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Did Tanabe reveal NX as the next home console hardware?

Here’s the interview. Let’s hear what he said…

Speaking to Eurogamer at E3, Metroid Prime series producer Kensuke Tanabe said that due to the amount of content such a game would require, it would probably take several years to develop.

“If we started for Wii U now, it would likely take three years or so. So it would likely now be on Nintendo’s NX console,” he said.

People are making too much of this sentence. What does ‘NX console’ mean? Is it handheld or home console? Or is it both? From the context he is saying, he is placing NX console as the successor to the Wii U. But we still do not know what NX is except what Iwata told us is that it changes the relationship of hardware and software. Instead of tying the software to hardware, it would be tied to the ‘online platform’.

NX may not be referring to this ‘online platform’ so to say. NX may, indeed, be the actual codename for the console hardware. This is what Iwata said:

“As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename ‘NX,'” Iwata said at the time.

At this moment, NX may be as nebulous as label as ‘Revolution’ was. But I still think it is a mistake to think of NX as Revolution or Dolphin. Revolution and Dolphin were solely about the hardware. NX is about changing that relationship. Anyway, back to Tanabe…

“It’s a long time but it would need to include a lot of content, which would take a lot of work on the development side.”

Oh yes, yes, it would take a lot of work. Yes, indeed.

Speaking with Tanabe, it was clear he had plenty of ideas for the game, including a focus on a single planet that has a time-shifting mechanic, similar to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes’ single planet with dark and light variants.

“Instead of broadening it to more planets I would have one and would focus on the timeline, and being able to change that. That’s one interesting idea I have in mind… but I understand many people thought that [Echoes] was too difficult.”

Does anyone really want more Metroid Prime? What I think people want is a 2d Metroid with Metroid Prime’s art, sound, and immersion production. But do you know what stands in its way? Sakamoto. It might be why the original Metroid Prime team all quit.

So when would such a game be announced? And would he work with Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios again, despite the fact that many of the original staff have now moved on?

“I’m the producer of the Metroid Prime series, and [Metroid series co-creator] Yoshio Sakamoto is the one in charge of Metroid itself. I’m not sure when he’s planning on making such an announcement so I can’t speak for him.

“I’m not thinking about anything like that [partnering with another studio] right now. We have nothing to announce on working with any specific team.”

In other words, he is saying that Metroid is all about Sakamoto and himself.

Fuck you, Tanabe. Fuck Sakamoto too. Metroid is not what YOU THINK it is. Metroid also isn’t what the Retro staff think it is.

Metroid is what I think it is. Do you know why? It is because I’m the one paying for it! The beautiful reader also knows that Metroid is what he or she thinks it is. The vision of Metroid is not the vision of Sakamoto. The vision of Metroid belongs to the people who buy and play it.

After Metroid: Other M disaster, you would think these guys would get a clue. But nope! We get ‘Galactic Federation’! These guys have no idea what Metroid is and why people bought it.

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Email: Backwards compatability on Xbox One

So I know you’re mostly focused on Nintendo’s E3 and honestly I’m not going to hold my breath.  I mean we’ll probably see a lot of Mario Maker and hopefully the new Starfox.  Some keep hoping for new Fzero or Metroid but that’s been going on for years now and I always go in with low standards because then if there’s a lot of great stuff then good and if it sucks, then I go away with the smug satisfaction of being smarter than a fanboy.
But something that totally caught me off guard was this from Microsoft:
Basically an update is going to allow the Xbox One to play 360 games.  I honestly didn’t see this coming.  Both Sony and MS claimed that having backwards compatibility was too expensive though many like myself were convinced that this was a ploy to get gamers to repurchase last gen games as “remakes.”  Hell I remember last gen the PS3 chopped out backwards compatibility to save money.  My guess is their repackaging of last gen games on next gen hardware didn’t do as well as they hoped as well as MS realized they needed something to give them an edge over the PS4 because well they’re still getting their ass handed to them in sales and now they actually have something that makes them different from Sony besides the optional Kinect and stupid TV crap.
Now before people get too excited this doesn’t work like the WiiU playing all old Wii games. Basically if I read this right, there will be like 1000 360 games available and if you have one of these said discs, when you put it in your system, the system will check to see if it’s one of these said games then validate it on the console.  Basically it downloads the old 360 game for free.  So it’s not great and I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before we find out a lot of great 360 titles won’t be playable but I’m impressed given this was the same company that just a couple years ago was trying to force draconian DRM restrictions to keep used games off the system.  I also think MS realized that even people who hung on to their old 360s still run the risk of a RRoD.  A common fanboy argument against lack of BC was “just keep your old systems and stack em'” that’s bullshit because some folks don’t have the space in their home let alone enough ports to connect them all and not everyone wants a bunch of old consoles cluttering up their living room.
But honestly I had no desire to get an Xbox One until I saw this because this means a that a whole bunch more games will be available to play now.  And also this….
I was annoyed for years when Microsoft bought Rare from Nintendo for some obscene amount and barely did anything with it.  Fans waited years for new Banjo, Battletoads, etc.  And what did we get?  Garbage like Grabbed by the Ghoulies, a piñata farming sim, Perfect Dark turned into an online tumbling fest, Banjo copy/pasted into some car building game and Killer Instinct chopped up and sold in pieces instead of a proper full disc game and suddenly MS realized they have a great collection of old games that they’ve been just sitting on and while new ones would be nice, I’ll take this collection and they’ll never show up on the Nintendo Eshop.  I also think this comes about after seeing how popular the Yooka Laylee kickstarter was.  If you don’t know what that is.  Former Banjo creators started a kickstarter to make a “spiritual successor” to Banjo Kazooie. Same gameplay. Different characters.  The kickstarter met its goal in 45 min despite the industry telling us that “no one wants 3D collectathon platformers anymore.”  Clearly MS saw this and realized it was time to do something with the Rare library.
Way to go Microsoft, you went from me despising you to me wanting an Xbox One.
Now I’m curious to see if Sony follows suit.


It’s definitely a good move by Microsoft, but there are no assurances. We also know this wouldn’t have happened if PS4 wasn’t outselling XB1.

But this is also what the NX is all about.

Nintendo does provide backwards compatibility… through hardware. There is no real account system. Anything you buy digital might as well be gone. I was burned by the Wii Virtual Console. I will not buy anything for Nintendo systems anymore. There is no account system so anything digital is just farting away your money. The other reason is that Nintendo is deadset on a six year life cycle for a console. As soon as some games come out, Nintendo abandons the console.

People hate buying new hardware. You end up with an obsolete machine and the investment in controllers (necessary for Nintendo’s multiplayer games) can go into the hundreds of dollars.

Iwata has spoken about the ‘transition phase’ as the most dangerous time for a console. The only reason why there is backwards compatibility is because Nintendo believes it would help solve the transition phase problem. There was some evidence to back this up.

Nintendo’s handhelds have ALWAYS had backwards compatibility, and it remains market leader.

Nintendo’s home consoles never had backwards compatibility, and this weakened their hold on the market compared to competitors. Wii was the first Nintendo home console to have backwards compatibility. And we know how successful the Wii was.

But the 3DS and Wii U failures are really hurting this idea of hardware backwards compatibility.

I do know that third parties have complained about the lack of a digital account system (like iTunes). This is what the NX platform is. NX is to Nintendo as iTunes is to Apple. Your games will no longer be tied to a hardware console but to the account system. NX may allow buying software for one hardware and being able to play it on another. You buy Super Mario Brothers for 3DS and are still able to play it on Wii U. You buy the DLC for a game and still keep it even if the hardware blows up.

There will be new Nintendo hardware. But the NX is not the new Nintendo hardware. The NX is not the ‘revolution’. The NX is the solution to Nintendo’s online problems. The NX will tie all Nintendo hardware, and even some non-Nintendo hardware, all together. NX will also allow sharing of game assets.

I cannot invest in digital products, aside from GoG (and even Steam if I’m feeling like walking into the ghetto), because I do not feel secure in keeping such a collection. I got burned with the Wii Virtual Console.

What Microsoft is doing with backwards compatibility is good… but the NX is set to do all that and more. At least, I hope so.

Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 16, 2015

Some great moves with Mario Maker, some mistakes

The amiibo actually adds a gameplay element to it instead of a ‘character’.

The manual looks awesome. I’d like to get my hands on that.

Mario Maker seems really cool except that it removes all immersion from 2d Mario experience. It’s like Nintendo doesn’t want to realize that 2d Mario games were very immersive and ADVENTURE GAMES. They were not just level platforms existing in a void. If Super Mario Brothers revolved around level design, then the blue sky background of the original wouldn’t have mattered. But it DID matter. It mattered because it made the game much more immersive than just the black background and non-continuous ‘level designs’. After 1-1, 1-2 does not just start. It shows Mario entering the pipe. It is a continuous world.

I’d love to see a massive open world 2d Mario. Too bad we won’t be able to get it with Mario Maker. We can’t even make ‘maps’ with Mario Maker. So lame.

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Nintendo E3 2015 evaluation

For all of those who watched the Nintendo E3 2015 stream…

…I feel so sorry for you.

I feel sorry for myself too. Talk about boring. And what is with the muppets? Was anyone entertained by this? Were Iwata, Reggie, and Miyamoto too lazy to actually ‘act’ in a video? What is going on here?

Reggie did say NX news was coming in 2016. The NX platform is likely to be an online/server based platform where new hardware will tie into it. 3DS came out in 2011 which means it will be 5 years old in 2016. A released NX hardware in 2017 sounds about right. 3DS successor should be revealed very soon.

I expect Zelda Wii U to become Zelda NX. I expect Metroid Wii U to become Metroid NX.

With NX, it may even be possible to play such games from your PC. Unlikely, but with the new platform, who knows.

Let’s go through our E3 2015 game line up. When I am done here, I am going to take a shower to take off the filth.

I do like the Treehouse segments. The girl at the Treehouse is cute too.


Starfox Zero

Starfox is not a big seller. There is a reason why Nintendo stopped making it. The SNES Starfox was fresh and used the FX chip. Starfox N64 gave gaming the Rumble Pak. But every other Starfox game has been a huge disappointment. Starfox Adventures…. no. Starfox DS…. really, really bad. Starfox 3DS…. who cares?

If anyone believes Starfox Zero is going to sell Wii Us, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Above: It’s Wii U’s flagship game! Oh, I feel for you Wii U owners.


Zelda Triforce 3DS Multiplayer Game

Whatever the name it is, this game is bomba. Multiplayer Zelda is a cool idea. Multiplayer Aonuma Zelda is a form of torture. Aonuma still doesn’t understand Zelda. Doing puzzles ‘together’ is not fun. There’s a reason why Lolo games were never multiplayer. The Gamecube-Gameboy Advance Zelda game didn’t sell like wildfire. Why would Nintendo do this? It sounds like some experiment people were doing and Nintendo decided to ship it just to ship something.


More Fire Emblem

It isn’t going to sell more 3DSes.


Metroid Prime Federation Force

What the hell is this? It seems to be a third person shooter team game along with ‘Blast Ball’ that we saw from World Championship 2015. Did anyone want this? I sure as hell didn’t.

Above: It’s a nightmare!

It’s the sequel to Metroid Prime Hunters! Except that it looks worse! What I don’t understand is the branding. Why is it ‘Metroid Prime Federation Force’. Why not ‘Metroid Federation Force’. What does Prime have to do with this?

It seems to be that Prime = 3d. So anything related to Metroid in 3d is going to have Prime slapped on it. When I think of Prime, I think of the Metroid Prime games on the Gamecube with their awesome music and all. Metroid Prime Pinball was truly wonderful and awesome. But this…

No one is going to buy a 3DS for this. It seems like this is just left over game concepts slapped together to put something up for a dying console.


Hyrule Warriors Legends (for 3DS)

Hyrule Warriors was a hit on the Wii U and surpassed expections. Do you know why, dear reader? It is because Hyrule Warriors was not Aonuma Zelda. So what does Nintendo do? They try to inject Aonuma Zelda into it. I cannot believe it!

Hyrule Warriors Legends will not just be on the 3DS, it will have all of Aonuma Zelda characters in it. Lots of Wind Waker and Majora’s Mask.

I’m not sure how the Wii U port will run on the 3DS. I think everyone who wanted to play Hyrule Warriors has already done so. Nintendo even says that when you move software off of the hardware it was designed for, it sells for much less.

Can Aonuma not stand a Zelda game success occurring outside him? I was shouting at the stream during this point. At least we haven’t heard from Sakamoto after the Other M disaster. But why is Aonuma still around? Why is he ramming Wind Waker down our throats?


Xenoblade X

This game looks awesome. The first game was successful too. Why wouldn’t this be?

Yoshi Woolly World

Platformer overload is on the Wii U. I don’t see Yoshi game doing much. Has any Yoshi game done anything for a console?


Mario Tennis

Why would anyone want this for 3DS? Why?


Paper Mario Crossover

Paper Mario might be ‘ok’, but this crossover is just telling us they have run out of ideas. No.


Animal Crossing Wii U

Did Animal Crossing do well on the Wii? And Wii had a much larger install base. I think Animal Crossing does best as a mobile game.


Mario Maker

This game won’t sell Wii Us, but it will be played 20 years from now. This game will be as beloved as Mario Paint is. Normally, user generated content doesn’t work. It won’t work here either. But people will still love messing with this DECADES from now. If I owned a Wii U, Mario Maker would be the first game I’d get.



Nintendo believes 3DS is done with its lifecyle and Wii U might as well. They don’t seem to be ‘trying’. All the games seem budget based. Zelda Wii U will likely be transformed to Zelda NX. Metroid Wii U will likely be transformed to Metroid NX.

E3 2016 will be the make it or break it for Nintendo of not just that year but for Generation Nine.

I do not think Nintendo can recover financially if Generation Nine is as much of a disaster as Generation Eight was. E3 2016 will be very, very critical. This E3 2015 seems like an afterthought.

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Nintendo pre-E3 2015

Tropical Storm isn’t stopping me. Will be commentating on twitter here in real time too.

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Kittens for Nintendo 2015

The people of Nintendo are under a great deal of stress especially at E3. According to one Iwata Asks (I forgot which), a Nintendo developer was able to relieve the stress of another Nintendo developer by emailing him pictures of kittens. The kittens calmed him. Iwata was informed of this. His reaction was “You shouldn’t use company email for kitten pictures!”

Being the helpful guy I am, I am here to offer pictures of kittens so no one at Nintendo gets in trouble by using their work email. When a Nintendo person feels stressed by E3, they can just come to this page, look at the kitten pictures, and feel the stress go away!

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Email: Nintendo World Championship

I suppose everyone has already wrote their mind to you about this, but what the hell.

What a fiasco.
Seriously. This was disappointing in all fronts. From the participants to the commentators to the games. It was boring. It was dull. It was a mess. It was convulted as hell.
We got a first elimination match of Splatoon and I could never understand what was going on, who was playing in which team or what was the objective. And the commentators made it worse with their obnoxious talk. It was so bad that they put an annoying kid there and later I was missing him.
They had elimination challenges with LoZ (that was cool), Super Metroid (eh… kind of entertaining, but choosing the ending was anti-climatic) and… Balloon Fight. Meh.
The apex of how lame was this had to be the moment they “world premiered” a sort of robot armored soccer game (I guess it was for the 3DS, I’m not sure) and the audience response was… dead silence.
The only thing worth mentioning was how the used Super Mario Maker for the final match. That was kind of cool. But made me realize that game is Nintendo cashing in on those Nightmare Mario hacks.
Also, couldn’t help but notice how everyone was strugling with the controls… until I noticed they were using the WiiU pad. No wonder.


I think the Mario Maker shows the power of 2d Mario. NSMB series has really… kinda taken the joy out of 2d Mario.

I remember when Mario Maker was first shown… and it seemed so disappointing. The levels seemed so short. Now, we know we have full fledged levels. What I want to know is if we can have full worlds like SMB 3 or Super Mario World. Are we just stuck with levels?

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Why aren’t the analysts excited about the PS4?

Let’s look at the latest NPD.


1.) The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
2.) Mortal Kombat X (PS4, Xbox One)
3.) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)
4.) Minecraft (360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)
5.) Splatoon (Wii U)
6.) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4, 360, Xbox One, PS3, PC)
7.) NBA 2K15 (360, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PC)
8.) FIFA 15 (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, Vita)
9.) MLB 15: The Show (PS4, PS3)
10.) Super Smash Bros. (3DS, Wii U)


“Look at that Splatoon! And it was out for only 3 days. Bomba? Hah!” A high profile first party game on a console with no competition from other games on it and it can’t even outsell Minecraft? I wouldn’t celebrate yet.

Summers tend to be slow periods in gaming. But note this line from The Verge:


New hardware sales generated $153.6 million in May, which is down 18 percent year over year from $186.4 million. Software looked even more sluggish as it was down 25 percent from $273.9 million to $204.7 million.

“The decline in May 2015 is attributed to poor comparisons to a strong release slate in May 2014, specifically the launches of Mario Kart 8 and Watch Dogs,” NPD analyst Liam Callahan said. “Collectively, May 2015 launches sold 55 percent less dollars than May 2014 launches, however, catalog games outside of the launch month sold 3 percent more dollar volume compared to catalog games in May 2014.”

Put simply, Callahan is saying new games made less money but old games made more in May 2015 in comparison to May 2014.

Callahan is just trying to polish a turd. The sales are not healthy. Where are all the analysts heralding the victory of the PS4? Forget Carmen Santiago. Where in the world is Michael Pachter? Isn’t the gaming universe now in its correct order with the PS4 tops, then Xbox 1, and then Nintendo at the bottom? Why are they so quiet?

They are quiet because the news is bad and continues to be bad. The magic word here is profits. Game companies are not making more profit aside from a few.

Do you know why Witcher III sold so well? Anecdotal, but there is a kid I know who bought Witcher III along with a PS4. Now, why did he do such a thing? “He wanted Witcher 3 but had to buy a PS4 to get it.” That’s not the story. Witcher III is available in other areas such as the PC. (It is GoG’s game, and I love GoG.)

He bought Witcher III because “it is a big game, and I don’t have any money to get anything else.” In other words, this hardcore gamer is poor and has no money. He buys Witcher III because the value of it is to pad out the time where he can’t afford games. He hopes to get many games time value out of that one game.

Anyway, will Minecraft ever leave the top ten? That game is doing phenomenal numbers. While people believe Wii Sports didn’t exist and has never existed, Minecraft also proves that better graphics do not make the better game.

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Will Nintendo put up its music or Crunk Rock for its event?

So you’re watching Nintendo E3….

…you are a Nintendo fan (because, honestly, who else would anyone want to watch this live?)…

…and during the waiting, you hear Crunk Rock music.


Nintendo has many, many games in its stable. But Nintendo also has many, many soundtracks in its stable as well. Why not put those soundtracks on?

Nintendo might have caught on to this since their channel turned into a Super Mario World credits channel for a while. Who knows…

Nintendo has some amazing songs it can play instead of Crunk Rock junk that their marketing company, they hire to do E3 events, uses.

They could play…

Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime.

Brinstar from Super Metroid.

Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2.

Battle Rock from Super Mario Galaxy.

Final Palace from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.

Credits from Zelda: Link to the Past.


The point is that I have not even scratched the surface. Nintendo game music is what we want to hear instead of Crunk Rock junk. If Nintendo wants gamers to get excited, play its own music. The Nintendo gamer will not hear ‘video game music’. The Nintendo gamer will only hear a symphony of childhood wonder and delights.

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Nintendo World Championship 2015

What did you guys think?

I did watch the event. Since I do not own a Wii U or 3DS, the games there weren’t as interesting to me. Splatoon was OK as a non-player to watch. The Indigo ball game was dull for me to watch. The problem with putting new games up is that everyone is bad at them which makes it no fun to watch. New games for these events only work if the mechanics are known hence can have fun and interesting games. Watching noobs is no fun. I was happy when the Indigo game was over. Mario Kart 8 was… ugh. With the random power-ups, it is why I stopped playing Mario Kart. You just master cornering and then you are at the mercy of the items. Yawn.

What I enjoyed were the Underground games. Can you imagine how Malstrom was during these events?

*They play Legend of Zelda*

*Malstrom is yelling at the TV. “WHY AREN’T  YOU GUYS PLAYING AONUMA ZELDA? I thought Zelda was about STORY and PUZZLES. Where are all the puzzles? Where is the story? And look, their gameplay revolves around the sword. I thought Aonuma did not like that? Where was Aonuma? Why aren’t they playing the Aonuma Zelda?”*

The question answers itself.

Then they switch games.

*They play Super Metroid*

Super Metroid’s ending really shows the weakness of the game. You just drop to low health and then get the ‘story sequence’ of the Baby Metroid. Then you are overpowered and kill Mother Brain. The escape out isn’t that hard. It’s just blah. I still can’t believe people died during it.

And yet, I was yelling at the TV…


Although, I think a play of Metroid Prime would be most fascinating. But why not play Other M? That is what Sakamoto called the ‘successor to Super Metroid’.

Again, the question answers itself.

The third underground game they played was Balloon Fight, a game that Bill Trinen thinks is *so awesome*. But Balloon Fight was never awesome and is just a big Joust Rip-Off. However, since it is an 80s game on the NES, it, by default, makes it awesome by using such gameplay of that time period.

And I couldn’t believe how terrible the players were. Really? Balloon Fight is not that hard. I remember five year olds mastering it back in the day.

Aside from the Tree House constantly having orgasms over Balloon Fight, I found it much more interesting to watch than the other games.

Smash 4 was boring to watch. I’m not a huge Smash player. I own a couple of Smash games. But… ugh.

I did really enjoy seeing Reggie get his ass kicked and name taken. Of course, Reggie plays as the newest DLC character to further ‘market that’. I do remember Reggie making those comments a year ago. But even I could play better than how Reggie did. I think it was all because our President of Nintendo was too busy playing the ‘new character’. Reggie didn’t lose because Reggie’s game is marketing. He was marketing the new character so it is ‘win/win’ for him.

Aside from the Underground games, which told me how terrible today’s gamers are (I blame public schools for their lack of cohesive gameplay skills) and that they were playing these games on the Virtual Console (why not on the original hardware? Oh yeah, marketing. Got to sell those VC versions. I loved how they kept getting stuck in the Wii U menu), I was ready to call this Championship thing a dud. I mean… who cares? So what?

But then they did Mario Maker.

And that hit my heart.

It marketed Mario Maker very well, but it also reminded me how much FUN it was to WATCH other people play 2d Mario. I thoroughly enjoyed Mario Makers sessions a great deal, more so than I can think of watching any other game. I was confused on the first stage until Numbers jumped from platform to platform opening it all up. “Wow!” I said.

The idea of having new Super Mario Brothers 1, 3, and World levels is very much a delicious thought.

The NSMB segment looked witty too, however it revealed how dumb the wall jumping is that the other player couldn’t even get past the very first part. Wall jumping was dumb in Super Metroid. It’s dumb in NSMB. It’s just not that fun.

The Mario Maker levels were a ton of fun to watch. I would love to watch more. It also makes me want to buy a Wii U for it (but alas, my funds are needed elseware). I’ll definitely be tuning in to Youtube or Twitch to see what people do.

I thought the event was meh but Mario Maker was an absolute blast and made me enjoy the entire event. Mario Maker made it satisfying. The end screen being Super Mario World’s pic and theme was also satisfying. It was a good spectacle.

I just wish all the events were on a disc so we could get another Golden World Championship Cartridge or ‘game’ that can be eBayed for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s like Nintendo did no actual game work for the event aside from Mario Maker. Next time…. do some actual game work. I don’t want to hear about ‘wizards in the back’ to tell us the numbers. You are game makers. Make a display that actually shows us the winner when it is done. A customized game should be made to crunch the numbers automatically. It shouldn’t be that hard. Then, after the even, the customized game can be given to the contestants and they can sell it off as a huge collector’s item. Without that collector’s item ‘event game’, there is nothing tangible to keep this event alive in memories.

Above: Reggie, you’re doing it wrong. Where is the Golden cartridge/disc/game???????

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