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Email: Automation

Master Malstrom,

From your latest blog post I’m very confident you’ve already seen this video, but in case you haven’t then you definitely should:


I had not seen it. Nothing I can think of in it that I could disagree with except for not mentioning sex bots. Even prostitution will become automated!

Ahh, it is a brand new morning. Look at the markets! Screaming going about. It’s only going to intensify.

What gets me about investors is that they always have a probability ratio going for anything. “There is a 35% chance of this happening…” etc. But with the 2016 scenario, they do not give a probability because they are using 100%. I’ve never seen such confidence.

Now, thinking financially, this is the time to buy and time to be optimistic. Always do what the opposite of the crowd does!

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2016 is the Year

In all my financial books, most over a decade old, all point to one year being the flashpoint: 2016. 2016 was determined as the ‘year to get the hell out of dodge’ because of mathematical reasoning of various currency devaluations, pensions imploding, etc.

Here is the analogy to best summarize how 2016 will be in financial terms…

2008 was a single plane going down.

2016 will be a fleet of planes going down.

I anticipated this, and, for the past few years, have been quietly creating a little financial ark to ride out the upcoming tough times. Currently, I have no debt. NO DEBT. Since I don’t have a wife or kids, I do not have future debt (lol). Most of my eggs are placed in the automation basket. Did you know that labor is getting more expensive even in China? This means automation is here to stay.

I still don’t think people understand the nature of the Automation Revolution. They read their tech blogs and articles and *think* they know, but they do not know the scale or revolution that is to come.

It is bigger than the Computer Revolution.

It is bigger than the Internet Revolution.

The Automation Revolution will transform civilization on a scale you cannot imagine. This is not the *first* automation revolution. The first was centuries ago with what we call the Industrial Revolution. This, however, was an automation of muscle. What is to come is the automation of the brain.

Do you remember elementary math class? You said to the teacher, as we all did, “Why should I learn this if all I have to do is press a few buttons on the calculator? The calculator gets it right every single time.” The teacher would scold you and say how you needed to know it. Yet, everyone uses calculators. Even the fanciest, most genius of engineers use calculators. The calculator is an automation of the mind…. although a very primitive one. You do not have to memorize multiplication tables in order to multiply with the calculator.

Consider the chemist with his or her PHDs and Masters. Suddenly, a machine can do the same job they do. Chemists are very expensive. Machines and their maintenance are not. The only chemists that will be needed are those who can do things the machines cannot. Most often, this means thinking outside the box because machines cannot do that. In other words, chemists of the future have to be brilliant to be a chemist… and there will be much fewer of them.

Doctors, lawyers’ jobs are being automated even now. Teachers are being automated. Due to the financial crunch, every business on this Earth will say, “How do we save money and become more efficient?” The answer is automation. They will automate as much as possible.

What about video game makers? “They are CREATIVE, Malstrom,” sneers a reader. “They cannot be automated!” Au contraire, dear reader. Minecraft is a revolutionary game in so many ways, but one thing Minecraft did that should scare the shit out of game makers is the fact that Minecraft was made by one guy and also offered the most interactive and enormous open world ever created. How could ONE person make such a massive open world game? The answer was automation. The industry does not call it automation, but it is. They call it randomized content generation or some bullshit term like that. The point is that Minecraft generates its own unique worlds. No one had to DESIGN each world. Imagine this automation going into other aspects of game making. Why can’t art be automated? Or the sound? The music is getting close to being automated. Why not have balance changes be automated (a very possible near future scenario)?

Above: When Minecraft first came out, game developers told me they were amazed how such randomized terrain can look so natural. It is how one person can make such a massive game: Automation. But automation will continue in other parts of game development!

The mind will be automated and civilization will enter a transformation. Even sex will be automated. But this Automation Revolution, which will absorb the Computer and Internet Revolutions, like the spinning hurricane that absorbs other storms, will only come into full flower from the fertilized remains of the current system. China halted its trading yet another day. It is going down. Japan is going down. South America is going down. Europe is going down. They’re *all* going down.

If you want a future career, get on the good side of automation. Otherwise, expect diminishing job prospects and stagnant to declining wages.

Above: Computers and the Internet were seen as the savior to the individual. Now, they are seen as the demon that enables tyranny against the individual. The truth is that what is no longer needed is YOU. You are no longer needed. Why do you need a PHD in Chemistry when you can fix a machine that does the same job? Why do you need to learn multiplication tables in math if a calculator does the same job? Two questions? Just one repeated over again.

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Email: So I bought a Wii U for Christmas

Hi there!

It may not be interesting at all that I bought one, but why I did so might be. After reading your response to the crow eating email, I see you’re slowly getting into the same conclusions I’ve made sometime earlier.

After a reality check, NX isn’t going to be the Wii 2/NES 3 that I’d hope for. No, most likely it’s Gamecube 3/Wii U 2. The direction Nintendo’s taken is MORE pay to play – something that you might expect from Nintendo’s mobile strategy – and there already are a number of this kind of games on  DS (my kids have a 2DS) and new ones coming. Also the DLC there are in a number of games is just going go up. Soon the downloadable extra content is going to be mandatory and only “half” of the game is to be released on it’s release date and the rest as DLC. And, I really don’t think NX features free online play anymore. It could be as bad as to make NX the last Nintendo hardware ever.

I ended up buying Wii U because of it’s game’s quality in age ratings 3-12 and I paid 220€ for the premium model new, with Mario Kart 8. Bought Hyrule Warriors for 10€, Splatoon for 35€, Lego Batman 3 for 10€ and Lego Marvel for 10€. Not a bad deal. Close to 200€ is how the Wii U should’ve been priced to begin with.

Anyway, there’s pros and cons in the Wii U, and firstly: yes, you CAN control the menu with Wii Remote. For some odd reason, this is a feature  Nintendo has said nothing about. Wii Remotes are compatible, so all the Wii owners save money for not needing to buy new controllers for
multiplayer. The TV remote in the Wii U gamepad is one of it’s best features and easy to set up. Too bad it supports only the more common brands (in Japan), and it didn’t work with my Finnsat DVR. The battery life of the controller isn’t that good; one charge lasts only few hours.

Creating the “account”, or NNid, you have to have in order to use online features is stupid. You should need to connect online, type your online name and the system should give you your id number (like it did with Wii), instead of you needing to make the code yourself (only 6 numbers allowed, letters you can have up to 16) and needing to verify it by email. However, when you start the console, you select your user profile and this is all you have to do in order to access your personal save data and NNid. If you purchase something from the store, it’s accessible by everyone on the same console (at least all the stuff I’ve bought).

Frankly, Splatoon is one of the more interesting games on the system. Basically it’s a shooter that does everything right, sans the controls , and really had my attention after seeing it in VG chartz top ten software (all systems) one week in november, this is six months after the game’s initial release and I heard it’s the best-selling console game in Japan this gen. The music kicks ass (this is something I’d really give credit for), game is really fun to play and it’s rated for relatively young audience. It’s not forcing the crappy dual analog controls on you, however you can play it that way if that’s your
preference. What sucks, is that you can’t use Wii Remote and nunchuck combo to play the game (major setback), games like Metroid Prime 3 and Water Warfafe on Wii already had fabulous controls using the said combination, so why can’t I play Splatoon so if want to, it’s not like  it would be technically impossible. I’d say that anyone who want’s WR+nunchuck controls to Splatoon should post comments asking to do so in  the Nintendo’s social media channels; Twitter, Facebook, Miiverse and what others there are.

Mario Kart 8: this is where controls are where they should be, you can play it with any possible combination you choose to. It also implements off-TV play. The bikes are nerfed with no wheeling this time. The kite isn’t that bad in the end, but underwater driving and levitation are what’s bad in the game; the vehicles control differently when levitating or underwater. Online play’s biggest downside is, that there are only 3 tracks at a time you can choose to vote from. And the battle is worst yet, this time you’re driving the actual race tracks instead of specialised battle courses. Mario Kart Wii does basically everything better, and has better tracks, than MK8, sans the option to choose your vehicle freely in battle mode.
The online score system is really flawed. It seems that it has more to do with how MUCH you play than HOW you play. and when you start online, it takes ages before you face challenging opponents online. Obviously it was even worse earlier when Nintendo did some fixes, that caused an hardcore meltdown because all the hardcore started losing points for losing online (oh, the irony).

Hyrule Warriors is more oldschool Zelda than anything Aonuma ever made, so this is a good thing. It does feel a little non-Zelda, and the first thing that comes into mind when you play it, is that why in the hell this gameplay wasn’t in Skyward Sword. All you can hope is Zelda Wii U having hordes of enemies to kill (not holding my breath, though). Downside of the game is the motion controls that are really clumsy. This makes one think why the controls weren’t made to function like they did in Skyward Sword. It really does feel a little like a mess.

The Lego games are your typical kid-friendly Lego games with potty humour and everything even remotedly dangerous made as clowns.

Miiverse is Nintendo’s Twitter-knockoff with mostly kids drawing pics in it (my 6yo daughter likes to draw and post pics of her favourite franchises like SSB and AVGN). In the most popular communities, it’s impossible to keep up with the flow, as there are lots of posts coming all the time – the less popular ones, however, are pretty much dead. It’s, not-so-surprisingly, easy to run into into fanboys in Miiverse. If you post a comment criticising the genious of Nintendo developers, or their end products, you’re getting fiercely attacked by fanboys. Miiverse is also accessible via smart devices and computers.

What’s really great with the system is, that it’s backwards compatible with Wii. With the HDMI output you’ll get rid of the controller lag you had when you played on a HDTV and composite input, and not only that, but the Wii games (atleast the 1st party ones) look much better. You can even play Wii games off-TV with the gamepad as your only screen (it has the sensor bar). Wii U’s Virtual Console have some Wii games for fairly cheap price, and it actually has some games from every previous Nintendo system, except the original Gameboy and Gamecube (obviously GC games are released as HD-versions on a disc). In it’s Wii mode, Wii’s Virtual Console works as it did earlier. What’s bad is, that Wii games don’t have functional online anymore, even if you’d play them on Wii U. The downloadable AAA Wii U games are really expensive in the Wii U shop, as they have no resell value and you’ll be able to find the games cheaper on a store shelf; the shop’s pricing is 39,99/59,99, and most of  the game stores I’ve seen sell the games for 34,99/49,99. The shop has also a selection of sub 15/sub 10 indie games.

The number of games worth buying for Wii U are likely around ten to fifteen, with few more games coming. But the upside is, that it’s a large number of good quality actually family friendly (not kid-friendly) games all the family can enjoy (this is better than the competitors consoles combined). All the kids games are on all platforms anyway.

The verdict: If you find a Wii U for decent price, it’s definately worth buying. If you have a broken Wii, Wii U is a good replacement (or you want to get rid of the TV’s input lag in controls). Off-TV play is great feature, but not that great you’d pay extra 100 or 150 for it, as not every game supports it – in Wii mode this, however, is different.
Nintendo would really need to get back to Wii and NES; Wii U starts to look interesting three years after it’s release when you can find the console on sale and there are a number of games available. If you don’t mind games being downloadable only, the Splatoon+Mario Kart premium bundle for 299 might be worth the money.

It’s fascinating how Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors are interesting games when you remove the Nintendo old guard from the equation; Splatoon was made by younger Nintendo devs and Hyrule Warriors was outsourced. No Miyamoto, no Aonuma, no Sakamoto.

By the way, during the last year, I’ve noticed Smash Bros having one audience I’ve never thought of: pre-/primary-/elementary school girls! Girls from 5 to 12 seem to be crazy about Smash, so maybe putting Bayonetta into the game wasn’t such a bad idea at all (who cares about Barbie when you can be Bayonetta and kick Captain Falcon’s ass in that gay spandex suit).


I might get a Wii U too as it is going out the door. The backwards compatibility with Wii is awesome.

I did recently buy a Gamecube. I don’t know why. Perhaps it is because I am trying to get my hands on hardware before it becomes too expensive. N64 I am skipping totally. I can’t find any redeeming value in owning a N64. Golden Eye? Puh-lease. Give me Unreal Tournament 99 any day!


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Hey guys, you never would have guessed, but….


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Email: Pokemon Company Strategy


Some interesting things are appearing on the horizon for pokemon. Pokemon Go seems very well suited to Nintendo’s mobile strategy of marketing IP — the game by nature encourages people to go outside, and could result in people interacting at “pokemon spots”. I consider it fertile ground for a “social phenomenon”, especially so since as a f2p app the barrier to entry is literally the seconds it takes to download the app on your phone.

An interesting change of pace is Pokemon Go’s trailer — unlike every other pokemon commercial since the dawn of time, it shows young adults playing, a stark contrast to the 8 year olds most commonly associated with the brand. This could reflect a response to the sales performance of the 2 most recent main series releases (XY and ORAS), which have been reported to sell mostly among the college student age demographic (or, those that were in sub-10 age demographic when pokemon first released). Acknowledging the young adult age group could bring back some of the customers it’s lost (i anecdotally, know of people who still adore older pokemon games but aren’t quite interested enough in new ones), and could even work to undo the notion that pokemon is for children to the exclusion of adults. In the coming years, we could also start to see parents encouraging their children to play pokemon in great numbers.

Doubt I had earlier, that Pokemon Go’s trailer was influenced by Niantic, has been relieved by The Pokemon Company (TPC)’s announcements of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the virtual console. I thought the announcement of those games was odd (after all, a main series pokemon game comes every year or year and a half, and with it a host of quality of life improvements), but alongside announcements of re-releasing the original TCG pack, it seems that TPC plans on really doubling down on the nostalgia angle.

I tried to demonstrate above that TPC is trying to reinvigorate the brand. However, one thing that confuses me is the timing relative to their main series. Main series pokemon games have a pattern — Paired flagship titles such as Red and Blue or Gold and Silver herald the start of a new generation. Sometimes, a pair of remakes are released (such as ORAS in november 2014). And EVERY GENERATION, a tertiary version to the starting gen is released (Yellow to Red and Blue. Emerald to Ruby and Sapphire) Between being mentioned in the non-game arm of pokemon, some hidden data in the pokemon bank app for 3ds, and the aforementioned pattern of ending a generation with a tertiary version, the unannounced Pokemon Z is expected to appear very soon. What confuses me here is that if TPC was trying to kickstart a new generation of Pokemon Mania, it would make more sense to have a new Generation release in the midst of it all.


And that’s all the time we have for Pokemon news. Come back next year for more Pokemon news!

(Sorry, I still don’t get Pokemon. It seems if you didn’t get into it as a kid, you don’t get into it!)

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Too funny not to share

I can’t stop laughing at this photo. Have a happy New Year everyone.



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Email: Continuity

I think the key word in your immersion rant is Continuity. That right there is probably the biggest thing Nintendo has been lacking.

Since Super Mario World, the games basically just hit the reset button every time. This is mostly demonstrated in us going back to the mushoom kingdom every time a new game comes out.

While Zelda has a timeline, the games tend to not have much connecting each other inside of themselves. It can fall under similar criticism, then, for just going back to hyrule to save zelda again.

Pokemon Gold and Silver took place 3 years after Red and Blue, and showed the results of Red (you, the player). Since then, though, the games all take place at the same time in different areas. (apparently there’s some alternate reality they’re branching off into, further hurting continuity) Another criticism is that the games are getting MORE childish even though it doesn’t sell to a demographic so much as it sells in very high numbers to its original fans (who themselves were in that demographic when they first became fans). It’s one thing to play for gameplay and ignore the story, but the story has been becoming harder to tolerate, with 10 year old love interests shoved down your throat)
Star Fox Zero removes the characters introduced in Assault. When does this game take place? I wonder if this was influenced by Miyamoto.

Metroid had s certain level of continuity until Fusion. Now every Metroid takes place before it (the prime series is probably “an alternate timeline” or some such, making the matter worse)


This is a good point. The reason why continuity is outlawed in Nintendo games is because Nintendo developers believe nothing has the right to dampen their creativity. They are already pissed they have to make franchise games (because that is what people buy).

There is market evidence to suggest that continuity does sell games. The Ultima series spanned from the late 1970s to the the 1990s. Wing Commander 1, 2, 3, 4, and Prophecy (yech!) was continuity. Blizzard games follow continuity (quiet you Starcraft 2 critics!). You have Warcraft to Warcraft 2 to Warcraft 3 to World of Warcraft and its endless expansions. You have Diablo 1, 2, and 3. You have Starcraft 1 and 2. I’m scared Blizzard is abandoning the continuity model too which makes their games seem more and more worthless to me.

Now, I do not expect continuity in Super Mario Brothers, for example, but I do want to see further immersion into Mushroom Kingdom like we got from SMB 1 to SMB 3. This is why SMB 3 is so loved in great part. The worlds had MAPS (gamers LOVE maps!). Zelda used to be a continuation as well. Zelda 2 was to see what was next. Link to the Past was a prequel but so good. Metroid was a continuity.

I haven’t played Mass Effect, but I hear people played that series for its continuity. Halo certainly had its share of continuity.

I know Nintendo representative is reading this blog saying, “And how many millions of games have YOU sold, Master Malstrom?” Just because millions of games were sold doesn’t mean the person who made it knows why.

“But what about new audiences?”

This is the real reason why you do not see continuity. People want to sell to ‘new audiences’ and won’t they be scared by the continuity? The answer is no. The new audience will be curious about the continuity. The series is around for a while, therefore, it must be good somehow. They want to find out! If they like it, then they GO BACKWARDS and obtain the older games.

Book publishers love series for this very reason. When book 13 comes out, people read it and then go back to buy books 1-12 if they like it.

All that fuss about the Zelda timeline is about continuity. If Nintendo is so stupid not to realize the link between the timeline fuss and continuity, they deserve to go out of business.

Nintendo has a mantra that gameplay > fantasy. I don’t disagree with this. However, it should be gameplay > or = fantasy. Look, we know that graphics are a HUGE selling point in game consoles and games. What do graphics do? Graphics sell the fantasy. This is why fantasy books have those amazing cover art. Magic the Gathering has incredible art on the cards. If gameplay was all that mattered, why have this art?


above: Atari fans will acknowledge that the Atari game cartridge art was an integral ingredient to the experience.


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Email: Re: Financial Literacy

Master Malstrom-

My brother recently sent his son off to college. He attended a “parent’s orientation” event where the school dean told them not to question their child’s choice of major. These 18-year-old kids were now “adults” and he was informed it was important they learn on their own and make their own mistakes. He was told that as a parent his only role was to be supportive of his child no matter what. This is not the first time I have heard this story.

I find this very odd. We live in the age of helicopter parents where people hover over their kids obsessively, preventing them from ever skinning a knee or stubbing a toe. Yet somehow a parent is not supposed to give their child any guidance or wisdom in making serious life choices such as college? My nephew has consigned himself to 6-figure debt by age 22(!!!) and his dad is supposed to just stay out of it? What kind of nonsense is this?

The reality is if you don’t give children any guidance someone else will be happy to do it for you. College professors have no trouble brainwashing all kinds of nonsense and mythology into your kid’s head. Colleges also know the longer children stay enrolled the more money the school makes. Switching majors and studying subjects aimlessly is a good recipe for a decade-long cash-cow-student who keeps the government loan money rolling in.

Throughout our culture there is this idea that parents should not be ‘controlling’ or that they have no right to dictate anything to their kids. You see this in movies and TV all the time; a kid has an overbearing and controlling parent who is portrayed as detrimental to the child’s life. In the end the parent either learns to respect the ‘superior wisdom’ of the kid (HA!) or it ends in some kind of tragedy.

My job involves working with rich people, and what I see is that rich and successful people do not do this. They don’t let their kids study bad subjects or avoid getting a real job. They put their kids to work, getting valuable experience, and make sure they pick a commercially viable major. They don’t let their kids study slacker subjects, teach them how to handle money, and how to invest. They know if they let their kids ‘follow their heart’ they will end up as useless bums who will drain away the family wealth. The rich are not immune to culture, however. I see some of them really struggle with this. They are anxious about being too-controlling and forcing their kids to follow in their footsteps, or take over the family business.

Ultimately parents who refuse to criticize their children’s choices or give them any guidance are narcissists. They’d rather pat themselves on their back for being noble and non-controlling than give their children tools to succeed.


Right. They are children and need parental guidance. This can be both good and bad. The problem is that most parents are NOT financially educated. Many are academically educated. “Just take anything in school, and you will get a job.” Not all jobs are the same. It is more than just the money too.

What people do not realize is that there is a human need to be useful to society. If you do not have value to society, even if you are making money, your soul will scream. The reason for all the Social Justice Warriors is because they all chose crappy degrees which is why they became crappy people. You do not see plumbers or electricians rage at political rallies because they satisfied both in money and in emotion. The emotional value differs with men and women because (gasp!) men and women are different. Men who are outside doing hard work feel mentally good because they, at the very least, feel like a man. I have heard of female chemical engineers quitting their job to be a hair salonist because as a hair salonist, they get to be ‘girly’. A chemical engineer has to wear jumpsuits all the time and many women psychologically have that ‘need’ to be a woman. “OMG!” reader shouts at this blog. “Malstrom is sexist!” I’m just pointing out what I’m observing.

What you are describing, emailer, is how EVIL these colleges are (talking about US ones). The college degree is the most important financial investment someone will make. Actually, that is wrong. The choice of a spouse is the most important financial investment one will make.

Here is a note to those reading who have taken college degrees that… didn’t exactly pave out in the end. Do not be upset or enraged by reading any of the above. Do not beat yourself up. You are not alone. However, you absolutely must pin yourself down on the financial board of where you are. What marketable skills do you have? Most likely, you are ‘worthless’. This being ‘worthless’ will keep eating away at you. The solution is to do bite the bullet, go get a marketable skill, and do so NOW before it is too late. Once you get too old, no one will let you re-invent yourself.

Here is an easy tip to choosing a college major: if it is boring and hard, it probably has high value. If it is fun and/or easy, it probably has low value.

Alert! Alert! More important than ever is to consider the global competition for any position. If you get an engineering degree in the US, you have to compete with engineers from all over the world. However, you won’t be able to compete in those foreigners’ countries. Unfair, right? Yep. This also goes for computer science and any type of job where physical presence isn’t exactly needed.

What is the supply and demand for any type of job? You want to choose a job that has low supply and high demand (with increasing demand trend line). My recommendation is to be on the good side of automation.

Financial education isn’t really about making businesses or investing. It is about a new type of decision making based off of financial values. The financial values are very different from academic values (e.g. middle class values). The middle class is gone. You choose either to be rich or poor. Make your choice.

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Email: Financial literacy for kids

Greetings Master Malstrom,
As soon as I heard about this, I immediately thought of you:

It’s a children’s book series about financial literacy. The author is a businesswoman who says financial literacy is more important than ever (she even said your line about it being as important as knowing how to read and write!) and sees the need (and opportunity, haha) to help start people’s financial knowledge on the right foot at a young age.
I swear I’m not an advertiser or anything. I just thought this was something you’d like to hear about especially in the midst of all the disappointed Smash Bros reactions you must be getting.


This is awesome. People are SOOOO stupid about financial literacy, they have no idea what it means. Financial literacy does not mean balancing a checkbook or ‘spending smart like stuff on sale!’. Financial literacy means literacy about finance. What that means is being able to read financial statements, your financial statement, another business’s financial statement, how to deal with banks, investments, etc.

Sounds boring? It isn’t.

For simplifying it, there are three types of ‘literacy’.

Old School Common Sense type stuff like you would learn on a farm or other manual labor.

Academic education. This you get from universities.

Financial Education. This is not taught in universities, and it is probably unable to be transmitted in such a classroom setting. Academic education is about not being wrong. But in finance education, you are wrong constantly. But you want to be wrong SMALL and be right BIG.

Before the industrial revolution, only a few professions needed academic education such as lawyers or doctors. Farmers did not need academic education. This is why there is a ‘summer break’ that is a laggard part of the US school system still. Children would help on farms during the school break of the summer.

People think farming schools are stupid skills. I ask, “What is stupid? What is intelligent?” The academic is a dumbass on the farm. Academics cannot milk cows or bring home the harvest. But what people are forgetting today is that the family farm person is FAR MORE intelligent in financial literacy than your academically educated children of today. The family farm is a business. It has expenses, liabilities, assets (cows! moooo!), and all that. The academically educated is never make aware of this which keeps him or her enslaved to make someone else rich.

Academic education became more important during the industrial revolution. Even then, a college degree was rare because it wasn’t needed.

We are in a financial revolution. All currency is instruments of debt…. it is not backed by anything. Those who understand this can utilize this debt to buy assets and generate wealth. Everyone who doesn’t understand it will wonder why costs keep rising and why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Let me give you a real life example of the power of financial literacy in a real life example. It occurred yesterday at Christmas. The relative was giving his son a telescope so he could become an ‘astronomer’, and then pursue that field in college. The kid was 15. The kid just wants to play Xbox all day such as Skyrim. The kid has no idea what he wants to do really. Stars and planets just seems cool.

And the narrative says that one should follow one’s heart and passion for the career, right? One should follow one’s personality, right?


Financial literacy would make a financial analysis of such college degrees. Every college degree is a MASSIVE investment in not just money but time. You want the college degree to put more money in your pocket than you took out to get it, right? If it does not, it is a worthless degree. Majoring in Basket Weaving is not a good idea.

“But Malstrom, all degrees are equal! Just getting any degree is good!”


You get that basket weaving degree, and employers will think you are an idiot. You’d be better off NOT to get such a stupid degree.

But let us examine the degree further. You need to know…

-How much does this degree cost in time and money?

-When this degree is finished, what will the job market be?

-Is the job market growing? (you don’t want a degree in a shrinking market!)

-What is the probability of financial success with such a degree?

I know what you are thinking: “Malstrom, you are a heartless bastard! You are taking the emotion and joy out of this.” This is why people are so stupid. They emotionally bond to their degrees. You want to filter out the financially viable degrees from the financially invalid degrees. Only THEN do you choose ‘what you want to do’. For example, a choice between Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering is a decent choice. A choice between Nursing and Dolphins is not.

Not all degrees are the same. Many are trash. Analyzing them as an investment will weed out the trash so you can choose the valid degrees.

As for astronomy, if you ask astronomers, you will find that it is a very competitive profession with little to no growth. Doctorates are preferred. You do not even need a normal ‘degree’. Going for your masters in astronomy may cut it. However, we are talking a TON of schooling here already.

I told him astronomy is a bad choice. The kid’s father was very upset with me. “Any degree is good!” heh.

Astronomy does have some good qualities. You do much math and science with it. If the kid was deadset for it, he should do all that math and science classes first before taking the astronomy specific ones. This way, he doesn’t have to totally commit to it until years into college. All that math and science can be translated into another degree.

Did you know that astronomy is one of those fields being hit by automation? What is going on was that he liked the IDEA of an astronomer which is the lone guy in a telescope on some island peering at the night sky. I wonder if they still actually look at telescopes that way anymore. Maybe a machine does the same thing now.

“But Malstrom, you are an ass! Why are you ruining the fun?”

It is because the kid’s life is at stake. This is YOUR LIFE. Don’t you think you should spend a few hours researching this and asking tough questions?

The kid’s father is financially stupid. He thinks he is financially bright because he knows how to get ‘good deals’ on buying shit he doesn’t need. He bought those hoverboards for his kids, a new car for himself, even buying rare Amiibos. In a few years, his kid will be going to college yet he hasn’t even paid off his student loans… that were to a STATE COLLEGE!

The point is that financial literacy will SAVE your life in ways you cannot imagine. If the reader happens to be a young man and eyes a pretty lady, the young man should turn on his financial literacy mode which will say: “Gentleman! I know you lust for this fine lass, but my thinking is to check her credit rating. Also ask what her financial strategy is especially after marriage. Money is extremely important to the male/female union.” The reader might respond: “Villain! You are taking the romance out! Women do not look at men through a financial lens!” At this point, Reality makes an entrance and starts laughing its ass off at you. “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah.”

Financial literacy is not about money, it is about life. It is because money creates quality of life. Not in ALL ways. However, it DOES add quality to your life.

I think Financial Literacy should be learned and sought after by everyone. You will use money for the rest of your life. People learn garbage like Star Wars or Star Trek trivia, all the names of Pokemon, random historical facts that have nothing to do with today, and so on. You know why? It is because they are FUN. But financial literacy is not ‘fun’… which is why it is soooo potent! The stuff that is never ‘fun’ to learn is the most powerful. Math, for many people, is the least fun but is very powerful.

I think people even actively avoid financial literacy because it teaches them how much they don’t really know. People want to be ‘smart’. No one wants to feel stupid. Financial literacy will make you realize you are at a 1st grade level when other people are in high school or college in financial smarts. Instead of facing this ugly truth, people would rather think their ‘academic education’ makes them ‘smart’.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not get college degrees, yet they are not stupid. They both had tremendous financial smarts. Both of them could see the future.

The farmer is only stupid in the industrial age. But in this new age that is dawning on us, the new stupid is the academic.

Also Talks bout it having no waHH waHH music until Kondo wanted to make a game that relied on enemies moving to the music, to help players know the right time to hit an enemy or something?


Didn’t see that mentioned, but it was a very interesting video!

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