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Nintendo discontinues NES Classic Mini, Malstrom declares victory

Here is the link.

If you were reading this page, none of this would be a surprise. Read a post I wrote about it called: “The purpose of the NES Mini,” where The-Grand-Master-Malstrom says:

The NES Mini’s mission may not be to ‘sell a ton of units’. After all, Nintendo is unlikely making much of a profit from the NES Mini. But what Nintendo is doing is strengthening the IPs of its games and of its most iconic console.

If NES Mini is needed to strengthen the IP stable, it shows just how terrible modern Mario and Zelda are (we already know modern Metroid is terrible. Thanks Sakamoto!).

(This was posted November 30, 2016.)

Nintendo was not expecting the NES Classic Mini to actually sell so well. In this link, Nintendo is shocked, we read Fils-Aime expressing his shock over how NES Classic Mini is selling outside the demographic group of those who grew up with the NES.

In this post, NES Classic Mini is the Hot Toy for the Holidays, we read a work of art by Grand Master Malstrom (who apparently talks about himself in third person. Grand Masters can do this [Master Malstrom got upgraded to Grand Master Malstrom after the success of BoW: “Wow!”]).

What that post is about is how NES Classic Mini’s success is the ANTITHESIS of everything Nintendo has stood for in the last couple of decades. Since Zelda BoW “Wow!” succeeded due to going back to the spirit of the original Zelda, it makes sense since Zelda BoW “Wow!” would sell so well as did the NES Classic Mini.

To those of you who think you are getting a SNES Classic Mini…. hahahahahahahahahhahahaahahaahah.

You might get a Gamecube Classic Mini or Virtual Boy Classic Mini, but Nintendo despises the 16-bit generation almost as much as the 8-bit one. Nintendo loooooves the N64 and Gamecube.

Folks, let me put this in plain language: Nintendo wants to win when winning means more fun FOR THEM. What is fun for Nintendo? Making games they want to make. This is true for all game makers, so it would be true for Nintendo too. Nintendo has the herculean task of making games they don’t want to make to sell hardware.

Nintendo doesn’t want to make products that sell. They want to make products that sell to allow them to make the products they desire!

NSMB Wii was supposed to lead consumers to buy 3d Mario. Never happened. Wii Sports and Mario Kart Wii were supposed to lead consumers to Metroid: Other M and Zelda: Skyward Sword. Never happened. And Nintendo is PISSED OFF about it. This is how we got the 3DS (DS with “OMG 3d!”) and Wii U (HD Gamecube + Connectivity + Wii branding and aesthetics).

The NES Classic Mini is a microcosm. Nintendo made the Mini because it needed a holiday product, and it wanted to boost the IPs of games among the former gamer population. But Nintendo was shocked that EVERYONE wanted a NES Classic Mini.

NES Classic Mini sales repudiate the Nintendo philosophy. It would steer Nintendo into a philosophical crisis on the nature of gaming. Best to end it, and pretend it never existed.

They can’t believe that Malstrom guy was right. They just can’t believe it!



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