience includes selling game consoles during wartime. In a similar way, Generation 8 is a period of economic depression. The game industry has been spoiled by good macro-economic trends. They are struggling to figure out how to survive in this current climate.

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Youtube reactions to the Switch unveiling

Above: Is this an American Otaku? Does he have a job? Look at that girl picture on the wall. Hmm….

Note the Nintendo-gasm. He has one when he sees the cartridges. He loses it over Skyrim.

He declares himself to be of the ‘Wii Generation’. Man, I feel old. He doesn’t know Nintendo before the Wii!!!!

They also freak out about Skyrim on a Nintendo system. Skyrim is going to sell, boys and girls.

More Nintendo-gasms.

Note how they cheer when they see the cartridges. They, of course, lose their shit when they realize they are seeing Skyrim.

No Nintendo-gasms with this guy. He seems more jaded.

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Even more emails about Switch…

People can’t get to an agreement if it’s a home console you can take with you or a portable console that you can hook to the TV.
Maybe on of the communication challenges that Nintendo is going through now is to make people understand that Switch is actually both. Or that players can choose for themselves what they want Switch to be.

This is the ghost of Wii U. Wii U was seen by many people as trying to be a handheld. People are leery. Nintendo marketing could bring up the Turbografx 16 Express and Sega Nomad as those console makers are no longer competitors.

Hallo Sean!
The one title that will make this a hit in spring (or when it comes out), but that I haven’t sen mentioned anywhere yet.
The one title that will make kids laugh with excitement.
Pokemon Switch.

You mean combine Pokemon Go with a real Pokemon game?


Hello Master Malstrom,
My initial reaction is that I like what I see, but it wasn’t surprising. I already knew what to expect from the reliable rumors like Eurogamer. I know I am going to buy this thing at launch, even though I promised myself I would never buy a console at launch again.

I got the SNES at launch. Hooked it up and unhooked my NES. After playing Super Mario World for 2 – 3 weeks, I was ready for another game, but I didn’t like any of the other launch titles. All they had was Pilotwings and F-Zero. No thanks. So I unhooked my SNES for several months and hooked my NES back up. Eventually, the SNES got a lot of really great games, but I promised myself I would never buy a console at launch again. Well I am going to break my promise. These people had me at “Breath of the Wild”. I have to play that game! I also am hopeful that there will be a lot of games since they are combining their home and handheld development teams into one system.

Other thoughts:
1. I don’t plan on using this as a portable console at all. I prefer to game at home. Also I am afraid it will get broken. Lots of people put rubber protectors around their phones and tablets and then keep them that way all the time. It’s too much of a pain to do that if you have to constantly put the protector on and off. I just want to duct tape the thing into the docking station and declare that the mobile functionality has been removed.

2. I really want this to be backward compatible with 3DS games (or even DS games)! I have several 3DS games I want to play, but I just can’t make myself do it. I play handheld games hunched over staring at a screen. I play home games reclining on a couch with a wireless controller in my hand. I feel spoiled and I like it that way. I don’t care if the 3DS graphics suck. I like the bigger screen. Even more than that I like the sound. A lot of 3DS games have really good sound if you plug in headphones, but it sounds shitty if you just use the 3DS speaker. I want to take the 3DS games and play them like home games with the full sound and screen size.

3. This trailer was clearly aimed at core gamers. I think the whole system is too. All the people in the trailer were in their late teens and 20s. Also the console is grey. This is not meant to be a kiddie console. It isn’t even marketed as a family console like the Wii. This a console for Millennials that want to be social. PS4 and XBox1 are consoles for Millennials that want to be secluded in a dark room somewhere.
Overall I like seeing more details. I want to know more!


What! You didn’t like SNES F-Zero at launch??? Your gaming card has been REVOKED Mr. Emailer!

Image result for soup nazi

“No Switch for you! Come back in FIVE years!”


I’m going to post about my concerns first, then gush over everything so that I don’t seem so weirdly crazy about the whole system.

Where’s the d-pad? I need ma d-pad.
How is Nintendo going to interpret the account system for the Switch along with tying into the systems in place on the 3DS and Wii U?
What’s the battery life like on this device?
Will the AC cord be long enough for charging while playing?
Is backwards compatibility completely obliterated or will it live on via digital only or an unsubsidized add-on for the Switch dock?
How can I add storage to this device and how much of it can it take?
Will there be a way to install cartridge games to the internal memory or a way to get digital versions of physical games at a discount?
Do the tear way controllers have accelerometers and gyroscopes in them?
Am I going to lose access to all of my older controllers?
How do the 3DS and Wii U factor into the Switch? IE, will we just transfer minimal data like Mii’s, eshop titles and saves or will there be something odd like cross-platform play for something like the rumored Ultimate version of Super Smash Bros 4?

Please let the battery life be more than 10 hours. We haven’t had a handheld with 10 hours of battery life since the 3DS was introduced. The original Gameboy could do 30 hours and the DS systems bottomed out at 8, but could be adjusted to hit as high as about 17 hours.

The docking concept is briliant. We have no idea if there’s extra power in that thing or not, but haveing an easy way to have it function as a home console then to become a portable device is awesome. If the price is as affordable as Nintendo is alluding to, then having a disappearing home console won’t be an issue. If we really are moving/have moved beyond the tv then we don’t need to have a shared console (although the Switch could still fit that role if needed).

The Switch is actually what we believed the Wii U to be in the beginning (for those of us that knew it was a new console). Wii U was half into the old gaming life of being stuck in a house/room/tv, and half into this new world of being unchained from the tv. Unfortunately, they kept us tethered to the base unit. They made the controller a thin client and the home system a base. Now the home system is the base, and the dock is a connection client for the base to sit at the tv. That makes so much ore sense.

The games looked fine. Nothing was extremely spectacular in the graphics department. It seems like the jump is similar to the one from Gamecube to Wii, which isn’t a bad thing. Games look good enough now that we’re going to be stuck at this level of design for a while. Once the Uncanny Valley is defeated we’ll have a stronger need for beefy hardware. That or when developers decide to do more with A.I. and other things that don’t automate their work. True physics are fine, but they aren’t needed. Being artitistic will get the job done most of the time like it does with animation.

I like how they’re promoting this system to be social. It’s like the 3DS, but for your siblings and friends as well. It won’t casually grab them, but it will grab the folks that are mildly interested in playing games. We just need an account system that makes sense.

I really hope that we get Wii U backwards compatibility. We have developers that were raving months ago about being able to drop games form other systems into the Switch (then NX) compiler and having it run without modifications. I own most of my Wii U and 3DS games digitally, let them come with me so that I only need to keep one Nintendo system. I don’t want to keep the hardware of those systems anymore, I’m fine with the experience not being perfectly the same due to the screen differences, but I’ll accept it anyway. Let my old library live and I’ll keep on adding to my Nintendo library overall with Switch games. I won’t touch Smash Bros for 3DS anymore, but every game won’t be upgraded in such a way. Sometimes I want to play Mario Kart 7 and other times I play 8 or DS. Let me do as I please in the past so that I can completely enjoy my gaming future. I won’t notice droughts if I have everything available. I won’t have my attention taken away from the Switch if everything is available there. Don’t make me rebuy the VC games, let me keep my $5 for SMB3 and I promise to spend it on a VC game from another company or to put it towards a new title. Help, help you to help me help you Nintendo.


I am hoping the Switch OS doesn’t make me feel like five years old. At least give us options in the themes.

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Currently known Switch software

I am assuming they are launch since they are shown in the preview.

I know NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime says, “We are not an OR company but an AND. We make games for AND, not OR, we make games for everyone.” But the truth is that different constituencies are attracted to different types of games. Let’s look and see what the Switch has…


Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Image result for zelda breath of the wild

We knew this one was coming. I remember getting a launch Wii and enjoying the hell out of Twilight Princess (though I hated the Aonuma-isms in it). A new Zelda on a console launch was very memorable.


NBA Live

Image result for nba live nintendo switch

I suspect EA will be putting out more sports games. Do people buy basketball games anymore? Anyway, this is for the sports constituency.



Image result for skyrim

While this game is old, the port is a welcome one. A main Nintendo constituency used to be RPG gamers. RPGs were huge on the NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS, and, oh man, the SNES. But Nintendo lost the RPGs with the N64. Aside from Xenoblade, I cannot think of any RPGs coming out for a Nintendo system that isn’t ‘more’ Dragon Quest. N64 had no RPGs. Gamecube had a couple of ports but not much. I was shocked that Wii just had Xenoblade. Wii U had nothing. Depending on how well Skyrim will sell on the Switch will determine if third parties see a RPG market there. I bet Skyrim will sell very well and it will spur more RPGs.

Don’t you see, guys? Switch could be a defacto RPG console.


Super Mario Switch

Image result for super mario switch

This is for the 3d Mario crowd, those who think Mario 64 is a brilliant game.

This constituency is primarily North American based and not very large. Why Nintendo keeps making 3d Marios baffles me. No one buys them. What I mean by that is based on the costs it takes to make a 3d Mario, the sales don’t really justify it. Iwata’s biggest business mistake was to bet Wii U sales on Super Mario 3d World.

Mario is here because Iwata said, “A Mario game must be there when a new Nintendo console launches!”



Image result for splatoon title screen

This is to give this software a second shot. It is our Switch’s multiplayer title. Not a bad choice for a launch game.



Mario Kart 8

And here is our racing game.


Now, out of all these games, I would easily buy Zelda, Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, and Splatoon. The 3d Mario I might get just to have it on cartridge. I still can’t stand sports games and certainly not basketball.

These games alone are a pretty strong launch. There has to be more third party games we haven’t heard about.

A 2d platformer would be nice. NSMB U, Super Mario Maker, or DKC Tropical Freeze would be nice.

Nintendo fans tend to be more adventure and arcade orientated. They will most likely not respond to EA’s ‘sports games’ or super-realistic type games. I don’t think GTA would ever sell well on a Nintendo console. But RPGs like Skyrim will sell. I think a Dark Souls for Switch would also sell. The Blizzard games would sell like hotcakes and probably surpass the sales of Xbone and PS4. Not joking on that. Nintendo and Blizzard customers are very similar.

If you bought a Wii U, this launch list probably doesn’t look interesting. But as I do not have a Wii U and skipped it (as well as every Microsoft and Sony console ever), Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, and Splatoon intrigue me.

I would like to see ports of the Xenoblade games over too.

And now that Nintendo will already have Mario Kart 8 on Switch, maybe they can make a F-Zero or something DIFFERENT.

For me, my rule with consoles is that there must be at least three games I want to buy and three games coming out eventually that I want to buy. I have four I want for Switch, waiting for two more to seal the deal.

Where the fuck is Metroid?

Where is the Call of Duty game?

Where is Minecraft?

While we see the hardware, what is the software OS? What is the account system?

So much more to learn about the Switch.

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Blizzard games on Switch?

Hearthstone on Switch? Hmm. Activision was one of the listed publishers.

I would take a Diablo 3 RoS on Switch too. Why not Overwatch as well?

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Nintendo translated

“What does this mean, Malstrom?”

It means 3DS still generates positive cashflow so they do not want to remove it during the risky transition time. The Wii U, however, is nothing but losses so they are happy to end it.

Switch will replace both 3DS and Wii U. If Nintendo puts out more hardware, it will still use Switch games.

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DeNA for account system confirmed

DeNA is there for the new Nintendo account system. Source.

It’s all coming together…

Dos Equis Gifs to the World okay ok yes clapping

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More reactions

Skyrim and a new 3D mario? Yawn.

Again, I do not think this was a games library preview. But as gamers, we do not ‘see’ hardware, we only ‘see’ the games.

Two small things to note with the multiplayer NBA game on the Switch:

1) Local 2-player is baked into the game. Lots of modern hi-def sports
games have been emphasizing online play and RPG-like campaigns instead
of local multiplayer sessions, so this is encouraging to see. It calls
back to the days of Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam.

2) They’re playing it with a single stick and only 4 face buttons. This
is NOT the norm. Sports games have become increasingly more complicated
and pretty much require two sticks, the shoulder buttons, etc. This
trailer is obviously a signal that Nintendo wants sports games, but
perhaps more importantly they want sports games to be as accessible as
they were on the Genesis/SNES


The Joy-Cons (ugh, that word!) seem very odd as separate entities. How comfortable will they be to use?

Is local multiplayer in a mobile setting a killer function? Yes. Switch could become a ‘social’ console.

The first thing I noticed was that name “Switch” doesn’t sound like it has to do with games. That’s all I have to say about that.
The second thing I noticed was more 3D Mario. I actually thought 3D Mario World was a decent game but sales proved once again that people prefer 2D Mario. At this point I don’t think even a good 2D Mario game will sell the system because of how miniscule, formulaic and poor the content in the New Super Mario Bros games were.
Not interested in Splatoon. What’s to be interested in? No content. Might as well be Mii’s instead of Inklings.
Mario Kart looks fun as always.
Skyrim and NBA2K look like decent (even if old) titles to launch a console with.
It looks like they are relying on Zelda to carry the system at launch. Which is what they did with the Wii (except we all know Wii Sports not Twilight Princess moved Wii’s at launch). Breath of Wild looks like it could sell system though.
I’ll definitely wait until they show more games off. Not enough new interesting action-adventure games for me to look at it seriously.


Guys, this was not a software preview. This was a system preview. But it goes to show that as gamers that our brains are wired to see only games.


And now an email from Mexico:

Hi Malstrom!
First off, as many have already said, the price and the battery life are big concerns, and the fact that we didn’t see new games is also kinda worrying, maybe they are saving those announcements for another time.
My biggest worry right now is that I don’t see them creating a new market, I mean, why would anyone who didn’t find the wii u interesting would find the Switch interesting? I don’t see how my parents or grandparents would be excited about the switch compared to how intrigued they were by the wii in 2006. The only people who care about Switch right now are the people who cared about the Wii U, it definitely sounds more exciting than something like VR, but I don’t see this thing doing wii numbers.
I’m personally not going to buy it in the forseeable future, here in Mexico, consoles are far more expensive than in the US, and the most important thing is: YOU CANNOT GO TO THE STREET WITH THAT THING!!!! I’m serious, why would I buy the switch when its biggest feature is that you can go outside with it? Every time I go out, I get worried about the fact that maybe I’m carrying too much money, here you have to be worried about someone threatening to shot you just for 50 bucks, now imagine if someone sees me playing that thing in the park! I think nintendo just lost the third world countries, they probably never gave two shits about us, but now I’m pretty sure only the tech media will buy this thing.
P.S. Sorry for the bad english, hope you can understand it.

The Switch is not aiming for a new market so much as being a financial ark. It supports the TV but is largely abandoning it. Nintendo is declaring independence from the TV. Perhaps it is because future trends show the demise of the TV due to screens being all over the place.

Master Malstrom:

Everyone and their mothers are talking about games and controller but I saw something different. I’m part of the people who are leaving TV behind and moving to smartphones to watch media, YouTube, Netflix and also away from computers to surf the internet and use social media. My TV set is just an add on to my ps4, which is my world of tanks system right now. So if Nintendo manages to provide games and app support for the media I use I might stop using my smartphone in my house completely other than WhatsApp and calls. Nice….

Iwata believed Japan was, at least, two years ahead of other countries when it comes to gaming behavior. Before the iPhone, Japanese were already combining their cell phones with cameras and computers for years. Japan has gone full mobile. If you look at the trends of younger generations in the US and other countries, they are growing up primarily full mobile.

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