Hello Malstrom,

First, take a look at this story:https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-04/nintendo-s-dramatic-drop-leaves-investors-scrambling-for-reasons

It talks about how weak momentum for the Switch and about the online service being so crummy are causing investors to sell of their stock.

I know E3 is just around the corner but I’m wondering if we can still expect the big bull phase that you predicted around a year ago. I know ports won’t do it for the Switch but considering some of the rumors that are flying around I’m becoming sceptical if Nintendo has the right software lined up to create such an effect in the first place.

I will say that 2019 seems to be shaping up much more nicely from what little announcements we’ve gotten.

That story is more due to rumors that Nintendo has axed the ‘Quality of Life’ product.

We have to see E3’s offerings.

First half of 2018 has been disastrous for the Switch. The good economy is masking it. Wii U ports are not going to excite people. The online is terrible so far. The new Mario Tennis Aces game, from my perspective, is absolutely terrible. Thank goodness Octopath Traveler is coming out soon as well as physical copies of Sonic Mania and Steamworld Dig 2.

I’m a little too tired at the moment to talk about Nintendo business, but I will do so shortly.


But *only* meat? Come on. Not only does that approach fly in the face of decades, if not centuries of nutritional science (google “Mayo Clinic fiber” to see what they have to say), more importantly, it contradicts our own dietary history. Or do you think the Greatest Generation didn’t consume vegetables and grains regularly? I’m talking about the WW2 generation, who were born decades earlier than those happy, healthy, no doubt meat-loving 1960s couples whose picture you posted as proof that America has gotten fatter. America has indeed gotten fatter, but do you really think that it’s because the vegetable oil and soy that we eat and not because we’ve become addicted to sugar?

Think about the diets of people who lived during the Depression, what they must have eaten. If steak is expensive for low income families now, how much more could it have been then? They would have eaten rice, green beans, field peas—relatively cheap stuff, easy to buy and grow—and supplemented that with meat however they could. Now think of the children who grew up on that kind of limited diet, what they would eaten as adults in the 40s and 50s. We don’t have to speculate; there are plenty of photos of domestic scenes from back then which give us a clue. They had peas with their chicken, mashed and fried potatoes with their steak. No “zero carb” nonsense, they ATE and they ate GOOD. I have a grandmother who was born in 1918 and is still alive and well today who is proof that it’s hard work, a balanced diet with sensible portions, and a lack of this constant sugar intake that plagues most of America today that leads to a long, healthy life, not forgoing vegetables, bread, milk, etc.

Clearly there’s something in the carnivore diet that’s working for people, but I suspect it’s because they’re laying off carbs completely that they feel better. I can believe this because I myself went on a low carb, no sugar diet—except I excluded meat and only ate fruits (natural sugar) and vegetables (generally low or no carb). After two weeks of that I had more energy than I knew what to do with and felt better than I ever had in my life. So I know it works, but I don’t believe excluding half the food pyramid is what made diet work for me, it was that I eliminated sugar.

So that said, if the carnivore diet gets results for you, more power to you, Malstrom. But if steak and bacon are what you want and not steak covered in sautéed mushrooms and onions, or bacon served with an omelette filled with diced peppers, tomatoes, and cheese, I think you’re missing out.

The point of the Carnivore Diet post was, of course, to say something interesting. I don’t think many people have heard of it. I also thought it was very interesting that Mikhaila Peterson was the one who cured Jordan Peterson via the diet instead of the other way around.

Showing pictures of half a century ago wasn’t to say that this was peak Human, it was only a point to show how much worse things have gotten. (We do not have photographs of centuries ago, alas, alas!) It is also not to suggest that there was some lost golden age of nutrition out there. We do know that IQs have gone up largely in part because of nutrition (or, perhaps, lack of starvation).

There is too much dogma today. What I find so interesting about some of these people is that their dietary conclusions were not based off of a dogma (which for most people it is despite what they say), but it was due to their health. They either do something or die. They do not care what people think, and they do not give a damn if their diet is ‘politically incorrect’ (how can FOOD be political???). It is astonishing.

I consider the sick to be the blessed in that sense. They were at a stage where they did not have the luxury of dogma or politics or religion or whatever else to tell them what they should or should not eat. They were on the edge of the abyss.

Clearly, Humans are omnivores that eat both animal and plants. But it is more likely that the plants were eaten when the animal couldn’t be caught or was not around. The turkey is the star, not the stuffing. Meat was the goal.

You begin to lose the taste of plants after a while on a carnivorous diet. Putting steak in mushrooms and onions sounds, to me, like putting steak in poison. I do not season my meat anymore because I can now better taste the meat.

The only plant thing I consume now is coffee which probably won’t be lasting too much longer. I keep looking at the cup thinking, “Why am I drinking this shit?” I don’t need to drink a plant to make myself alert and concentrating when the meat already did the job. Can’t wait to get rid of the coffee maker.

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The Carnivore Diet

Mirror, mirror, on the blog…

Tell me… how did we become such hogs?

There have always been fat people… but they were always in a small number. Even those age 30-40 can remember their childhood of very few ‘fat kids’ in school.

But if you look back at photos of the past, you have to ask yourself: “Where did the fat people go? There are no fat people!” You might say, “They were smoking,” or “they were not watching as much TV,” and these would be true. But yet, the photos pop the quality of life we are missing.

Unfortunately, everyone today is ‘obese’. Woe is us, delightful reader! Woe! Woe! Woe!

Our burning eyes! But it is true that there is obesity epidemic which, of course, creates all other sorts of health issues.



Now, you may think this is an obesity post. It is not! I believe we have discovered the solution to much of the obesity epidemic… and the knowledge will transform our society and how we view the Human more than the computer and the Internet combined.

You are skeptical. Consider the below picture:

This woman is 44 (!). Her name is Charlene Anderson. How does a white American women still pull off wearing a bikini at the age of 44? Does she go to the gym? Not at all! The answer is in the link.

Consider this woman.


Her site: Zero Carb Life is a fascinating read.

Above: She went from being fat to now doing kickboxing.

*Editor Interrupts Blog Post*

“Malstrom, don’t you think you should add before and after photos of men?”

I could do that. But do you think many people want to see half naked men on this site or half naked women?

“Ahh… I see. Good decision. Proceed.”

*Editor removes itself from Blog Post*

Consider the dog and the human. While the dog eats water and food formulated for the dog, the human eats coffee and donuts. If you give donuts and other junk food to a dog, what happens? The dog starts farting, poops something weird, and is not a happy dog. Can the dog survive off junk food? Sure. But what quality of life is that for the dog?

So the question is why is the Human eating what the Human does?

“I do not understand where any of this is going,” cries the reader.

I have been body building for over a decade. The most important element of weight training is not the gym, or even the sleep/rest, it is the diet. You cannot build muscles through potato chips and candy.

“That cannot be denied,” the reader sniffs.

It is clear that diet is the NUMBER ONE element to changing your body. However, even I underestimated just how big the diet is.

The term ‘calorie’ was invented by burning food. The longer the food burns, the more ‘calories’ it has. But the Human is not a toaster oven. We are machines. We are genes. Our body not only chemically absorbs food, the food activates genes.

In other words, the ‘fat, obese, always tired’ dog is not so much ‘unhealthy’ as he is that his genes turned him that way. True! But those genes that create a ‘fat, obese, always tired’ dog got activated by such a diet. In other words, if you feed the dog the food we know activates the dog genes, we end up with a dog. “And what if we don’t give the dog any food?” Then you end up with no dog.

In the stories above with the links, you had extremely sick women who were trying to not be sick anymore. They experimented with their diet forever. Eventually, they found foods that made their new selves. They discovered that their genes activated the way they wanted by using red meat… and only red meat. And by red meat, we mean with all the animal fats. Charlene Anderson, pictured above, only has had ribeyes and water for twenty years now.

Everyone knows what sugar does to the body, and why it is bad. Everyone knows alcohol is bad. But that doesn’t explain the obesity epidemic.

There are two stacking problems. The first is processed foods. Take any container in a grocery store and look in the back. We’re not talking about the corn syrup here, we’re going beyond it. What is with all this soy? What is with all this vegetable oil?

It is body building literature that devouring unprocessed meat (steak, hamburgers, pork chop) is consumed by the body and builds muscle better than processed meat (deli meats, canned shit). So shouldn’t that be true with both carbs (vegetables) and fats (butter, oils)?

“I eat all my green vegetables,” says the reader in a snotty voice. I am sure you do, reader, and I am sure you think you are superior to everyone else. But is fiber being oversold?

Fiber doesn’t help us poop. Instead, it does the opposite. We cannot digest fiber. It rips our intestines, makes bloody anal fissures, and forms bloating. Depending on your genes, some people can tolerate it better than others. What does make us poop better, however, are fats. In the developed world, we are consuming way too little animal fats. Meat also is more consumed by the body meaning you do not have to poop as much as if you just ate fiber.

The standard American diet is plant based.  This should shock everyone since everyone is fat and getting diabetes. Around 85% of the American diet is based off of processed vegetable oils (more or less, just check the ingredients of your food to see it). Since I work in the process industry, I see how this shit gets made.

Many people have discovered the Ketogenic diet. It works, in large part, because it is a proxy for getting people off processed foods. But some people go further and then eliminate the vegetables. They discover great health effects. They then discover they are eating a full carnivore diet.

Above: Jillian Chacon shows off herself as proof to not eat the carbs.

I do not believe Jorge Peterson will be the Peterson people remember century from now. I’ve been wondering what is animating Dr. Peterson. For the longest, I thought it was the Political Science degree he first got before he went into psychology. What he says in his speeches isn’t anything really new. But he is passionate about self-improvement. Why? Well, he suffered from severe depression. So do many other people. There is something else going on. Then I discovered it: his daughter.

  Mikhaila Peterson

Like the other links I showed above, Mikhaila Peterson suffers from many diseases and sicknesses. She asked, “What do I have to do to get well?” She experimented and discovered her ‘cure’ was in her diet. She has a website about it, as well as testimonials from others, called “Don’t Eat That”.

Above: Dr. Ken Berry, who does videos on Ketogenic Diet, makes, in a video not a month old, the case for the Carnivore Diet.

What is so fascinating to me is the politics of all this. “What is political about food, Malstrom?” I keep asking myself this. The Vegans are going after these carnivores, such as Shawn Baker, with a vengeance that only matches liberals going after Trump (or conservatives going after Obama). However, it isn’t the ‘holier than thou’ vegans that intrigue me.

Let us, assume for the moment, the carnivore diet sticks. Let us assume, for a moment, that people do not go back to processed food or carbs. Let us also assume that they do not become obese and, therefore, have less health related problems. Who would be against this?

Four MASSIVE industries face being completely destroyed by this.

The first is the Agricultural Industry. The reason why the Food Pyramid has wheat and grains as the base on it is because America has a ton of cropland to use.This is an extremely powerful industry. It is how they got sugar into everything. They stand to lose HUGE if carnivores became mainstream.

The second is the Food industry. The cheap food they make is mostly science experiments of vegetable oils. The reason for the soy is that soy gives matter where they can add taste to it later in some form. Read the labels and look at the ingredients. Going carnivore means you are filled more and do not need to keep snacking and grazing on all this weird food.

The third is the Fitness Industry. The way how the Food and Agricultural Industries escaped blame for the Obesity Epidemic is by blaming.. YOU. You see, it is YOUR FAULT that you are fat and disgusting. Why, they had nothing to do with it! You need to exercise more. So the gyms and sidewalks are filled with fat people chugging along. Since our bodies are not toaster ovens, you cannot ‘burn’ off your fat without changing your diet. And heaven forbid all those supplements and shit the Fitness Industry keeps selling you for fat bucks. On a pure carnivore diet, you do not need to go to the gym as much… if at all.

The fourth is the Health Industry. Some people say health care needs to be subsidized because it is too expensive. You know what would be better? If people didn’t get sick at all. Certainly changing the diet wouldn’t solve all health problems, however, eliminating the obesity epidemic would. The Health Industry has no true interest in eliminating such an epidemic because they would not get money. It is like saying, “Are Dentists really against sugar?” If everyone’s teeth was wonderful, we wouldn’t need dentists. I am FOR the health industry going near extinct because I am FOR people not getting sick in the first place. Eliminating obesity would do WONDERS for this.

I am trying to imagine the fallout if carnivore went mainstream. It would be fantastic to watch.

President of Australian Medical Association want Netflix to remove Keto friendly film “Magic Pill”

It’s already beginning. Apparently, Netflix having videos about UFOs being real or government conspiracies is fine, but having videos about how your standard diet is wrong? Horrors!

Now, nowhere do I believe altering your diet will solve cancers and give you magical cures. However, the diet is the best and cheapest way to change your body and increase the quality of your health. I think people should start with eliminations and see how the change effects you. Start by removing the sugar. Then bread. Then processed vegetables. And then processed everything (such as fats). Then get rid of the vegetables. Viola, you are on a carnivore diet.

And this is why Mikhaila Peterson will become more famous than her father:

“It’s like I woke up. It was disturbing, realising I could have prevented all my horrible diseases with diet,” Mikhaila says. She credits her father with giving her the resilience needed to survive. In his book and public talks, he speaks philosophically of the common “burden of suffering” and taking responsibility for one’s life.

He taught her to accept the burden, take responsibility and not see herself as a victim.

Jordan no longer has digestive issues, mild psoriasis, mouth ulcers, fatigue, depression or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Both father and daughter are off all medication.

Despite this, many health experts still believe the pair are doing themselves more harm than good.

hahahahahaha. “Experts believe the pair are doing themselves more harm than good.” I can see how people a century from now will be reading this… and laughing their asses off.

The Association for Dietetics in SA leadership is critical of LCHF and carnivorous diets. On its website, the association says “especially in the extreme form”, LCHF diets “do not align” with SA’s official dietary guidelines for high-carb, low-fat diets.

Oh noes! If someone said, “To hell with it all…” and just ate sugar, drank, and smoke, that would be very extreme. But meat was always part of the ‘official healthy diet’. Why are they panicking? It isn’t about the meat; it is about what they ARE NOT eating such as all the vegetables. In other words, children were right. Their instincts say, “I hate these vegetables” was right on the money.

The association also says because LCHF diet are costly, most South Africans can’t afford them and this will “worsen food security, especially in resource-scarce settings”. It claims LCHF diets “pose a significant threat to environmental sustainability”.

Since many parts of the world cannot afford such meats or able to produce them, this ‘revolution’ could spark world wide riots and unrest. No wonder they are scared.

Teicholz presents a 1928 experiment that Icelandic explorer and ethnologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson and a fellow explorer conducted. They locked themselves up in a hospital for 12 months, subjected themselves to a carefully monitored laboratory environment and ate nothing but meat.

Much of what we are discovering with the carnivore and ketogenic diets are not new but nearly a century old!

Before I leave to eat another ribeye, let me say: To hell with these industries profiting off of sickness of bad diets. To hell with these industries profiting off of false ‘cures’ for sickness of bad diets. The only cure for the bad diet is a different diet. With everyone being obese and sick today, why should we listen to any ‘authority figure’ today? They are the reason why we are all sick.

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Email: Gameboy games

Hey Master Malstrom,

I just got a cheap Gameboy Color and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for games to pick up. I already have Link’s Awakening and Pokemon and I’ll be on the lookout for obvious heavy hitters like Tetris, but do you have any recommendations for forgotten games we should be on the lookout for or overhyped games we should be avoiding? Your recommendations for console games haven’t steered us wrong yet, so I figured I ought to touch base before I go hunting!

Gameboy games are cheap because portable games aren’t really in high demand by collectors.

You already can download a list of the ‘best games’ and many of those will be Nintendo games. However, you asked me for MY list. Let me think, I haven’t really messed with the Gameboy sphere for a long time. I also never truly explored the Gameboy library. That said, here were the games I remember playing most aside from Tetris.

Metroid 2: Return of Samus. (The last, real, Metroid game before Sakamoto started crapping things up.)

Dr. Mario. (It works well enough on Gameboy, and it is a good complement to Tetris.)

Ducktales (Perfect NES port, probably even better. Phenomenal game.)

Mega Man IV (Never re-released that I know of. One of the best Mega Man games ever made.)

Mega Man V (Probably the best Mega Man game ever made.)

Final Fantasy Adventure (Gameboy Secret of Mana. Plays similar to Zelda.)

Motocross Maniacs (I bet you didn’t see this coming!)

Yar’s Revenge (It’s the best Atari 2600 game ever. Fantastic port. Get this one!)

Kwirk (Good for the Gameboy.)

Joust/Defender (Very awesome ports of both. Very fun. Works great for Gameboy Color.)

Qix (My favorite Gameboy game. Perhaps the best version of Qix ever made!)

There’s more, of course, but that is all I can think at the moment.

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Email: The Wind Wakerization of Thundercats

LOL, have you seen this yet Malstrom?

A hipster cuck with a ridiculous man bun atop his idiot head named “Victor Courtright” but appropriately renamed “Manbun Mcdipshit” by TJ Kirk (TheAmazingAtheist) is behind the latest hideous chibi art style abomination to rape all of our childhoods all over again (as if Aonuma and George Lucas haven’t already done this enough already).

At 3:36 in the video Mcdipshit appears and at 3:46 he is given his new moniker for all time.

TJ’s entire video on this is a great breakdown of how he himself and the internet has reacted to this atrocity, which is pretty well inline with everyone’s original reaction to Wind Waker ie disdain and open hostility (which of course is no surprise to any well read Malstromite).

When will these entertainment hacks and hipster turds ever learn that chibi goes over in the west about as well as the proverbial lead balloon?

It’s because they don’t have the talent. Hell, he even has a male bun.

Wait a moment, reader, I am going to ‘remaster’ Shakespeare. Ahem…

“To be or not to be…”

-shall now be-

“Of this to come or is this not to come…”

OH, I AM SO BRILLIANT, READER! I am waiting for your applause. Reader? Hello?

I think everyone wants money but wants to remain lazy. What is so tragic is that the makers of these classics weren’t lazy and did not get that much money.

First off I never played the original version of this game on the Sega Master System, so there is no nostalgia bias. This game has no BS. There is zero text to read aside from the shopkeeper’s menus. All the lore is in the delightful manual that is included with the physical release(thank you Nicalis!). The music is excellent. The graphics are beautifully hand drawn but most of all the game is just fun and
addictive to play. It wasn’t too hard, but had a perfect challenge level I thought, similar to Zelda 2’s combat(I played on hard difficulty). I looked forward to exploring each new area. There are plenty of secrets to discover to power up your character. I looked forward to playing it
every day I got home from work. I can also see this being a game I replay a couple more times per year. It was a real joy. THIS IS HOW NINTENDO SHOULD DO REMAKES. Imagine Zelda 2 or Metroid getting this treatment? OMG. I would gladly pay 60 bucks for that.

Stop the tape!

I actually would pay 60 bucks for that too. But the purpose of the old games, from Nintendo’s eyes, is to put out new platforms such as their already crappy online service.

Editor, resume the tape…

Some games I’ve sold are…

Tiny Barbarian – Frustrating and annoying, ugly graphics.

Has Been Heroes – Fun at first, but got boring quick. Thought I would love this since I really like Binding of Isaac, but it just didn’t have the magic that Isaac does.

Axiom Verge – Same effect as Has Been Heroes, though obviously a totally different kind of game. I felt it was more like Super Metroid than original Metroid which I didn’t like so much. The bosses seemed very easy. After four hours or so I was so fucking bored. I had no desire to explore the world further. I cannot say exactly why. I am also getting
tired of these shitty pixel graphics, though I think Axiom Verge is the best you can do with this art style. I think Wonder Boy graphics spoiled
me now.

Doom – Everything about this is great, but I just hate the controls. I even tried using the more recently added gyro aiming, but it still feels
horrible to me. A real shame because I was so excited to have Doom on cart. I think I’m only gonna buy shooters on PC from now on.

You were right when you said buying digital you are bound to have games you regret just stinking up your collection. I sell my games on Ebay,
and have gotten most of the money back each time. It’s kind of like renting games like we did back in the day. My collection is constantly
growing while also being trimmed and maybe that sounds silly to some, but I really only want good games.

P.S. One game I would check into that you might enjoy is Darkest Dungeon. It got a physical release. I do not have the Switch version because I already bought it on PC from GoG.com, but it was very
addicting and very challenging. I love turn based combat when done well like this game did. And the preparations you have to do before the dungeon runs are just as important as the run itself. Really scratched that dungeon crawl itch.

I’ll take a look at Darkest Dungeon RIGHT NOW.

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Email: Switch is a port machine


Did you see the game lineup for switch? The port of the ground breaking go vacation! Remeber, for the wii? Thats right. Switch is getting a port of a wii game and it costs $50! Hahah wtf how arrogant and it costed $40 on the wii. I knew this would happen. Switch is just gonna be a port machine. And dont forget the expensive cardboard. It is obvious switch
is like a wii 2.0. And in many ways switch has a more desperate first party line up than Microsoft.

This is why the Switch isn’t performing as well as it should in the market. Someone asked me, “Why is Mario Odyssey selling so well? It sells better than Zelda BoW.” The answer to that is that Mario has ALWAYS sold better than Zelda. But this Mario Odyssey is the only AAA First Party Nintendo game designed for the Switch. Fire Emblem Warriors? 3DS port. Hyrule Warriors? 3DS and Wii U Port. Kirby and Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Not AAA First Party. Splatoon 2? Meh.

Nintendo also is very obstinate about online quality. Nintendo can make great single player and local multiplayer games, but there are no great online multiplayer games. Splatoon 2 is NOT a great online multiplayer game. You cannot have greatness online if you are using a phone app. But the reason why Nintendo is doing it is because they are ridiculously cheap.

You know what Nintendo’s online strategy should be? Freedom. Maybe have a centralized server for most like Splatoon 2, but allow us to make our own connections outside of Nintendo’s networks. Allow us to bring in third party servers. Nintendo’s job is to make the game. I can make my own server. I don’t need Nintendo to make the server.

You know what would be brilliant? If Nintendo allowed a version of Discord onto the Switch. Just use that in the background.

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Email: Axiom Verge

I don’t have time for a big review; however, I keep seeing reviewers on here state that Axiom Verge is not a good game. I have no idea what they are talking about. It isn’t perfect, but It is a very good game. The music is excellent. The weapon choices and power-ups are excellent and imaginative. It is definitely the closest thing to Metroid since Super. I would say it feels much more like the NES Metroid than Super, which I consider to be rather different types of games.


There it is.

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Splatoon 2 is legit

Image result for splatoon 2

I have been playing Splatoon 2. The game is very fun and addictive.

First, the single player sucks. It is not that fun. Lame. So if you buy the game for the single player, well, don’t. Single player is little more than a tutorial for multiplayer.

The game plays like a MOBA. You have 4 vs 4, with each person having different weapons and abilities. Yeah, MOBA. When you lose, you just blame your teammates, and when you win, it was, of course, your daring skills that won the day. It definitely hits that MOBA joy vein.

Of course, Splatoon 2 is not a MOBA. The game is very action packed. There is enough strategy to keep it interesting. Your decisions revolve around how do you go around the map? Should you run or assault the enemy? You have super powerups.

Win or lose, you gain ‘experience’ where you level up. This unlocks new weapons and accessories. The accessories actually do add some gameplay tweaks. A certain hat may allow you to swim faster as a squid, for example. Additional ability will be randomly unlocked as your ‘hat’ gains experience. Yes, your clothes gain experience!!!

Splatoon 2 though is all about the weapons. They substantially change how you play the game. I really do enjoy the paint roller. I just run around, like crazy old man I am, painting the level like a Zoombani at the ice ring. You are in my way? You die. Too bad! I like going behind the enemy to paint their shit. One thing I have noticed is that people get sloppy and rush to the center too fast. They do not paint the far side of their bases thoroughly. I’ve won games based on that alone because the enemy barely touched their side, while I would make sure everything is splatted.

Single player games are great, but I wanted some online action (and I am tired of Mario Kart with their unfair fucking weapons).

So yes, I do recommend Splatoon 2 for anyone on the fence. However, I do not recommend it for arranged teams. The game is perfect if you are alone and want to do online multiplayer. It’s a game you keep coming back.

Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 28, 2018

Email: Bloodstained curse of the moon is the game for you

Hey Malstrom,

If you loved castlevania 3 then bloodstained curse of the moon is amazing! You can get it on switch for 10 bucks. I wish it had a physical release though because I would buy it in a heartbeat. Playforming bliss

Anonymous fan

It looks awesome. Since it is digital, I will wait for the moment.



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