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Email: I loved the 2D Mario post

Keep pounding away at those deluded developers, not to mention the deluded management! Something managed to get through on Zelda (which I never expected), so you might as well continue to beat Nintendo over the head regarding Mario and Metroid.

By the way, here’s a small correction that you’ll appreciate. New Super Mario Bros. 2 has now outsold Super Mario 3D Land:

I still remember how Nintendo announced New Super Mario Bros. 2 during some sort of Japanese-only investor’s conference or something, and all they did was quickly show the logo to say that the game was coming. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s marketing machine went berserk with Super Mario 3D Land. Assholes!

Isn’t it amazing how Nintendo doesn’t care that other series keep going 2D (Yoshi, Kirby… probably because Nintendo hands those games off to other developers), yet the company is OBSESSED with 3D Mario.

Hey Nintendo, GROW THE FUCK UP. We prefer 2D Mario. Get it through your thick skulls.

It goes all the way back to the 16-bit generation. After Super Mario World, Nintendo fans were expecting an eventual Super Mario Brothers 5 for the SNES (as well as another Zelda game [perhaps a 16-bit Zelda II? Ooohhhh!], another Kid Icarus game, etc.). Instead of Super Mario Brothers 5, we got Donkey Kong Country and its sequels. Fine games, but they are not 2d Mario. In Nintendo’s defense, Sega’s marketing machine may have tainted Mario enough where they had to bring out Donkey Kong as Donkey Kong was still ‘fresh’.

Miyamoto has said they knew people wanted those 2d platformers so he said that the DKC games would satisfy those people instead of making another 2d Mario.

But yet we get no more 2d Mario until NSMB DS. And that game, as dreadful as it was, was a Super Mario Advance original game for the Gameboy Advance later moved to DS. When NSMB DS sold gazillions, selling hardware left and right, Nintendo forced Miyamoto to direct NSMB Wii. And NSMB Wii sold a gazillion and sold hardware left and right.

NSMB U was originally NSMB Mii.

Terrible! Nintendo tried to clean it up some. But the reason why NSMB Mii was the launch title was because Nintendo didn’t care if it was rushed. Super Mario 3d World would NOT be rushed. Iwata said Super Mario 3d World would alone save the Wii U. Hahaha.

At this link, there is a collection of the sick, sick obsession Nintendo has with 3d Mario.

Nintendo, when does this end? If game A, B, C, and D fail to convert 2d Mario fans, why should E, F, and G be any different? Why not just put all the resources into making 2d Mario? Why does Nintendo hate 2d Mario?

And what is with Mario Maker? Why not make a 3d Mario Maker? Or a Aonuma Zelda Maker? Nintendo will never do that because they want 2d Mario to die.

Why does Nintendo keep defying the market on this? What is so damn good about 3d Mario to warrant this obsession? 3d Mario is much more expensive, and 2d Mario is much cheaper to make. In a business sense, this is a slam dunk. So what else is causing Nintendo to do this?

My theory is that Nintendo doesn’t just make hardware for its time. Nintendo has long range plans for a game console that is about 3d virtual space. Each console is a step closer to that magic time. They are very frustrated that 3d Mario has not been accepted by the mainstream. Mario needs to be there at the dawn of the 3d Virtual Space console. I suspect this is what helps fuel their obsession for more (always more) 3d Mario.



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